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  • Lost Treasure

    Just bought the complete run of this series at a deep discount, mostly out of curiosity. I have found it a revelation. The conceit of writing so many differing perspectives is nothing short of brilliant - and let us remember, this pre-dated CRASH. Performances, across the board are brilliant. Of particular note have been two episodes, The Freak and Coyote. Casting is superb in each instance - from the leads to the guest stars and even bits. I am sorry this didn't continue, as it could have been a keeper. A great use of the LA area - predating Southland. Give this a watch - it is worth the time.
  • Very interesting plot device. Show the same scenario from different perspectives...

    ... At least that's how this show started. I'll admit, near its end it really seemed to be just a cop-drama, soap-opera.
    But at its beginning it really had a very interesting premise. Take the same crime or situation, and show it from the perspective of various people, usually around 4 to 6, who were involved in it.
    Each time a new perspective was shown, we were able to learn a little something about the events. Maybe someone's story didn't pan out in light of the new perspective. Or maybe someone's 'crime' wasn't really what everyone built it up to be. Just little things like that. The beginning of the series had great stories involving that.
    But near the end it devolved into basic drama episodes about the cops. Especially one of them battling alcoholism.
    Had they kept the original premise, I think this show could have become something great.
  • why was this show ever cancelled!?!?!

    This was a very good show and whoever decided to cancel it was idiotic, the basis of the show and the fact that it showed it from different points of views was absolutely great, it always had a great turn of events too! does anyone know if there is anyway to purchase the second season? I can not seem to find it anywhere and it is really ticking me off....they should have never cancelled it, and I understand it was getting bad reviews and thats fine but why isnt the season available to buy? that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen!
  • I am suprised that it was cancelled

    I kind of think that this show came about because of the success of 24. But I could be wrong. I think that they shared a few things though. Boom town wasn't really shown in real time, it was more shown in several people's point of view. But the whole process seemed similar to me.

    One thing that I noticed each time the events would replay through some one else's point of view, I would notice things that I had not noticed before. Even though they were very much apparent.

    I really thought that this show would last longer than it did. But it did bring a little light onto Donnie Wahlberg's acting ability.
  • Brilliant show told Roshaman-style about a cad DA.(Neil McDonough),a pair of righteous detectives(Donnie Wahlberg and Mykelti Williamson),two uniforms wondering is this all there is (Jason Gedrick and Gary Barbosa),and two enigmatic females.

    A brilliant cop show told Roshamon-style about a cad of an Asst. district Atty. (Neil McDonough), a pair of 'Do The Right Thing' at all costs detectives haunted by their personal lives (Donnie Wahlberg and Mykelti Williamson), two uniformed partners(Jason Gedrick and Tom Barbosa) asking, 'Is there more to life than chasing down bad guys?' while at the same time understanding the nobility in the work that they do, and a female journalist who has a quid pro quo working relationship / torrid romance with the Assistant District Attorney, and a saint like Paramedic who cares for people to fulfill a wish she made to her mother on her death bed and who has a platonic relationship with Donnie and (along with Mykelti) is one of two who knows the true secret of the complexities of his home life.
  • I can't believe it's gone!!! What do those guys have in their minds?!?! It's movie on TV!!!

    Boomtown is one of the best things I've seen on TV. I love the way the writers are not worried about the characters in the way of protecting their integrity. I mean, they run episodes on which each personage is showed personally with all its interior problems. It's just great!!!
  • A great show that no network deserved to have.

    Boomtown was a rare gift in television history. A show that took a genre that had become stale and predictable, and turned it on it's head.

    It was the best of all worlds. The show had a cast of characters that fit well together, a crew of actors that brought those characters to life seemlessly, writing that far outshone it's closest competitors, great production quality, and oh yeah, a narrative hook that was high in concept and higher in pay-off.

    The first season of the show was a spectacular example of what television could be. Continuous story arcs that did not get in the way of individual episodes. Creative interpretations of stories with surprising twists that actually made sense. Plots that challenged the viewer.

    Unfortunately, this is not what network television likes. You have to be able air it, bag it, tag it and sell it into syndication. It has to star Pretty people saying pretty things and it helps if there's a bad guy that they're chasing every week....or at least every other week.

    Hence, the second season was a disaster. I continue to say I'm sad this show was cancelled, but part of me knows that it was a mercy killing. By season 2 NBC execs had gotten their hands on the show and totally screwed it up.

    No longer were they simple cops and detectives, now they were a secret squad of special detectives searching for John Donadoni! The episodes became more linear, still from different viewpoints, but more linear. The spark of the show was gone.

    Boomtown came around for me at a time I was fed up with network television to begin with. All the shows I like get cancelled after one season of two. Or if they don't...they have to fight an uphill battle and suffer network tinkering for ages until all the fun is gone. I don't know what made me turn on the television that night. Something intrigued me enough to try it. I've never looked back.

    Boomtown was one of the most creative and interesting shows on television. Neal McDonough's performance as David McNorris is simply one of the greatest acting jobs I've ever seen on television, and let's give the writer's credit too. This show was a superb package from start to finish....well, with the exception of the network.

    It is truly unfortunate that television is a business based on commercials and selling widgets. If it were truly an artform, as it should be, shows like Boomtown would live the long and happy lives they deserve. Instead, we have this masterpeice that people can appreciate only now that it's dead. What a beautiful sprawling canvas.

  • This show was awsome!

    This show was really good and would've changed the landscape of detective shows if it was given more time. You had to pay attention to what was going on and people dont like doing that so it got cancelled. The idea of seeing the crime from the criminals side was ground-breaking. And if that wasnt enough, it progressed the main characters and developed the characters without effecting the main storyline. This show was awsome and shouldnt have been cancelled.
  • Wasn't given the chance it deserved!

    This is a very clever and inventive cop show. Why this show got cancelled I can't understand!

    The story was pieced together through all sorts of different points of view. The detectives, the cops of the beat, the paramedics, and even the criminal.

    I absolutely loved this format, it was an incredibly intelligent cop show. There are just too many Law and Order's and CSI clones out there and god forbid when something original comes along it gets cancelled.

    Donnie Wahlberg is great in everything he is in. Mykelti Williamson is also great as the streetwise cop. Also Neil McDonough is a stand out.

    Whenever I think about this show I get pretty angry, because its a great example of an inventive show that didn't get the chance it deserved!
  • Such an amazing show that really could have stood to stay on much longer than what it did.

    This show's amazing characters, coupled with a brilliantly inventive way of building a story around a crime, made it thoroughly engaging, entertaining, and most times, even touching. The non-linear, piece by piece, character by character unravelling of the crime made it thrilling for viewers to wait for the mystery to unfold. Each episode was told from a different character's perspective, including a reporter, cops, detectives, the DA, a paramedic, and eventually the criminals themselves to reveal how the crime was concieved. Within each character's view the writers had managed not only to tell the story at hand, but also out bring emotional back-stories, which made the show much more human, as opposed to a typical procedural drama (i.e. Law & Order, CSI). If you haven't bought the DVD of Season 1, you are missing out on a series that not only created a world of real and identifiable characters out of a simple "cop procedural," but you're also living without original and compelling television. Period.
  • This was a great show! It had atleast two story lines per episode, a seasonal story line, and the most complex charaters ever written.

    The best charactor was ADA David McNorris. He was the most soft harted a--hole ever created. Neal McDonough was born to play that part. Donnie Walburge's charactor was also very complex and unique. One of them was a snake with a little bit of good guy and the other was a good guy with a little bit of snack. Not one charactor on the show needed to say a word, you could read the dialouge right off their faces. Towards the end of the show they started to change the formate, I heard, because people thought it was to complicated. I didn't think so. I judge a good show by whether or not I can guess how it's going to end. If I CAN guess how a show is going to end, why the heck is it worth watching. I hate predictable television. Boomtown may be my favorite show of all time, but I'm kinda fickle so we'll have to see.
  • There is a brilliance to this show that no one can really match (not that any of the networks seem to be trying very hard).


    I avoided it for a long time, thinking it was just another cop show. Then I caught a marathon on Bravo and ended up watching the entire thing, all the episodes up to that point, and I was hooked. The pilot got me, without a doubt. I loved how Joel Stephens was shown as this superman, this wunderkind who shot up through the ranks who was waltzing through the case like a movie star, getting jealousy from beat cops who hated how he had everything.

    And then, like a slap in the face, we find out that his family is basically in shambles. I don't remember if they revealed his wife's suicide attempt here or later, but oh, man, you knew that no one in their right mind would envy this poor man's life. No one would want the troubles he has to deal with.

    That is what hooked me. The fact that we were watching a mystery, very straightforward, being told the majority of the facts in a fast-paced way... and then having the wool pulled out from under us. "Remember when you were watching this? Did you see what was happening in the background?" It became a sort of Rubik's cube of information that you could barely absorb in one sitting.

    There was action, there was humor, there was angst and heartbreak. These characters were so real and they were not afraid to make them bleed. They were human, they were people and we laughed and cried with them.

    This show can be favorably compared to LOST, I think. It takes some brainpower to watch an episode, which, sadly, a lot of people don't like about television. Bite-sized morsels of entertainment, please. Keep your lofty writing and clever plots to yourself.

    For a long time, television was the answer for people who couldn't or wouldn't take the time to truly absorb a story in a book. Now, even television has to be dumbed down. Lowest common denominator, flash pretty sparkles on the screen for an hour. Lost is a step in the right direction, a brilliant step in the right direction. I can only hope that it's success leads to more thoughtful, scripted dramas like our late, lamented Boomtown.
  • I'm still so upset that this show was cancelled that I can hardly talk about it. Please people, for just a few hours a week, allow yourself to be challenged when watching television. Otherwise we'll be forced to watch shows like Touched by an Angel forev

    Innovative, well-written and directed, superb acting...I could go on and on, but it's really a moot point as the show was cancelled long ago.

    They always seem to cancel my favorite shows. Recently another favorite of mine, Carnivale (HBO), was cancelled as well.

    Ho-Hum...Hopefully they'll be some compelling television on in the fall of 2006.
  • Boomtown was another show that was very intresting and cutting edge and no one watched it! Boomtown is good but i can not give it a too high score because it was only on for one season. Its still a great show though!

    Boomtown is one of my favorites that sadly did not get the attention that it deserved. the show that no one watched could have been one of the best shows ever. one of the reasons it probally didnt last is because it could have been confusing to some people and god for bid that people have to use there brains while watching a television show. the people who did watch it thank you. this had an orignal comsept which is apparently unexeptable today. the show had a bunch of charecters and at the start of the show it should the murder and then they worked every charecter up to that point and they even showed how the murder happened. great writing and charecters but the ratings fell short on this one but boomtown is still one of the best orignal shows out there. it was defenitly ahead of its time!
  • A new form of series

    I had never seen a series based on this kind of filming : to discover a story through each of the characters' eyes is very different. And that's what makes it very interesting. Because eventhough police series always talk about the same issues, this one talks about it in a different way : and it kind of gives a new breath to TV shows.
  • A creative, thrilling drama show that solves crimes and other events mostly be changing perspectives between the different actors, the victims, the doers, the investigators or even the press.

    In Boomtown unlike in other detective shows a lot of the story circles directly around the main characters and their personal belongings giving the serie an intense athmospherical depth.

    The developement of the story during an episode may sometime seem hard to follow cause of the constant switches of perspective and time, but it also gives the show a special excitement unlike anything I've ever seen in other drama series. The pilot was a perfect recreation of a classical drama with the climax in act 3 (out of 5 acts) and even if the later episodes were slightly less complex they always remained worth to watch till the last minute so you got all the infos you need to eventually see through.
    This creation of the serie also invites you the watch an episode twice cause there's always some details you (or at least I) didn't quite get the first time.

    The only flaw in this series was that the least enthralling episodes came all at the start of season 2 giving the show a totally undeserved premature ending.
  • a great show not your average cop show.

    this was a great show comporable if given time to Law and Order, this show had potential because it gave what no other show gave. Now all i can do is wait for season 2 on dvd. hopefully the wait for season two will not be long. another great show killed by nbc.