Boogiepop Phantom

techtv (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • 10/9/01
      Jonouchi is cursed with visions: he sees the evil and pain within the hearts of others. Powerless to stop them, he's crushed by this supernatural burden and pushed beyond his limits. Now his existence has a single purpose: help others by removing their pain. But is his mission really working? After all, how complete is a life without the pain of regret, loss, and fear that can bring people together and make them stronger?moreless
    • Boogiepop and Others
      Bizarre events are occurring once again. This time they happen in the shadows of Shinyo Academy. The disappearances of several students create an uneasy feeling throughout the school. Soon, people begin to gossip about an apparition of death, an angel of death, named Boogiepop. Meanwhile, another mysterious figure, named Echoes, seeks out its murderous twin, the Manticore, in an effort to stop its recent killing spree. Boogiepop, Echoes, and the Manticore are all somehow related. Their struggle and actions will place all the students of Shinyo Academy in grave danger.moreless
    • A Requiem
      Episode 12
      One year after the incident with Manaka, a girl named Toka Miashta is going to take an entrance exam, but is interrupted when she detects trouble. She soon discovers that the manticore is still alive and had possessed the writer when Boogiepop Phantom originally destroyed the manticore. Boogipop arrives and destroys both the manticore and the writer, who had actually died a long time ago. Boogiepop then says, "I feel sorry for Toka Miashta. She was supposed to be taking an entrance exam now."moreless
    • 8/13/03
      Manaka’s past is revealed - her mother, her grandmother, and her ability all come into light. Meanwhile, Boogiepop finally meets Boogiepop Phantom!
    • Poom Poom
      Episode 10
      More and more people are getting red balloons, causing Nagi to go to the park to investigate what's causing it. At Paisely Park, there are children versions of everyone that had received a balloon. Boogiepop (not the phantom) arrives on the scene and causes Manaka to fall from the Ferris Wheel. All the lights in the park go out, and Manaka appears to have aged quite a bit. Her powers cause her to age, and because she used them too much, she aged greatly. All the phantom children disappear, along with Poom Poom, leaving Manaka alone with Boogiepop.moreless
    • 8/11/03
      Saki is a pianist and is determined to make it into a music university, but she just can't seem to do it. One day, Poom Poom gives her a balloon. After she lets go of it, she kills herself. A number of people are now getting strange phone calls urging them to “Come play with us.” In the end, Yoshiki, the one making the calls, gets taken in by Boogiepop Phantom and disappears.moreless
    • She's So Unusual
      Episode 8
      In the past, Ichiro Kishida knew Nagi Kirima, but since then he has adopted that new alias and reentered her life under that name (Ichiro Kishida). The two meet up and go on a mission to stop the Manticore, a flesh eating shape shifter. They soon run into Boogiepop Phantom, who destroys the Manticore. However, the Manticore isn't gone for good...moreless
    • 8/6/03
      Mamaro was never like other guys. He is violent and merciless, and shows little love even to those in his family. He used to be close with his sister, but now he is slowly rejecting her. Mamaro (after the pillar of light incident) developed a want to “unassemble” everything and remove the useless parts. When he thinks that Paisely Park is useless, he attempts to take it apart too, however, he soon realizes that he doesn't have any powers. His sister is the one that has the power to grant his wishes...moreless
    • Mother's Day
      Episode 6
      Strained by the death of her father, the relationship between Shizue Wakasa and her mother weakened. When Shizue sees her mother with another man, their relationship is never the same again. When a serial killer murders Shizue, their relationship is left unresolved. Five years later, the memories of Shizue return to haunt her mother when a girl named Rika discovers her diary. She shares the diaries of Shizue and herself with Shizue's mother. The diaries reveal much more about Shizue than her mother could have ever thought...moreless
    • Interlude
      Episode 5
      The rumors continue to grow about that incident, but what is the truth? One police officer may already know the truth! Morita and another cop discuss these events and a little bit more is revealed. Meanwhile, Suema is certain that Nagi Kirima knows something about those terrible events, but Nagi refuses to reveal anything. Her quest to uncover Nagi's secret leads Suema back to the prefecture’s hospital and a very mysterious girl...moreless
    • My Fair Lady
      Episode 4
      Yoji Suganuma is a loser a school. The only friends he has are those he talks to online. To top it off, he is also a dating sim game addict, and has fallen in love with a girl named Rie. The only problem - Rie is actually just bits of data on his computer. Yoji soon becomes addicted to 'Type-S', an attraction device. Even worse, a girl who applied to work at the restaurant with him starts to look more and more like Rie. The line of reality is soon forever blurred to Yoji.moreless
    • 7/30/03
      A long time ago, Misuzu once had a friend named Panaru. Panaru had a great love for the world, but was killed by a serial killer. Misuzu then decided to take up Panaru's love for the world. However, it neither was nor is a true love that Misuzu had. By accepting everything, she opens herself to another entity, who manipulates her into luring Naghi Kirima to a certain location. Fortunately, Boogiepop Phantom prevents the meeting. Misuzu then finds herself in an alleyway, where she meets her doom.moreless
    • Light in the Darkness
      Hisashi Jonouchi is running from someone... or, rather, from something. He sees a strange bug in the alleyway and eats it. He flashes back to when he first started seeing the bugs. They were spiders, over people's hearts and only he could see them. Once he removed the spider, that person forgot about what made them sorrowful. However, Jonouchi grew addicted to the spiders and started to crave them more and more, until it got out of control. Back in the present, after Jonouchi eats the spider in the alleyway, Boogiepop Phantom comes and “takes” him away.moreless
    • 7/28/03
      A sudden appearance of a mysterious pillar of light pierces the sky. The city is thrown into a blackout, but quickly recovers. However, death is among them... Saotome, the ex-boyfriend of Moto Tonomura’s best friend, disappears that day. The next day at school, several girls talking about an angel of death, a death god, named Boogiepop. Moto doesn’t believe in an angel of death, until one night she catches a glimpse of Saotome's ghost. Now, Moto is determined to find Saotome again and confess her true feelings to him.moreless
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