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  • This show has not aged very well.

    Boo! is about a creature named Boo who does not speak, and loves to play a game also named Boo. It is just simply Hide and Seek. You have to try and find him in a place or enviroment. The viewers can also find Boo's friends, which are Laughing Duck (Voiced by Kate Harbour), Sleeping Bear and Growling Tiger (Both voiced by Justin Fletcher). In the end, you see Boo in a costume or a change of colour to match the enviroment. The show ends with a puzzle and a song related to the episode. Everyone says Goodbye and the show is over.

    The animation is what makes this show bad. It is drawn in a unique art style which is OK. But the design for the humans and transport is extremely poor. REALLY POOR. and it comes from the same company as the Tweenies, which is a much better show than this one. This is one of CBeebies's worst shows and I think you should avoid this at all costs.
  • Underated

    To underated
  • The name of this show perfectly describes it

    Because it's boring, retarded, and dumb. When i thought shows like Maisy Mouse was bad, I'd say this sucks even more. It looks like it's about finding what looks like a bean-bag creature who sounds almost like R2-D2. Even though it's supposed to be educational, I don't find it that way at all. If i went to a concert and this show was playing, I'd be yelling out Boo! Get off the stage! I could see this show putting people to sleep more than teaching people anything. The animation is horrible and the show is too repetitious. . . .