Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2003 on NBC

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  • An episodes that displays the brilliantly written characters of Boomtown.

    This is one of the episodes that displays one part of what makes this show good. The different viewpoints is important, but it's not all of it. Without the strong, complex, and flawed characters it would have been just a cop show with a gimmick. This episode is one of two that focuses on David McNorris's darker side. It's not just that he black out, it's the fact that he goes to some length to try and cover up what he did. A lot of shows will show characters making mistakes, but they usually always do it while thinking they're doing something everyone else thinks is "good." In this case, however, there was none of that. He got drunk, drove, thought he'd hit someone, and tried to cover it up. The scene where he was cleaning his car and planning out how he might defend himself was brilliant. A really good scene. Most of the main characters were like this. They were complex and flawed. Ray's very willing to bend the rules to the breaking point to catch a criminal. Joel lies to cover himself. These make the characters interesting. You're not just examining the criminals, the characters challenge you just as much. And since they're regular cast, you have to decide how you feel about them with every episode, taking the old episodes into account as well. Most cop shows do not do this; they leave the really questionable acts for one-shot characters.
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