Season 3 Episode 1

The Good, The Bad, And The Kanifky

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Nov 01, 1993 on



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    • Lucky: Okay, we got a real case now. Grand Theft Division has passed this on to us. Seems their suspect is a toon. (Lucky shows a picture of the suspect, Scatter Squirrel, and Bonkers is shocked)
      Kanifky: What's the matter?
      Lucky: What is it now?
      Bonkers: Oh, nothing. He just reminds me of my ex-agent.

    • Lucky: This really takes the turtle wax!

    • (Kanifky crashes the car onto a garbage barge)
      Kanifky: Are you alright, son?
      Bonkers: Nothing a two-day bath won't cure.

    • (Lucky opens the door to get in and Kanifky hops in the driver's seat)
      Kanifky: No need to open the door for me, Pickle.
      Lucky: Ah...But, uh...I was going to drive.
      Kanifky: As senior officer present, I think I should drive, don't you?
      Lucky: I shoulda called in sick.

    • Light: Do you want to hear some jokes or what?
      Bonkers: No. Not now, Light. We're about to do some serious police stuff.
      Light: Stuff? Then how about some magic stuff? A card trick? (pulls out a deck of cards) Anything? A show or song? (he sprays all the cards he was holding onto Lucky)
      Lucky: Talk about having the deck stacked against you.

    • Lucky: What are you guys doing? The mayor is here?
      Bonkers: The Big Enchilada, the city person? That mayor?

    • (the sound amplification device that Bonkers accidentally started melts the floor beneath he and Chief Kanifky)
      Bonkers: Did you want an elevator in your office, Chief?
      (they fall through the hole)

    • Bonkers: Way cool! Look at this! (reads description) "Experimental sound amplification by stimulating radiation system." This must be the foreign model, it's not in English.

    • Lucky: This is Scatter Squirrel. He's been stealing supplies of nuts.
      Kanifky: Ah-ha. What kind of nuts?
      Lucky: Who cares? The point is, the city's runing out of nuts.
      Bonkers: Not likely. This is California!

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  • Allusions

    • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

      The title is taken from the well known movie The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about the American West in the 1800's.

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