Season 3 Episode 19

The Greatest Story Never Told

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Feb 07, 1994 on



  • Trivia

    • The Masked Mugger's autograph book changes form red to pink and back to red in the scene where he wants Lucky to sign it.

    • The little old man's upper lip is discolored when he talks to Lucky and thanks him for getting his "kitty" out of the tree.

  • Quotes

    • Bonkers: What took you, Mr. Prompt?
      Lucky: I just couldn't figure out all the doo-dads on this camera.

    • (the Masked Mugger is about to dump Bonkers out of a net onto the street several stories down)
      Bonkers: Yikes! I always thought I'd leave my mark on Hollywood, but I never thought it'd be this messy!

    • (Bonkers has put Lucky in a jail cell)
      Lucky: Bonkers! long do I have to stay her?
      Bonkers: As long as you like. You're wife bailed you out half an hour ago.

    • Bonkers: Sorry, Lucky. I'm gonna have to throw the book at ya.
      Lucky: Fine.
      Bonkers: What's your preference, romance or sci-fi?

    • (Bonkers has Lucky in handcuffs after Zoom and Boom framed him)
      Lucky: Oh, Bonkers. Will you please stop this. I didn't do anything wrong. I was with you, remember?
      Bonkers: You're right! And that can mean only one thing... I was your accomplice!
      Lucky: No-no, you weren't!
      Bonkers: Alas, where did I go wrong?
      Lucky: You didn't!
      Bonkers: Toon cop to toon criminal.
      Lucky: To toon loudmouth.
      Bonkers: Was it my poor opinion?
      Lucky: No.
      Bonkers: The sugar in my cereal?
      Lucky: Bonkers...
      Bonkers: The starch in my socks?
      Lucky: The rocks in your head. Bonkers, you're acting ridiculous!
      Bonkers: You're right. I don't even wear socks.

    • (Zoom and Boom walk into Lucky's office)
      Lucky: You guys? When I get my hands on you, you'll make News at 11!

    • Lucky: Thanks to your buddies, Doom and Gloom...whatever their name is... I'm ruined! And you can forget about Cop of the Year!
      Bonkers: Yeah, but you said it yourself..."Being a cop isn't about winning awards, it's about catching the bad guys" and you did catch the Masked Mugger.
      Lucky: That's true. Yeah, I did, didn't I?
      Bonkers: Yep, too bad he escaped today.
      Lucky: Escaped?! The Masked Mugger escaped? Why didn't you tell me?
      Bonkers: You didn't ask?

    • Lucky: I can't believe it. I wanted to be Cop of the Year and now I'm going to be Clown of the Year.

    • (Bonkers dressed Lucky up as a clown to make a little baby stop crying and the masked mugger taunts him so Lucky chases him)
      Lucky: Stop or I'll...(reaches in his pocket and pulls out a boquet of flowers) Pollinate you?
      Mugger: Oh boy, this guy needs help.

    • (Lucky climbs a tree to get a man's "kitty" out and finds out that it's a leapord and he falls out of the tree and the leapord hops on him and licks his face)
      Little Old Man: Oh, officer. I don't know how to thank you.
      Lucky: Get a smaller pet.

    • Bonkers: So, Lucky, when are you going to show them what a great crime fighter you are?
      Lucky: When there's a...(Boom is in the way and Lucky pushes him away) Get this thing out of the way... When there's a crime to fight, Bonkers. Look, this is real life. Crime just doesn't happen because the cameras are rolling, all right?
      (a masked mugger runs behind them followed by a little old lady)
      Little Old Lady: Help! Help! A mugger! A mugger! That masked mugger stole my purse!
      Zoom: It's showtime!

    • (Bonkers is trying to get Lucky to agree to do a program with Zoom and Boom)
      Lucky: Forget it! I don't need any more toons following me around. Besides, TV makes you look ten pounds heavier.

    • Bonkers: The results are in! (holds up chart with a picture of Lucky on it) You're in the lead for Cop of the Year! See, you're way ahead!
      Toon Light: You're holding the chart wrong.
      Toon Typewriter: He's right, it's wrong.
      Toon Phone: As wrong as a wrong number.
      Bonkers: Oops. (flips chart over) So you're, uh, behind a little.

    • (Lucky turns off the TV with the remote and Bonkers pops up in it)
      Bonkers: Uh-uh-uh! Don't touch that dial!
      (Lucky drops the remote in his coffee and it splashes on him)
      Lucky: Ouch, ouch, ouch! Bonkers!
      Bonkers: Lucky, I got great news! You know, you ought to try dunking doughnuts in your coffee, they're a lot easier to digest.

    • Maury Danger: Chief, the big question on everyone's mind is, just who will be this year's Cop of the Year?
      Kanifky: Ooh, now that is something I'd like to know. Go ahead, whisper in my ear. I won't tell a soul.

    • Maury Danger: Good morning. Maury Danger here with police chief Leonard Kanifky.
      Kanifky: Are we on the air yet?

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