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Boohbah is a British exercise show for toddlers. This show was made by the same people who created, among other things, Brum and Teletubbies.
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  • Too weird

    This show Boohbah is like one of the most weirdest shows I had ever watched in my entire life. Sure it teaches some stuff on TV but I can't really remember some stuff about it cause I watched this when I was a kid. They even, but they make annoying sounds and farting noises. All of those stupid 5 aliens are completely ***ed and make weird moves.
  • Well I'm conflicted...

    This show isn't bad but it's just really laughable.

    I mean I used to hate this show but after I read a review on imdb(copy and pasted here):

    "Buddy-Rey obviously has not taken any child development courses in their life, otherwise they would know that this show is aimed towards infants to pre-school children, and you can't teach too much too early.

    All the colors and sounds are actually fundamental for a child's stimulates certain parts of the brain that must be developed areas that are reserved for reading, spelling, and counting haven't necessarily been activated yet, nor should they be. Buddy-Rey seems to be asking children to walk before they can crawl. When I first watched in my senior year of college mind you, I was of course freaked out. But that is because my brain was much more developed than an brains can already process information to let us know what we are looking at, and make meaning of it. Yes, there isn't any sophisticated meaning behind this show, but it isn't teaching Shakespeare. Try to think like a baby, and you'll soon realize that it is actually an interesting show. If there are parents out there looking for a show for their newborns, try this one out. To us it may be disturbing and seem like a waste of time, but your children will prove it otherwise. Don't rush your kids too quickly into learning arithmetic and reading epic literature or it will in fact stunt their growth on more important levels if taught too early. If parents are worried about their impressionable children being shown "multi-colored phallic symbols", please remember that they have no clue whatsoever what a phallic symbol is, and will not be able to take this show to an inappropriate level. It is an innocent show filled with a vibrancy that our lives nowadays seems to lack"

    It doesn't mean if a show forced you to crack your skull,annoy you or question you isn't necessarily a bad mean good for infants but bad for adults.

    But I'm not going to hope for this show to re air soon o_Omoreless
  • What a strange show.

    my 3rd review after Button Moon.

    This is one of the most weirdest and strangest shows i have ever seen. The show is about 5 alien things called Humbah (yellow), Zumbah (purple), Zing Zing Zingbah (orange), Jumbah (Blue) and Jingbah (pink). They make farting sounds and high pitched sound effects which are so bad that they are funny. Looking at the Things themselves, They are creepy. They do "Exercises" which is just them knocking over each other and doing nothing. Now come the other segment, The Story People. This follows Grandmama, Grandpapa, Miss Lady, Mr. Man, Brother and sister, Auntie and Little Dog Fido doing stuff with the item they got. then it goes back to the Boohbahs doing nothing again, In the american Version, there is another Segment, Called Look at what i can do. This shows children doing their own moves. After that The Boohbahs Go back into the Boohball, and the boohball flys off, never to be seen again.


    Graphics 5/10 (Simular to the Teletubbies, without the landscape)

    Voice Acting 0/10 (the characters don't Talk, just stupid sound effects)

    Music 6/10 (Nice Music)

    Anything Bad 100/10 (So Boring and bad)

    Overall, I give it an 2/10 with the title of Horrible!moreless
  • What is this?

    I never watched this show when I was little, but since I watched Teletubbies when I was little and still do because they bring back good memories, I checked out this show on Youtube. Can someone tell me how this show is educational?! All these Boo-Bahs do is dance around and do a bunch of childish, random nonsense and they make a lot of farting noises. They annoy the hell out of me with that high pitched noise they make.

    What kind of name is Boohah? It seems like this show tries to be cute and educational but it just fails to epic proportions. And believe me, I usually give shows 3 chances to see if they'll be good or bad, but after seeing Boohbah, there's something that made me not want to see it again. The Boohahs are weird and terribly annoying, there's too much colors, high pitched noises and stupid songs and dancing, like, nothing makes sense! The creators must of been smoking a lot of LSD when they made this. Rating: 1/10.moreless
  • My Favorite Thing To Do

    Is spark up a doob and watch some Boobahs! It's outrageously funny, and I think it's educational, too.
  • Boobah is corrupting our children
    Whether you agree or disagree, you have to admit that it's a hot-button issue.
  • Teletubbies vs boohba
    if the teletubbies were to get in a fight with boohba who would win?on the teletubbie side; tinky winky, laa laa, dipsy, and poe.o...
  • In my opinion
    It says that boohbah is educational. How in the world is watching a old man fall out of his chair educational. And how is watching...
  • Favorite episode!
    How could anybody pick anything other than the hotdog episode? I certainly couldn't. So, my pick for best Boohbah episode is the...
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    60 Minutes
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    Big Brother
    Celebrity Family Feud Dr. Phil McGraw vs. Garry & Penny Marshall and Kevin McHale vs. Fred Willard
  • 9:00 pm
    BattleBots Full Metal Bracket: Round of 16 Part 1

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