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  • Very interesting plot device. Show the same scenario from different perspectives...

    ... At least that's how this show started. I'll admit, near its end it really seemed to be just a cop-drama, soap-opera.
    But at its beginning it really had a very interesting premise. Take the same crime or situation, and show it from the perspective of various people, usually around 4 to 6, who were involved in it.
    Each time a new perspective was shown, we were able to learn a little something about the events. Maybe someone's story didn't pan out in light of the new perspective. Or maybe someone's 'crime' wasn't really what everyone built it up to be. Just little things like that. The beginning of the series had great stories involving that.
    But near the end it devolved into basic drama episodes about the cops. Especially one of them battling alcoholism.
    Had they kept the original premise, I think this show could have become something great.