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Season 3 Episode 19

The Greatest Story Never Told

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Feb 07, 1994 on
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Episode Summary

The Greatest Story Never Told
Toon camera Zoom and microphone Boom trash Lucky in their TV show on cops. Does this ruin any chance Lucky has of getting the Cop of the Year award?

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Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Officer Bonkers D. Bobcat, Detective Lucky Piquel, Additional Voice

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Additional Voices

Guest Star

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Toon Camera Zoom

Guest Star

Pat Fraley

Pat Fraley

voice of Toon Microphone Big Boom

Guest Star

Earl Boen

Earl Boen

Police Chief Leonard Kanifky

Recurring Role

April Winchell

April Winchell

Dyl Piquel

Recurring Role

Sherry Lynn

Sherry Lynn

Marilyn Piquel

Recurring Role

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    • Bonkers: What took you, Mr. Prompt?
      Lucky: I just couldn't figure out all the doo-dads on this camera.

    • (the Masked Mugger is about to dump Bonkers out of a net onto the street several stories down)
      Bonkers: Yikes! I always thought I'd leave my mark on Hollywood, but I never thought it'd be this messy!

    • (Bonkers has put Lucky in a jail cell)
      Lucky: Bonkers! How...how-how long do I have to stay her?
      Bonkers: As long as you like. You're wife bailed you out half an hour ago.

    • Bonkers: Sorry, Lucky. I'm gonna have to throw the book at ya.
      Lucky: Fine.
      Bonkers: What's your preference, romance or sci-fi?

    • (Bonkers has Lucky in handcuffs after Zoom and Boom framed him)
      Lucky: Oh, Bonkers. Will you please stop this. I didn't do anything wrong. I was with you, remember?
      Bonkers: You're right! And that can mean only one thing... I was your accomplice!
      Lucky: No-no, you weren't!
      Bonkers: Alas, where did I go wrong?
      Lucky: You didn't!
      Bonkers: Toon cop to toon criminal.
      Lucky: To toon loudmouth.
      Bonkers: Was it my poor opinion?
      Lucky: No.
      Bonkers: The sugar in my cereal?
      Lucky: Bonkers...
      Bonkers: The starch in my socks?
      Lucky: The rocks in your head. Bonkers, you're acting ridiculous!
      Bonkers: You're right. I don't even wear socks.

    • (Zoom and Boom walk into Lucky's office)
      Lucky: You guys? When I get my hands on you, you'll make News at 11!

    • Lucky: Thanks to your buddies, Doom and Gloom...whatever their name is... I'm ruined! And you can forget about Cop of the Year!
      Bonkers: Yeah, but you said it yourself..."Being a cop isn't about winning awards, it's about catching the bad guys" and you did catch the Masked Mugger.
      Lucky: That's true. Yeah, I did, didn't I?
      Bonkers: Yep, too bad he escaped today.
      Lucky: Escaped?! The Masked Mugger escaped? Why didn't you tell me?
      Bonkers: You didn't ask?

    • Lucky: I can't believe it. I wanted to be Cop of the Year and now I'm going to be Clown of the Year.

    • (Bonkers dressed Lucky up as a clown to make a little baby stop crying and the masked mugger taunts him so Lucky chases him)
      Lucky: Stop or I'll...(reaches in his pocket and pulls out a boquet of flowers) Pollinate you?
      Mugger: Oh boy, this guy needs help.

    • (Lucky climbs a tree to get a man's "kitty" out and finds out that it's a leapord and he falls out of the tree and the leapord hops on him and licks his face)
      Little Old Man: Oh, officer. I don't know how to thank you.
      Lucky: Get a smaller pet.

    • Bonkers: So, Lucky, when are you going to show them what a great crime fighter you are?
      Lucky: When there's a...(Boom is in the way and Lucky pushes him away) Get this thing out of the way... When there's a crime to fight, Bonkers. Look, this is real life. Crime just doesn't happen because the cameras are rolling, all right?
      (a masked mugger runs behind them followed by a little old lady)
      Little Old Lady: Help! Help! A mugger! A mugger! That masked mugger stole my purse!
      Zoom: It's showtime!

    • (Bonkers is trying to get Lucky to agree to do a program with Zoom and Boom)
      Lucky: Forget it! I don't need any more toons following me around. Besides, TV makes you look ten pounds heavier.

    • Bonkers: The results are in! (holds up chart with a picture of Lucky on it) You're in the lead for Cop of the Year! See, you're way ahead!
      Toon Light: You're holding the chart wrong.
      Toon Typewriter: He's right, it's wrong.
      Toon Phone: As wrong as a wrong number.
      Bonkers: Oops. (flips chart over) So you're, uh, behind a little.

    • (Lucky turns off the TV with the remote and Bonkers pops up in it)
      Bonkers: Uh-uh-uh! Don't touch that dial!
      (Lucky drops the remote in his coffee and it splashes on him)
      Lucky: Ouch, ouch, ouch! Bonkers!
      Bonkers: Lucky, I got great news! You know, you ought to try dunking doughnuts in your coffee, they're a lot easier to digest.

    • Maury Danger: Chief, the big question on everyone's mind is, just who will be this year's Cop of the Year?
      Kanifky: Ooh, now that is something I'd like to know. Go ahead, whisper in my ear. I won't tell a soul.

    • Maury Danger: Good morning. Maury Danger here with police chief Leonard Kanifky.
      Kanifky: Are we on the air yet?

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