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"The victims, the cops, the press and the politicians...each has their own perspective." Boomtown depicts crime in Los Angeles from the very different perspectives of the four groups most intimately involved in the pursuit of justice -- the police, the citizens, the politicians, and the media -- and artfully illustrates how they interconnect. Boomtown features Joel Stevens (Donnie Wahlberg, Band of Brothers) as an emotionally drained, dedicated detective; "Fearless" Bobby Smith (Mykelti Williamson, Forrest Gump) as Stevens' easy-going, daredevil partner; David McNorris (Neal McDonough, Minority Report) as a politically savvy and ambitious Deputy D.A.; Ray Hechler (Gary Basaraba, Brooklyn South) as a veteran patrol officer, and Tom Turcotte (Jason Gedrick, The Last Don) as a beat cop struggling to prove himself. Nina Garbiras (The $treet) stars as Andrea Little, a tough metro reporter whose private life is less than perfect and Teresa Ortiz (Lana Parrilla, Spin City) as a compassionate paramedic who has already seen too much suffering. During 1st season, the show aired on Sundays at 10:00pm EST. It was moved to Friday nights for the 2nd season. Show is currently being aired on HDnet Wednesday, 9:00pm EST.moreless

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  • Nina Garbiras

    Nina Garbiras

    Andrea Little (Season 1)

    Donnie Wahlberg

    Donnie Wahlberg

    Joel Stevens

    Neal McDonough

    Neal McDonough

    David McNorris

    Lana Parrilla

    Lana Parrilla

    Teresa Ortiz

    Jason Gedrick

    Jason Gedrick

    Tom Turcotte

    Mykelti Williamson

    Mykelti Williamson

    Bobby "Fearless" Smith

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    • Lost Treasure

      Just bought the complete run of this series at a deep discount, mostly out of curiosity. I have found it a revelation. The conceit of writing so many differing perspectives is nothing short of brilliant - and let us remember, this pre-dated CRASH. Performances, across the board are brilliant. Of particular note have been two episodes, The Freak and Coyote. Casting is superb in each instance - from the leads to the guest stars and even bits. I am sorry this didn't continue, as it could have been a keeper. A great use of the LA area - predating Southland. Give this a watch - it is worth the time.moreless
    • Very interesting plot device. Show the same scenario from different perspectives...

      ... At least that's how this show started. I'll admit, near its end it really seemed to be just a cop-drama, soap-opera.

      But at its beginning it really had a very interesting premise. Take the same crime or situation, and show it from the perspective of various people, usually around 4 to 6, who were involved in it.

      Each time a new perspective was shown, we were able to learn a little something about the events. Maybe someone's story didn't pan out in light of the new perspective. Or maybe someone's 'crime' wasn't really what everyone built it up to be. Just little things like that. The beginning of the series had great stories involving that.

      But near the end it devolved into basic drama episodes about the cops. Especially one of them battling alcoholism.

      Had they kept the original premise, I think this show could have become something great.moreless
    • why was this show ever cancelled!?!?!

      This was a very good show and whoever decided to cancel it was idiotic, the basis of the show and the fact that it showed it from different points of views was absolutely great, it always had a great turn of events too! does anyone know if there is anyway to purchase the second season? I can not seem to find it anywhere and it is really ticking me off....they should have never cancelled it, and I understand it was getting bad reviews and thats fine but why isnt the season available to buy? that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen!moreless
    • I am suprised that it was cancelled

      I kind of think that this show came about because of the success of 24. But I could be wrong. I think that they shared a few things though. Boom town wasn't really shown in real time, it was more shown in several people's point of view. But the whole process seemed similar to me.

      One thing that I noticed each time the events would replay through some one else's point of view, I would notice things that I had not noticed before. Even though they were very much apparent.

      I really thought that this show would last longer than it did. But it did bring a little light onto Donnie Wahlberg's acting ability.moreless
    • Brilliant show told Roshaman-style about a cad DA.(Neil McDonough),a pair of righteous detectives(Donnie Wahlberg and Mykelti Williamson),two uniforms wondering is this all there is (Jason Gedrick and Gary Barbosa),and two enigmatic females.moreless

      A brilliant cop show told Roshamon-style about a cad of an Asst. district Atty. (Neil McDonough), a pair of 'Do The Right Thing' at all costs detectives haunted by their personal lives (Donnie Wahlberg and Mykelti Williamson), two uniformed partners(Jason Gedrick and Tom Barbosa) asking, 'Is there more to life than chasing down bad guys?' while at the same time understanding the nobility in the work that they do, and a female journalist who has a quid pro quo working relationship / torrid romance with the Assistant District Attorney, and a saint like Paramedic who cares for people to fulfill a wish she made to her mother on her death bed and who has a platonic relationship with Donnie and (along with Mykelti) is one of two who knows the true secret of the complexities of his home life.moreless

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