Season 4 Episode 2

Tokyo Bonkers

Aired Daily 2:30 PM Mar 07, 1993 on

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  • Lucky and Bonkers head into another reality, Tokoyo.

    This episode was so funny I couldn't breathe by the end!!! First off the parody of the Ninja Turtles, the Ninja Kitties, classic! Plus I love the whole "Bonkers fan base" in Japan to drive Lucky crazy. Like when they go shopping and Bonkers shows off all the merchandise based on him. Example the box which cries "Bonkers! Yea totally nuts!" Watching Lucky cringe made it all the funnier. I grin just thinking about it! The episode was riddled with memorable quotes. Like the dastardly villian's "I have the urge to merge!" Ha ha, loved it! The entire episode was simply a joyous romp!