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  • Season 8
    • Thieves Like Us
      Thieves Like Us
      Episode 14
      CBS are employed to go undercover in order to solve a jewellery theft from a hotel strongroom. Max Cone, the fiancé of the owner's daughter, was imprisoned for the theft. However the daughter, Claire Walters, and her father, Jeremy Walters, are convinced of his innocence and suspect the hotel's manager, Bruce Aurit and the head of security, Mike Puckett. Ken and Harry "sack" all the staff of CBS and put the office up for "sale". They then use Lennie, one of the disgruntled "sacked" employees, to inform Bruce and Mike that the company is in a very dodgy financial state and that Ken and Harry are planning to raid the safe. Alex and Rocky go to work at the hotel: Alex becomes 'Julia', a chambermaid, and Rocky becomes 'Sandy', a porter. Ken and Harry check in to the hotel as 'Kenneth Smith' and 'Henry Jones' (!), businessmen who want to organise a conference. Ken and Harry drug Bruce to give Alex chance to steal his key to the safe (in doing so, she displays another of her many talents: cat burglary). Alex then befriends Mike in an attempt to steal his key. Mike catches Ken and Harry searching his room and demands to be included in the plan as the price of his silence. Bruce and Mike each try to outsmart the other so as to make off with all the money. After calling the police and advising Ken and Harry to escape while they can, Bruce steals the contents of the safe but is recorded doing so by the strongroom security cameras. Mike challenges Bruce, and demands his share of both this and the previous robbery. The two men are caught red-handed trying to hide the jewels in the office safe until the police have gone. Detective Inspector Lytell remarks: "Hell of a way to prove your point, Ken!" The case of the Claire's fiancé, Max, is reopened and the episode ends with everyone celebrating over dinner.moreless
    • Shot in the Dark
      Shot in the Dark
      Episode 13
      Harry falls hopelessly in love with a woman he meets at a fair, but his boasting lands him in hot water.
    • Whispering Grass
      Whispering Grass
      Episode 12
      Boon's "Girl Friday" Alex is in love with a man who has just been released from prison. Will he slip back into crime?
    • Blackballed
      Episode 11
      Ken and Harry's close and loyal relationship comes under severe strain when Harry is arrested on suspicion of fraud.
    • Love or Money
      Love or Money
      Episode 10
      Ken gets emotionally involved with a wealthy woman - a 65-year-old pools winner.
    • Minder
      Episode 9
      Rocky and Alex are planning a surprise birthday party for Ken. To get him out of the way, Harry pretends that he is being harassed and needs a minder for a weekend trip — not realizing that he really is in danger.
    • Is There Anybody There?
      Ken has a spine-chilling confrontation with the supernatural when he is called in to guard expensive antique fittings in an eerie manor.
    • The Sharp End
      The Sharp End
      Episode 7
      While Ken helps the traders, Harry and Alex try to win a big security contract and find themselves at odds with their partner.
    • Message in a Bottle
      Ken investigates the case of a larger-than-life businessman who is accused of kidnapping a young child.
    • Away from It All
      Away from It All
      Episode 5
      Ken is on the brink of quitting the security business after dealing with a messy adultery case, so Harry sends him to a rural retreat run by his nephew — where life is anything but relaxing.
    • Deadline
      Episode 4
      Protecting a woman from her nuisance husband appears to be a straightforward assignment until strange things begin to happen.
    • Walkout
      Episode 3
      Mrs Van Bueren, a middle-aged widow, arrives home to find that she has been burgled. Fortunately the thieves have not taken her jewels. She enlists Ken's help to guard them. Ken takes away the jewellery box, full of tiaras and necklaces, to store it in CBS' safe. Meanwhile, Mr Fraser, a rep from a security firm, is showing Harry his company's products - a mugger-proof briefcase and a safe alar. Harry is not impressed and sends Fraser away with a flea in his ear... but not before he has seen Mrs Van Bueren's jewellery. Rocky is behaving very strangely: his heart isn't in his work any more and he hasn't turned up for work. He has started wearing aftershave and he has bought a clapped-out Ford Capri with a musical horn and a noisy exhaust. All this is because he has fallen madly in love with Melanie King, a demure cashier at his bank. Harry has noticed that Rocky isn't really concentrating and is "on another planet", so he gives him an easy job: guarding a sculpture exhibition consisting of piles of bin-bags arranged "artistically" in the grounds of an old house! When Alex goes to the office late one night to phone her friend in Australia from the office phone, she happens to see Rocky leaving, carrying a bag. The following morning Ken discovers that Mrs Van Bueren's jewelry is missing from the safe. Harry wonders where Rocky has got the money from for the car and to take Melanie to expensive restaurants. Things look black when Alex happens to mention seeing Rocky the night before. Ken doesn't want to believe that Rocky could have taken the jewels and tactfully questions him, but all the time Harry wants to be less subtle and tries to accuse Rocky straight out. Harry follows Rocky and sees him go into a jewelers to enquire about lockets. Rocky arranges to meet Melanie for lunch but she is waiting at the wrong restaurant. Rocky thinks she has stood him up. Very dejected, he goes to drown his sorrows at "The Drum". When he eventually gets back to work, Harry reads the riot act: he complains that Rocky has been absent when he should have been at work, he's drunk, he's been seen leaving the office at dead of night just before the jewels were stolen and then visiting a jeweller's. Rocky is furious when Harry accuses him of being a thief, and a heated argument ensue. Rocky resigns... but Harry tells him that he is sacked. Alex overhears all this. Rocky storms off in his car, nearly knocking Ken off his bike in the process. Ken talks to Smudger at "The Drum" and learns that Rocky had been in there earlier on, drinking heavily and complaining that "everything's gone wrong". He finds an expensive golden locket in Rocky's car. Meanwhile Harry learns that Rocky has serious money problems: he has run up a 300 overdraft, he hasn't paid his poll tax, he is trying to sell his motor bike and his landlady is about to evict him because he owes two months' rent. Alex tells Charlie and Bernie, two of the CBS guards what Harry had done to Rocky. When they confront him and he denies that he has sacked Rocky, she decides to take matters into her own hands and organises a walkout to protest his innocence. After hearing what she has to say, all the CBS guards decide unanimously to go on strike, leaving Harry in charge of "Jaws", the company's fierce alsatian guard dog! Harry's troubles are only just beginning. Mrs Van Bueren is livid when she hears that the jewels have been stolen while CBS were supposed to be looking after them and Harry has to promise that Ken will investigate the theft as she does not want to involve the police. With all the staff on strike and a large backlog of cases, Harry reluctantly decides to subcontract all his work to a rival firm run by Mr Holden. He is horrified to discover that Mr Potts, Holden's chief investigator, is the man who claimed to be a security rep called Mr Fraser! Potts reveals that he broke into Harry's safe by recording the clicks that the lock had made when Harry was opening it to demonstrate the safe alarm. Holden's are acting for their client, Mr Van Bueren! It turns out that Mrs Van Bueren is not a "poor defenceless widow" but is in fact Mr Van Bueren's ex-wife. Her claim to Ken that the jewellery had belonged to her mother is a lie: in fact it has been in Mr Van Bueren's family for many generations. Harry decides that he will tell Mrs Van Bueren that CBS can no longer undertake to find her jewellery and that she should contact Holden's. Harry is feeling very guilty that he accused Rocky of the theft unjustly and then sacked him. He keeps trying to write him a letter of apology and leaves the final, half-finished attempt in Alex's typewriter. Rather late in the day, he finally realises that finding Rocky and giving him his job back is more important than Van Bueren, Holden and the guarding of the bin-bag sculptures. He and Ken talk to Melanie's father and learn that she has gone off with Rocky, possibly to Sowerton where the family used to go for holidays. Harry and Ken do indeed find them in a tent by the side of a lake and overhear Melanie nagging Rocky. On the journey back, she continues to moan about Rocky's failings and starts trying to run his life. "Get me out of this," Rocky begs Harry. Back at the office, Ken lectures Alex, telling her how irresponsible she has been in getting involved when he and Harry could have sorted everything out without her interference. She apologies very contritely. Despite Ken's anger with Alex, it looks as if secretly he rather respects her loyalty to Rocky. At the sculpture park, the organiser, Mr Fenton, is preparing the welcome the press, the critics and the mayor. But while no-one was on guard, someone has vandalised the site - there are bin-bags everywhere. Ken and Charlie hastily rearrange the bags into "artistic" shapes such as a smiling face and a ship. Mr Fenton and the artist, Don Kellet, are horrified but the critics love it. Much to Ken's amusement, Fenton spouts a load of pseudo-artistic clap-trap about symbolism and inner meanings of the shapes! Harry offers Rocky his job back, pays his outstanding rent and agrees to put him up until he can find somewhere else to live. He also offers to pay off his overdraft. Alex finds Harry's half-finished letter of apology and shows it to Rocky, much to Harry's embarrassment.moreless
    • Queen's Gambit
      Queen's Gambit
      Episode 2
      At a Rotary Club dinner, Harry meets Joe Green, a local businessman. Joe is at the centre of a hate campaign: his car has been repeatedly sabotaged, he has received a newspaper cutting about himself with a red dagger drawn across it and someone pretending to be his secretary has cancelled the caterers at a Chamber of Commerce dinner that he was organising. He suspects that someone is trying to prevent him going ahead with a business deal to buy a restaurant, "Maximillians" in Derby. He asks Harry to investigate. He also wants Harry to invest in the restaurant deal, along with another businessman, Charles Hastings, and promises him a seat in the Star Chamber if this deal goes ahead. Harry persuades Ken to act as Joe's bodyguard. At Joe's house, Ken meets Joe's wife Sheila who seems unexpectedly worried that Joe has engaged a bodyguard. Joe is extremely arrogant and peremptory to Ken, treats him like dirt and can't even be bothered to get his first name right. Ken takes an instant dislike to Joe. As they are leaving the house in Joe's Bentley, a leather-clad motorcyclist on a Harley Davidson is seen to be watching the house. As soon as Joe and Ken have driven away, the motorcyclist rides up to the house. It is Karen Verdi, an old friend of Sheila's. They are afraid of what Ken might discover about Joe if he decides to investigate him. From their conversation over a glass of wine and a game of chess, it is clear that they are the ones who have been sabotaging Joe's car. Karen offers to find out what Ken knows about Joe. Late one night outside the CBS offices, she slashes her bike tyre to stage a puncture. Spotting a fellow biker - and a very attractive woman, at that - Ken is only too keen to help. Karen flirts shamelessly with him and pumps him for information. Joe has organised a twin-town dinner between his local town and a German town. The German guests are very embarrassed to find that the entertainment is being provided by a troop of men in Austrian lederhosen and women in black shirts who have been made up to look like Hitler; they are playing "Colonel Bogey". But the Germans' embarrassment is nothing compared with Joe's anger at having yet another public occasion sabotaged. He blames Ken and Harry for failing to prevent this fiasco - as so often, the reputation of CBS is at stake. Ken brings Joe back home in a very drunken state and he and Sheila put Joe to bed. Afterwards, Sheila invites Ken to stay for supper and, when she discovers that he is not married, tries unsuccessfully to seduce him and to persuade him to stay the night with her. Clearly there is no love lost between Joe and Sheila. Harry is due to take a "package" to the Isle of Man for Joe. He doesn't realise that it is the money for the restaurant deal that Joe wants to pay into an illegal offshore bank account for the previous owner, a certain Mr Verdi. But Sheila and Karen know what Harry will be carrying and they plan to steal the money. By now, Ken suspects Sheila and goes to her house to confront her. Karen is there but makes sure that Ken doesn't see her. As she is about to set off to steal the money, the "puncture" that Ken repaired ruptures, forcing her to change her plans. She puts false plates on Ken's bike and rides off on it, while Sheila keeps Ken occupied inside. Karen ambushes Harry's car and steals the briefcase containing the money. But by the time she returns Ken's bike, he is about to leave so she doesn't have enough time to put back his original number plate. Hoping that he won't notice the false plates, she follows him to CBS office and tries again but accidentally drops Ken's number plate down a drain. Joe accuses Harry and Ken of staging the robbery, and searches Harry's car and his home. Things look bad for Harry's reputation - he is terrified of being caught up in all the "fraud and scandal". However it is Alex who makes the connection between Joe Green and "Mr Verdi" when she realises that "Verdi" is Italian for "Green" and therefore that Joe already owns the restaurant: the sale is a sham. When Ken discovers that the false plates on his bike match those that Harry saw on the bike that stole the money, he immediately realises that Sheila is involved, since the only place that he has left his bike unattended is at her house. He borrows Rocky's bike and goes to confront her. Meanwhile Joe and his sidekick Guy arrive at CBS and find Rocky trying to cover up the plates on Ken's bike. However he escapes after putting into practice the unarmed combat lessons that Alex has been giving him, by throwing Guy over his shoulder as she has shown him. By this stage, Charles Hastings has discovered that he is sole owner of the restaurant: Joe's name does not appear on any documentation. On further investigation, he is appalled to find a survey report which suggests that the restaurant was only being sold cheaply because it was built over an old mine-shaft and is about to fall down. Karen and Sheila realise that things have got completely out of hand. Karen tells Ken that Joe is Italian by birth - his original name is Guiseppe Verdi - and that she is his first wife. Sheila married him two years later by which time he had anglicised his name to Joe Green. But he and Karen were never divorced, so Sheila is married bigamously to Joe. Joe returns home to find Charles, Harry and Ken waiting for him. Sheila and Karen tell him that the restaurant is in perfectly good condition: they faked the building survey so that he would sell off the restaurant cheaply. This and the sabotage attempts were all part of a campaign by them to extract maximum revenge for his bigamy. Charles is so pleased to find himself the owner of a perfectly good restaurant bought at a knock-down price that he guarantees Harry's place in the Star Chamber.moreless
    • MacGuffin's Transputer
      Laura has left CBS: according to Rocky this is because she felt that Harry was taking her for granted. Charlie Hardiman is having to answer the phone and act as secretary. Harry is desperate to find a permanent replacement but all the girls that he has interviewed so far are proving to be singularly useless. Robert MacGuffin, a hardware designer who works for a computer company, Pictel, believes that his former secretary, Alexandra Wilton, is stealing the design for the company's latest transputer. He wants Ken and Harry to watch her. He suspects her of industrial espionage because she has just resigned for no apparent reason (or so he says) and she already has a prison record for cheque fraud. Ken and Rocky set up their cameras and binoculars in a disused warehouse opposite the studio flat where she lives. Rocky follows Alex to the ice rink where she meets her boyfriend, Jim Parham. When Ken sees a middle-aged man arrive at Alex's flat and offer her a cheque which she refuses, he tries to get closer to find out what is happening. Could this be the man that she is selling the computer design to. (In fact he later turns out to be her father!) Ken shins up a convenient fire escape outside her window and hears and argument: Alex tells the man "I don't want it" and the man calls her "an ungrateful bitch". But as the man is leaving, Alex sees Ken half-way up the building. Thinking on his feet, he claims to be suicidal and about to jump. She invites him into the flat to "tell her all about it". Ken's cover is well and truly blown. Alex applies for the secretarial job which Harry has advertised, causing him a certain amount of consternation. However he quickly realises that by offering her the job he will have the perfect excuse to keep an eye on her. Ken takes some convincing on this point. As Rocky is showing her round the office he has to surreptitiously remove the file containing their case-notes on her! When MacGuffin comes to the warehouse where Ken and Rocky are watching Alex's flat, he sees their photographs of her boyfriend, Jim Parham, and tells them that Jim works for Wyatt Corporation, a rival electronics firm. Later he phones Ken to arrange a meeting at his office. However once Ken has set off, MacGuffin goes to Alex's flat, lets himself in with a duplicate key and hides the transputer circuit board in her toilet cistern. That night, purely by chance, Parham finds it when the toilet won't flush properly. In the middle of the night he unsolders all the chips and sneaks away with the design. Ken sees Jim leave in a hurry and decides to confront Alex about him. She is rather horrified when she finds out that Ken is the would-be suicidal jumper, but he explains that MacGuffin has asked CBS to watch her... and why. When Alex sees the remains of the circuit board, she realises that her former boss has planted it, Her suspicions are confirmed when MacGuffin asks Ken to search the house - obviously he wants Ken to find the "stolen" circuit board. Angry at the way MacGuffin has deceived her and for the way that he sacked her without any explanation, she suggests that they put back the transputer in his safe to thwart his claim that it has been stolen. It turns out that MacGuffin has offered Pictel's confidential design to Jim Parham and his boss Henry Maple. When they realise what he has done, they decide to tell Pictel. Jim admits that he only started going out with Alex to find out some background information about MacGuffin; discovering the transputer was an unexpected find. Ken, Harry, Rocky and Alex gatecrash a party at Pictel. Alex does a quick change into a slinky black cocktail dress and hides in MacGuffin's office. She connects a lap-top PC to the electronic lock on his safe and starts to search for the combination. Meanwhile Parham and Maple tell Liz Kennedy, MacGuffin's boss, that he has offered the transputer to them. MacGuffin denies everything because he fully expects Ken and Harry to report that they have found it at Alex's flat. When Liz demands to see inside his safe, MacGuffin is gobsmacked to find the transputer (or what is left of it) still there. She fires him immediately but decides not to involve the police because neither Pictel nor Wyatt want any adverse publicity. Liz offers to take Alex back and give her a job "in promotions" but Alex takes great delight in telling her that she already has a job - in "the security business".moreless
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