Season 1 Episode 13

Home Invasion

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2003 on NBC

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  • Home Invasion is the best episode of Boomtown. This is the epsiode I watched which made me a fan.

    This episode is a great example of what made this show so great! Home Invasion's plot is that there has been a number of murders in rich families homes. The police are able to figure out how the murderers are able to find and get into the homes. They figure out which home is next and send Joel in to protect the family. What ensues is great television. The father of the family is dyeing of cancer, and is facing death no matter what the outcome of the night is. The outcome of the night is so shocking and exciting that I wouldn't even blink an eye. And ofcourse the epsidoe has all of the great things that Boomtown brought to every episode: Great writing, acting, and storytelling, with the "told from different point of view" structure. I would but the dvd set just for this episode, but atleast rent this episode.