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  • What is this?

    I never watched this show when I was little, but since I watched Teletubbies when I was little and still do because they bring back good memories, I checked out this show on Youtube. Can someone tell me how this show is educational?! All these Boo-Bahs do is dance around and do a bunch of childish, random nonsense and they make a lot of farting noises. They annoy the hell out of me with that high pitched noise they make.

    What kind of name is Boohah? It seems like this show tries to be cute and educational but it just fails to epic proportions. And believe me, I usually give shows 3 chances to see if they'll be good or bad, but after seeing Boohbah, there's something that made me not want to see it again. The Boohahs are weird and terribly annoying, there's too much colors, high pitched noises and stupid songs and dancing, like, nothing makes sense! The creators must of been smoking a lot of LSD when they made this. Rating: 1/10.
  • My Favorite Thing To Do

    Is spark up a doob and watch some Boobahs! It's outrageously funny, and I think it's educational, too.
  • One of my favorite shows

    This show I watched when I was younger and I still love it now. This show is not that terrible. I love to watch this show whenever I can I'm so smart right now and I used to watch this show and Teletubbies Nothing really wrong with it I wish it was back on television. I don't agree with these parent If you was a kid watching it It was the best show
  • Suddenly, Every Other Baby Kiddie Show Isn't That Terrible

    Dear Parents of young children everywhere,

    When you see this show air on your TV or whatever way you're watching this please change it to anything else (even a show that's not suitable for children is better) This has to be the most mind numbing idiotic thing to ever come out of any network's butt. I'm convinced that PBS was high when they made this show, thank god it's canceled. Heed my warning because if you don't your children shall be doomed to become complete idiots,


    Stephanie Cast2

    Plot: 0% (F-)

    What plot?

    Characters: 10% (F-)

    The only reason this got a 10% is because that their colorful

    And don't have any graphic parts (nipples, boobs,

    Voice Acting: 0% (F-)

    The kids sound like the producers gave them drugs and now their stoned

    Humor: 20% (F-)

    The only reason you will laugh at this show is because it's one of those shows that are just that laughably bad. (To get the most laughs, it's probably best viewed when you're not

    Overall: 7.5 % (F-)
  • I cant believe i used to watch this crap

    when I was young i watched this crappy show . ugh it's so is pointless but I'm much much older now and don't even watch PBS. But they should take this show off the air forever.
  • No comment

    No comment but a Note to Spongeyfan:How did you give a 4.4 rating when it has to be 4.5 ?
  • These things are scary looking!

    Whoever thought of this, I really do not know what they were thinking. Seriously, why would any kid want to watch this. It seems like they would have nightmares about it. They really are scary looking. I don't get this show. Is there any educational value for this show. All I see is a bunch of colorful monsters making weird noises and just bouncing, or moving or whatever it is they are doing. They don't even talk. Other kid shows have educational value, this has nothing. They could have at least made the charaters cute or something, but no they use freakish aliens.
  • I'll give them a lesson.

    Okay aliens, start moving your legs when this music plays.... *Angel of Death by Slayer plays* Keep going!

    Plot: It's about five aliens who teach kids everyday with those "exercises". What the hell are those? Those aren't even exercises. The one who made this is the one who made Teletubbies, another crap show.

    Characters: Really stupid and dimwitted. Why are these characters act so very dumb? And this is a child's show? Uagh.

    Value: Read above. With those traits, instead of giving education, you will turn all of the children's IQ to a pile of dust.

    Overall: -1.2. *plays Criminally Insane* Hey! Don't stop until you finish all of the songs in this album!
  • Oh my god.

    My 20th review after another terrbile PBS show, "Teletubbies".

    This show is Freakish!! This is 50 times worse then the teletubbies and 100 times worse then Barney and friends! This PBS show is the garbage is garbage of ALL garbage!!!!!
    I rather get roadkilled by getting dragged by a Truck, I rather get flied over by an airplane, I rather drink out of a toliet through a Bendy straw!!! I rather watch ooze sither through a Person's Butt! This show is gonna get an F!!!!!!
    Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: F-- 0.0/10.0 There is NO voice-acting in the Aliens, Just plain silent.

    Dialouge: F-- 0.0/10.0 Too Babish, Brainless, and Stupid!

    Sound: F- 2.8/10.0 Horrbile Sound effects. However the Soundtrack isn't That bad though.

    Grapihcs: C-- 5.0/10.0 Same as the Teletubbies. No Differcene Here.

    Eductional Value: F-- 0.1/10.0 The Worse eductional value in a show, EVER! Childern who watch this, will be DEAD!

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.3/10.0 There is nothing good about this show at all, ha! there is no Lasting appeal to this garbage, this also should not even Exist!!!

    Overall: F 2.3/10.0 This show is just a Bad as "My Gym Partner's a Monkey". Aviod that and This, at ALL COSTS!!!
  • This show sucks!

    Boohbah is a piece of crap just like the Teletubbies it's about these stupid things who can't even talk the theme song is extremely annoying. This show is also alot like Teletubbies it also teaches little kiddies how to be gay and stuff and it is mega crap plus it is from the same creator as the Teletubbies(Anne Wood) i am so glad this show is cancelled. Anne Wood do us a favour and let us have piece from your gay shows please?
  • stupid!!!!!

    how is this show educational!?!?!? it's about 5 alien blob thingys that do nothing for 30 minutes! this show should've never existed. who thought of this show?! he/she was obviously on drugs if he/she created this show. boobah(the name's retarded BTW) makes Barney look like a god! i'm really happy that this show has ended. what was PBS thinkin when they greenlit boobah?? avoid this show at all costs! it'll rot your brain cells! keep your kids away from this. boobah, along with teletubbies, is the crappiest show i've ever laid my eyes on!! stupid! stupid! stupid! stupid! stupid! stupid! stupid!
  • From the same people who brought you Teletubbies, comes another disastrous kids show

    As if the Teletubbies wasn't bad enough, the same people who did that show went even lower and created this mess they call, Boohbah. The show is about 5 aliens who try to teach kids to exercise. In reality though, these aliens just run around and do absolutely nothing at all. These "exercises" are all just about those aliens kicking around or flailing their arms around. What kind of exercises are those anyway?! The aliens themselves look really creepy and can most likely give kids nightmares, and they can also make annoying sound effects as well. The only thing this show teaches is kids to annoy their parents to death. Parents, if you have a little kid, do not let them see this show, and if you want them to exercise take them to the YMCA or The Little Gym instead, or just spend time with them.
  • This show stinks.

    My 1 year old sister watches this. Oh my gosh. It's heck on earth when that's on. The little kids on there are so mental! They go, "Jimbo, Barnboh, Boohbee?" What the----?! When it's on, I just wanna take that dang TV and smash it to the ground. Holy crud. You just don't understand the INSANTITY of this show. Anyone agree with me?
  • AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! They kill our minds and bodies!! We\'re doomed! Save us, Family Guy!

    Out of all the damn shows on that damn station PBS, this has to be the worse god damn show even made. What the hell was wrong with these people who made Barney the big fatass lardy abomination and Teletubbcrap? Boohbahwhateverthehellthisshowiscalled is a good example of all this crap you see on tv. Basically, this is an even crazier, crappier version of Teletubbcrap. All these lard-filled pompom balls just run around making noises and bumping into each other. What the hell is that? And not only that, they show real humans do crazy stuff that is simply showing the obvious. \"Where is the ball? Where is the (damn) ball?\" I mean, what the hell is that? And the names of the people are reallly, really stupid. Who would call their grandparents grandpapapapapapa or grandmamamamamamaammamama? And Who the hell is Mr. Man? You see, there should have been a law for this when it had the chance. Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gay.

    Boohbah is a gay kid's show. I mean, are they trying to scare little children? Boohbahs are both unusual and creepy; who watches this stuff?? Also, the Boohbahs have taken over the Walmart. When my friend and I were in there, she had an awesome idea, that she dared me to do. I walked over to the Boohbah rack innocently, as an employee was in the next aisle, stocking up shelves. I pressed all the Boohbahs hands at once, and the employee came over and screamed, "What the crap?!?". I was laughing for minutes straight!!!! xD I now do that every time I go to the Walmart, or any place they sell Boohbahs.
  • what the flip is this??!! huh!! ts Crazzzzzyy!!

    what is it 6 or 5 aleins( like thoses gay tellibubbies) jump up and down making fartting nosies. the kids whoo watch that show will offical become those kids who corrupte the class making fartting nosie. And what the is up the people in the show, there side track the whole show. Damit i hate it. First i thougth it was a new how that everyone would love it , but damn that first episode sucked.IT SUCK wenniers. yup im sticking the middle finger at u too.!!( damn tellitubbies!!).And this website would give me a low score for this show
  • it keep my twins doing something for 1/2 hour every day ...and that means its very good in my eyes.

    watch it with your little ones ...see what they think ,for its all about them! it will help you to get things done, they will sit and watch it and you can work!your kids will see how to jump and see the colors...all in all its a GREAT SHOW!!! just have your little ones watch it !
  • Very pointless

    Me and my Lil' bro were watching this show and it's dvery stupid. It's a total waste of time. Very pointless. Get rid of it! It is just plain dumb. I mean, what does it teach you? Get it outta here. It's no good. It is O U T Out!
  • Wow

    wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
    This show is for VERY little kids like 2 years old
    I was changing the channel then i saw these colers
    i watchet it and it was so wierd
    Its funny and stupid how they make those farting sounds Im not going to watch that no more
    its for todlers or something.
  • This show is the funniest thing on television other then That 70s Show

    Who doesnt like watching Fat Things that walk around! They are freaky as hell, but its still nmad funny! little puff balls are doing crazy stupid things! BOOBAH! BOOBAH! BOOBAH! They have little kids doing rituals for them and it looks like a religion for toddlers!

    I mean, for kids, how do they like this show. When i was 3, i would probobly be freaked out. But im 13, so its HILLARIOUS!!! i can honestlty say my cousin loves this show and hes 3. We started watching it and he knew what it was! I was si so glad!

    Go BOOBAH!
  • Just plain funny.


    This show is just funny. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I mean, tell me that you have not laughed at least once at Boohbah. Who wouldn't laugh at gaint jelly beans flying around the place and making strange noises? Of course, I see no education value in this show. But there is no reason not to watch it. Every time I watch it I break out in laughter! I think it may be impossible to not let out even a little smile. It may not be very educational, but not all children's shows have to be.

    My name is MoonlightWay, and I approve this review.
  • I used to like it when I was 3 and 4 years old...

    I used to watch this show... Please, don't boo and hiss me. I was younger then!

    Now, I don't hate it and I don't love it. I thinks it okay. I mean some parts are kinda cool, like when they fly and has people falling out of chairs.

    I just, don't know what to say. Please forgive me.

    I really don't like the show, but I like it. You know what I mean, right?

    Sorry for being kind of foolish, it's just that I, I don't know.

    I don't know how to express how I feel about the show, so I'll just say this.

    The show's kind of okay.
  • This show makes Barney & Friends look like a high school lesson.

    Boohbah is one of the most annoying shows ever. One of those reasons is that they make sounds that would be in fart machines and cartoons (with people falling off cliffs). Another reason is that it's got nothing to educational. Shows like Blues Clues, Barney (of course, since it's my review) and Sesame Street have educational value, as all those shows have educational people work on them. The people at Ragdoll don't have anyone like that. My last reason is that you can't understand a thing. I mean sure talking characters can be annoying at times, but non-talking characters who make noise are far more annoying. Because of all these reasons, Boohbah is very irritating and one of the worst shows I've ever seen.
  • What a very crappy show!

    Boohbah is a British excersise show for toddlers. This show was made by the same people who created, among other things, Brum and Teletubbies.

    You read this, huh? It's a terrible show and I bet the toddlers will cry
    "Oh my god! I can't belive there are no more new episodes of Boohbah! Waah!"
    It's good why Boohbah has ended! Now I bet the adults will be having a party why Boohbah has ended! I am very happy why Boohbah has ended! I rate this show a 1.0 (Abysmal) rating! Now I can get those boobs out of my head! More I like to call them "Boobhbah"!
  • .....

    Gee,I gues Teletubbies isnt the stupidest show on the planet after all.
    Its about bunch of colorfull creepy blobs with a half of a baby head.And they jump and fart.Lets not forget its an EDUCATIONAL show for toddler.Educational my a**!
    This is just sick and disturbing.I was acctually laughing at the stupidity this show provides.
    And what is a Boohbah anyway?Its a jewish word for a doll but I daubt the creators even know that.
    Did the creators smoke weed when they came up with this?Whats the freaking point of this show???
    BTW toddlers shouldnt even wach TV in such young age.
    Its just a big LSD trip for them.
    Conclusion:dont wach this abomination!!!Its evil!!!
  • What the....

    Please someone, anyone, explain to me what the heck this so called "tv show", Boohbah is even supposed to be about. Because frankly I just don't get it. It's a bunch of multi-colored marshmallows doing...well what the heck are they even doing!? Please someone explain and clarify what the show is supposed to even mean! I mean most Children Shows at least teach something. But this...I can't say for sure that they're even doing anything, much less teaching our young children. What is the world of television coming to? Is this the promising new shows that are going to be educating our future generations? Frightening isn't it?
  • Terrible Terrible show, who ever thought of this need help because ain't nothing funny or cute about the characters, they look like little Barney's but dumber.

    Terrible Terrible show, who ever thought of this need help because ain't nothing funny or cute about the characters, they look like little Barney's but dumber.There is no sense to put this show on T.V, what are kids learning from this show?....NOTHING, The characters are just running around crazy, running into eachother, Why is this show still on T.V someone needs to take it down because I really think they can put a better show there for kids to watch then the show they have. WHY WHY was this show even a thought that someone came up with, this was a total complete waste of your time, kids time and T.V time so do everyone a favor and take the show off the T.V.
  • This show is very entertaining if you laugh at it's stupidity!!!

    PBS really went all out this time to find something that could compete with any stupid show on the face of the Earth...and they succeeded. Boohbah is something from another is absolutely insane. Toddlers think it is the best thing on Earth, but everyone else just has to drop onto the floor and laugh. The Boohbahs bounce around and do stupid things like that for half the show, and then some random people do things. It's kind of sad, because I'm 15, and I love this's just so stupid, it's funny. I just can't get enough of Boohbah.
  • What the living heck is this???????!!!!!!

    One morning I am just chilling, skipped school and I wanted to watch some T.V. When I flipped the channel and I saw this show, I couldn\'t help but just look into it. I was thinking, this is probably better than Teletubbies. Boy was I wrong. This show is the most annoying and stupid show I have ever seen in my life! What is this trying to teach our children nowadays? This \"program\" is helpful to our children\'s education? No Way! I rather watch Barney than this show. Just remembering the show makes me feel dizzy. I have remembered that all those Thingamagigs spin and make wierd noises. This doesn\'t teach anything at all. Well it does teach children how to drive their parents crazy but that is not good! Don\'t watch it, change the channel...
    I am not a parent, but you get the idea.
  • My best friend gets attacked by them and its not funny!

    One of my best friends gets attacked by them and I think its rather unfair, they tie rubber barbed wire around her and she cannot do anything about it! The boohbahs make fun of her cookies and watch her plants grow... which I personally think is rather dispicable! HAHA! I have my body gaurd Tomomi to protect me from them though so I am fine, its just my friend. Thankyou for giving me the chance to write how I feel about this case HAHA!
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