Season 3 Episode 19

The Greatest Story Never Told

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Feb 07, 1994 on

Episode Recap

Lucky watches a little of an interview with Chief Kanifky and they ask him who the Cop of the Year will be, but he doesn't say. Lucky figures it won't be him since he never wins anything, but Bonkers pops up and says that he can win with a little publicity and has called on a toon camera named Zoom and toon microphone named Boom. Lucky doesn't want to do it but Bonkers, Zoom, and Boom convince him to do the show and he gives in.

Lucky is sound asleep when Bonkers comes into his room and bangs a gong to wake him (after putting earmuffs on Dyl so she couldn't hear it). Lucky is startled that Zoom and Boom are in his house and tells them that he doesn't want to do it until Bonkers says that awards lead to promotions and then Lucky decides to keep on doing the program. Zoom and Boom rush over to him and start pressuring him to talk and Lucky accidentally backs down the stairs and falls.

They go outside to continue the interview and Bonkers asks lucky when he is going to show them what a great crime fighter he is and just then a little old lady runs after a masked mugger who stole her purse. Lucky chases the mugger into an alley and then looks at Zoom and asks how he looks before going in. Then a little old man shows up and asks Lucky to get his kitty out of a tree. Lucky is hesitant but Bonkers reminds him that he should take on every request to give the impression that he is a great cop. They go to the tree and Lucky climbs up to get the "kitty" and finds out that it is a leopard. Lucky falls out of the tree and the leopard hops on him. The man thanks him for getting his "kitty" out of the tree.

They return to the alley where the mugger had run to and Lucky finds the purses that the mugger had taken and they hear a baby crying. Lucky's asks the mother what is wrong and she says the baby won't stop crying and Bonkers has an idea. He takes Lucky and dresses him up like a clown and now the baby quits crying, but the mugger shows up again and taunts Lucky. Lucky chases him and tries to pull his gun, but all he can get is a spritzer. He decides to use it and he gets the mugger wet and the mugger slips and falls and Lucky jumps on top of him.

That night, Bonkers throws a big party at Lucky's house and invites Kanifky and some other cops over to watch the program that Zoom and Boom made with Lucky. They watch the program and Zoom and Boom highlighted all the goof ups that Lucky made and everyone laughs at Lucky. Lucky feels that the award will not be his after seeing what the program made him look like. Fortunately for Lucky, Kanifky didn't see the program because he was enjoying the bean dip and chips, although Lucky doesn't realize it. After everyone leaves, Lucky tells Bonkers that his chances are ruined but Bonkers reminds him that he did catch the Masked Mugger but the Masked Mugger escaped today.

The next day, Bonkers is trying to cheer Lucky up and says that maybe no one saw the program from last night. then a paper boy throws the day's newspaper on Lucky's desk and the show was a hit. Zoom and Boom walk in and lucky is really angry and starts chasing them. Bonkers calls a time out and Lucky tells Zoom and Boom that he will never work with them again. Zoom says that they know where the Masked Mugger will strike next and Lucky changes his mind.

Sure enough, Zoom was right and they catch the Masked Mugger at a jewelry store that he was breaking into. Lucky has him handcuffed and the Mugger asks him if he would take a picture of himself with Lucky, supposedly the next Cop of the Year, so that he can send it to his mother. Lucky grudgingly agrees and Bonkers takes the picture and it blinds the two of them and the Mugger gets away but leaves the jewels that he stole behind. Boom says that the next program will make Lucky not have to worry about ever being a hero again.

That night, Lucky is in the chief's office and helping him make the bean dip that he liked so much so he can take it to his bowling league, when Lucky turns on the TV so that Kanifky can see the program where he foils the Masked Mugger again. This time, however, Zoom and Boom frame Lucky and say that he is in cahoots with the Masked Mugger. Lucky passes out in the bean dip. Bonkers takes Lucky to a cell and Lucky tries to tell Bonkers that he is innocent. Bonkers lets Lucky out since Dyl posted his bail.

Bonkers goes to the set where Zoom and Boom work and discovers that their producer has been playing the part of the Masked Mugger in order to gain ratings for their program. They catch Bonkers and take him to the roof and plan to drop him onto the pavement below and once again blame it on Lucky. Meanwhile, Lucky has been taping the whole thing and saves Bonkers. They now have the proof they need to arrest them.

The next day, Kanifky visits Lucky and Bonkers and congratulates Lucky on winning the award. Lucky thinks it's Cop of the Year but Kanifky tells him it's Cook of the Year for his bean dip.
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