Boon - Season 7

ITV (ended 1995)


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  • The Night Before Christmas
    Harry falls for Jo Beckett (Jill Gascoine), "The Woman Of My Life", who owns a jazz club, "Smoky Jo's". He plans to marry Jo (he buys her a 2500 engagement ring) and to invest in the club. He even makes preparations to sell his share of CBS to a rival security firm.moreless
  • Stamp Duty
    Stamp Duty
    Episode 13
  • When Harry Met Janice
  • Bad Pennies
    Bad Pennies
    Episode 11
  • Houseguests
    Episode 10
    Harry is taken for a ride when he accepts a job minding a country mansion and discovers uninvited guests in his flat.
  • Cab Rank Cowboys
    Cab Rank Cowboys
    Episode 9
    Ken discovers that it is hard to find a cab when you need one, particularly when a thief has the same idea.
  • Pillow Talk
    Pillow Talk
    Episode 8
    Harry is employed by a lawyer, Caroline Mortlake, to protect her and her 16-year-old daughter Emma. Caroline and Emma are being pestered by a main in a raincoat. He is a reporter, Bill Webster, who works for the local newspaper. Bill's boss, Eddie Morgan, is determined to "get that woman". Harry gets Rocky to look after Emma, ferrying her around on his motorbike. Emma takes an instant fancy to Rocky and tries every trick in the book to get him into compromising situations. However he is rather embarrassed by her attentions. He asks Laura to help him fend off Emma by pretending to be his girlfriend. Laura has a quiet word with Emma who immediately leaves Rocky alone. The real reason for this only emerges much later. Bill is watching outside Caroline's office, determined to get his story. His car has been sabotaged by having its brake pipes cut. He storms off to CBS, accusing Ken of being responsible. Ken and Harry confront Caroline and ask her why exactly she is being pursued by Bill. She tells them that she recently brought a successful libel action against Eddie Morgan and the newspaper on behalf of a client, Steve Reeves, and won him £40,000 damages. Now the paper is out for revenge. Reeves is a local entrepreneur and radio DJ. Ken goes to see Reeves and learns that the paper had alleged that he was sleeping with under-age fans and admirers. He sued for the publicity that it would bring him. Ken sees Morgan having lunch with Caroline. Ken challenges him later and learns that Morgan had hired Caroline after being impressed by her performance in court when she acted against him in the libel case. Now he has been gazumped by Reeves in a business deal that she was handling for him. He suspects that she was responsible for tipping off Reeves and he wants to see her struck off. Bill follows Caroline to a housing estate where she watches the house that Reeves shares with his secretary, Penny. Reeves and Caroline had been lovers and Morgan wants to get evidence that their relationship is continuing, so he can use this as evidence to strengthen his case against her. Bill is beaten up and Ken suspects that Reeves was responsible. Reeves visits Caroline and beats her up too. Tearfully she tells Ken the whole story. After acting for him in the libel case, Reeves had started sleeping with her for one reason only: so as to sneak a look at Morgan's file, discover what price he is offering and then to better it himself. Caroline confronts Penny, showing her the black eyes and bruises that Reeves had given her. Penny agrees to help put Reeves behind bars. Ken and Harry visit the studio, pretending to be journalists who want to interview Reeves. They pretend to confront Penny about Reeves, while he listens on the studio intercom. Once Reeves thinks Ken and Harry have left, he threatens Penny and confesses that he did beat up Bill to prevent him printing the story that would ruin his business deals. In fact Ken and Harry are in the other studio, recording every word of Reeves' confessions. Bill gets his story under the headline "Housewives' Hearthrob is Arrested for GBH". Rocky is very embarrassed when he eventually discovers how Laura had discouraged Emma's unwelcome attentions: she had told Emma that he was gay!moreless
  • Lost On The Range
    Lost On The Range
    Episode 7
    A riding stables owned by Helen Davison is vandalised. Vincent Batten, who owns most of the horses in the stables, wants CBS to provide security cover to satisfy his insurance company. Then Sultan, one of Vincent's stud stallions, is stolen while Rocky is watching the stables. CBS are made to look like amateurs. Harry offers to do a free security survey of Vincent's house by way of recompense and volunteers Ken's services to investigate the vandalism and the theft of the horse. While Harry is doing the survey, he sees Jordan, Vincent's business manager, loading up the Land Rover with water and horse feed. Harry and Laura follow Jordan to a derelict cottage where is secretly meeting Vincent's wife, Greta: they are having an affair and Greta knows that Vincent would divorce her if he ever found out. Ken is suspicious of Meia, one of the stable girls who lives with a group of gipsies nearby. Bull, Meia's father and leader of the travellers, resents the fact that whenever any crime is committed, the gipsies are always the first to be accused. In the middle of the night, Rocky is patrolling the stables and catches Meia prowling around. He locks her in a stable but she escapes through the roof... straight into the arms of the police. Ken and Rocky find a bottle of medicine in Bull's caravan. At the police station, Meia vigorously denies stealing Sultan. She says that Helen gave her the medicine for her own horse, Nell, which has gone lame. The police charge Meia with the theft of the horse. To clear her name, Rocky and Bull search the surrounding countryside, looking for the horse. Harry and Laura find Jordan and Greta plotting to run off with Vincent's money. Greta hands Jordan a document, "our little insurance policy", which he hides in the stove of the derelict house. Later, Harry retrieves it and discovers that it is a report from a horse racing forensic laboratory. The report describes how a horse that Helen was training a few years ago had tested positive for drugs; the owner took most of the flak but Helen had to give up training for a while. It emerges that Sultan has become impotent, and Helen and Vincent are working together to defraud his insurance company by pretending that the horse has been stolen. Helen was forced to "steal" the horse, under threat that Vincent would reveal the contents of the forensic report. She was supposed to kill the horse but she tells Vincent that she couldn't bring herself to do this. Helen takes Ken to a derelict barn where she had hidden the horse... but it has gone! Has Vincent taken it already? The insurance loss-adjuster arrives, but to everyone's surprise the horse is back in its stable - Rocky and Bull had found it in the derelict barn and returned it. Vincent and Helen are arrested for fraud. Helen vows to Ken that she'll tell the truth from now on. Meia is released.moreless
  • Lie of the Land
    Lie of the Land
    Episode 6
    CBS have been employed to guard the pheasants in a wood owned by Lord Melverley of Whitley Hall, in preparation for the annual Shoot on the day of the Feast of Mortimer. Lord Melverley is worried about hunt saboteurs. When Ken is on his way to join Rocky and Laura in the wood, he discovers an old Morris Minor Traveller van parked nearby, with a shotgun in the back. Could it belong to the saboteurs. The following day, his bike breaks down outside the church. The vicar, Rev Peter Bradshaw, is a keen bike enthusiast and mechanic, and gets the bike going again. He happens to mention that he also maintains the van, a Morris Traveller, belonging to Ralph Cotterell, the former gamekeeper. Lord Melverley sacked Cotterell recently after twenty-five years and Cotterell is now reduced to working as part-time groundsman for a nearby school. Ken talks to Cotterell who is indeed very bitter about the way that he was sacked, in connection with an incident when sheep belonging to a neighbour, Chris Shepley, were poisoned. Ken thinks this sounds like grounds for a feud, especially when he breaks up a fight at Whitley Hall between Chris Shepley and Lord Melverley. Lord Melverley is very scathing of the villagers: "treat them like bluebottles - leave them and they go away". He also believes that all the local land and property belongs to his estate: "everything reverts to its rightful owner". Clearly there is no love lost between Melverley and the villagers. In the middle of the night, Ken, Rocky and Laura discover an intruder in the woods. She is Amanda Shepley, Chris's wife. She says that she is looking for buried treasure. In the Shepleys' house, Dove Cottage, there is a carved wooden plaque with an inscription referring to "rings of silver" and "the brightest of stars". For many years there have been rumours in the village about buried treasure. The Shepleys are now desperate for money and need any money that they can lay their hands on. Rocky is intrigued by the story of the treasure and looks up the local parish registers. He finds references to a certain Louisa May Dunham who died in the seventeenth century on the day of the Feast of Mortimer. She was due to be married and it is rumoured that her father, an ancestor of Amanda, hid her dowry. Rocky also finds two further plaques - one on a church pew and another on a lectern - which seem to give further clues to the whereabouts of the treasure. There are pictures of stars and of the wooden stocks in the wood. Could the treasure be hidden under the stocks? Ken is still very suspicious of the Shepleys and Ralph Cotterell. He follows Cotterell to the Hall and catches him snooping around. Lord Melverley seems to be very unconcerned and orders Ken to concentrate on guarding the wood. Talking again to Rev Bradshaw, Ken learns more details about the Shepleys. Lord Melverley had fenced-off land which had previously been used as common grazing land. Chris Shepley had cut the fences and grazed his sheep there. But Lord Melverley had laid poison on the land and all the sheep died. Ralph Cotterell spoke up for Chris in court, but to no avail: the sheep should not have been on the land so Lord Melverley was not liable to pay any compensation. And Lord Melverley sacked Cotterell for backing the Shepleys in their dispute. The full story gradually emerges. Amanda's father had been butler to Lord Melverley's father and was a very close friend of Ralph Cotterell. The old Lord Melverley left Dove Cottage to Amanda's father but the deeds were never handed over. Now his son, the present Lord Melverley, is running short of money. Having sold off many of the family heirlooms he is now trying to raise some cash by holding shooting events on his land and by trying to regain Dove Cottage and all its farmland. Unless Amanda is able to raise the money by the day of the Feast, the cottage will revert to Melverley. There is the added complication that when Amanda was eighteen, and long before she met Chris, she had an affair with Lord Melverley. She has kept this a secret from Chris. Ken and Ralph need to get hold of the deeds that should rightfully have been handed over to Amanda's father when he was given the cottage, But they need Lord Melverley out of the way. Fortunately the story of the buried treasure comes in handy. Rocky has finally solved the mystery of the treasure: the references to "rings of silver", "brightest of stars" and the stocks are allusions to the patches of moonlight which shine through the arm- and neck-holes in the stocks; the position of the largest patch of light on the day of the Feast marks the spot where the treasure is buried. Ken gets Harry to tell Lord Melverley that the Shepleys are about to dig up the treasure and relies on his natural greed! With Lord Melverley safely out of the way, Ken and Ralph can retrieve the deeds: without them, Melverley has no claim to the cottage. In the middle of the night, Lord Melverley comes crashing through the wood in his Range Rover, just as Rocky, Laura and the Shepleys have dug up the casket. He shoots the lock off, only to find that the "treasure" is nothing more than a couple of carved wooden doves. And after making all the noise in the wood, Melverley has scared all the pheasants away. He has to cancel the Shoot and goes into hiding, leaving many angry guests who have paid good money for the event.moreless
  • The Barefaced Contessa
    A mother and daughter, Jean and Isabella di Cesare, are staging a fashion show on board a boat and taking money for the dresses that they are exhibiting. But they have no intention of delivering - it is all a scam. They are also planning to stitch up Ken. CBS are proving the security at a charity antiques auction at Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire. Ken is expecting Jean to arrive soon. Jean is one of Ken's old flames: Harry's ex-wife had once described them as "the Siamese twins - joined at the lips". However Jean left Ken ten years ago and later married an Italian Count, Vincenzo di Cesare. Jean and Isabella are being followed by a scruffy man in an even scruffier car. Jean tells Ken that she has recently left the Count because he was beating her up. She bought her sports car with the money that she took when she left the Count, but now he is claiming that the car belongs to him. He wants it back and is threatening to get violent. Isabella is also being followed by Enzo, a "lovesick Italian baker" whom she met through a dating agency that Jean used to run. Jean goes to stay with Ken and they are soon re-kindling their former passion, as typified by the scene where they make toast while miming along to music from Carmen! When Harry suggests that Jean might have ulterior motives for contacting Ken, he refuses to listen. However he wants Harry to keep an eye on Isabella, in case the Count tries to harm her. Harry follows her to the bank, where Enzo roughly bundles her into the car and drives her back to the hotel. He evidently has some hold over her. The scruffy man is still snooping around and trying to break into Jean and Isabella's car. When Harry challenges him, he learns that the man's name is Jerry Owens and that he works for a debt-collecting agency, repossessing the car for the company that they hired it from. Jerry also tells Harry that Jean and Isabella are known to be con-artists and have been credit-blacklisted under thirty different aliases. Harry breaks the news to Ken, who is gutted but steadfastly refuses to believe that it might be true. Jean is beginning to have second thoughts about conning any money out of Ken. After a change of heart, she refuses to go through with the scheme that she and Isabella had planned. She goes back to Ken and confesses to him. She says she wants to put her dishonest past behind her and live with him. Ken gets all maudlin and admits that he always messes up his relationships with women. They end up in bed. It looks as if they are going to get back together permanently. Back at the hotel, Enzo and Isabella are making plans to elope. However when Ken and Jean return, she quickly bundles him out of the room and then pretends that he is working for the Count and is threatening to turn violent unless she gives him £5000. Without Jean knowing, Ken offers to get the money for Isabella. This is all part of her cunning plan which she alone is responsible for, now that Jean has backed out. Ken reluctantly asks Rocky to sell his beloved 'White Lighting' motorbike to raise the cash, which Rocky describes as "like the Lone Ranger selling Tonto". Harry and Rocky hide the bike and Harry withdraws the money from his bank account. Ken gives it to Isabella. Jean feels disgusted with the way she has treated Ken and knows that he would never be able to trust her again. After several attempts to write a farewell note to him, she leaves a poignant message on his answerphone. Now that Jean has jilted Ken and Isabella has jilted Enzo, they drive off from the hotel. They are stopped by Harry and Jerry Owens. Harry demands the money from Isabella (which Jean knew nothing about) and Jerry repossesses the car. Ken is feeling very sorry for himself back at his house, when Harry turns up with a trailer containing... 'White Lightning'.moreless
  • Coverup
    Episode 4
    Ken makes a start on renovating Orchard Cottage. Pam Strong, one of his neighbours and the widow of a fireman, tentatively asks him for help because her son John has changed suddenly: he has dropped out of college, become sullen and uncommunicative and has started locking himself in his room. She also suspects that he may be stealing from her. Something is wrong - could it be drugs, Pam wonders. John has become friendly with another teenager called Mark who rents room at a nearby farm. Mark and John steal a car and drive around, terrifying the locals. The car hits a man and woman on a bridge, but Mark drives on, dumping the car in a quarry and swearing John to silence. But John later recognises the man that was knocked down as a local doctor, James Harlon. It was Harlon who got John his part-time job as a porter at the hospital. Ken visits Dr Harlon, not realising that connection with John and the accident. Dr Harlon describes John as quiet and a bit of a loner, but not the sort to be a drug addict. Clearly his present behaviour is very out-of-character. Ken visits Rooks Farm where Mark lodges. Both Mark and his landlord William deny knowing John, but Ken becomes suspicious when he sees drug-taking syringes at the farm. He thinks that John will probably talk to someone of his own age, so he gets Rocky to follow him. Rocky is staying with Laura, and her flatmate Hilary is a nurse at the hospital, so he asks her to point out John to him. Rocky sees Mark bullying John into giving him money. It also transpires that John is stealing drugs for Mark from the hospital. Rocky follows them to the bridge and sees them peering over the parapet. Later, he and Ken search the bridge. Maybe this is where Mark and John's supplier leaves the drugs for them to collect, suggests Rocky. They find fragments of glass and a key by the bridge. Ken snoops round the Rooks Farm, but the key doesn't fit any of the locks. On the off-chance, he investigates a cottage just across the field from the bridge. The key fits the front door. When Ken sees the owner, Ann Fielding, he notices that she has a large cut on her forehead: he has found the woman. At the hospital, Laura over hears John asking for details of a woman who was brought in last Friday after "an accident". Laura learns from Hilary that the only woman who came in after an accident was brought in by Dr Harlon. Why did he insist that he didn't want anything about the woman to be put on the hospital records. Pretending to be from the hospital records department, Laura visits Mrs Harlon, who is mystified. Evidently she was not the woman who was injured. Mrs Harlon becomes very suspicious and challenges her husband about the accident: she has evidently suspected for some time that he is having an affair. James Harlon and Ann Fielding are very worried that their secret will soon become known. Ann wants to go public about the affair, but this is that last thing that Harlon wants. He storms off back to his wife. Harry is due to entertain some visitors from Norway that evening and has been practising his Norwegian from a Linguaphone tape - with little success! He goes to collect Ken from Orchard Cottage, but he finds that it has been vandalised... by Mark, who is furious that Ken has been snooping around. While Harry is inside the cottage looking for Ken, Mark steals Harry's Jaguar, bundles John into the car and zig-zags off down the road. Ken and Harry go to Rooks Farm. They find William and Mark, but there is no sign of John. They find him hiding in Harry's car at the quarry, terrified that he will be taken away by the police for being involved in the hit-and-run accident. By this stage, Laura has arrived with Pam. Ken reassures John and Pam that Ann was not badly hurt and that it is unlikely the police will become involved as neither Dr Harlon nor Ann Fielding are likely to want the publicity that they would get if they pressed charges. But he has reckoned without Ann: incensed at being nearly killed for the sake of a man who has now deserted her and returned to his wife, she has decided to cut her losses and call the police. Mark and John are arrested.moreless
  • Trial and Error
    Trial and Error
    Episode 3
    Ken and Harry are involved in a court case, giving evidence against a landlord, Michael Roach who is accused of terrorising his tenants into leaving his houses. Some time ago, Ken had been employed by George and May Jenkins, and Aziz Hussain, Roach's tenants who live on a run-down estate. Jimmy Craven, one of Roach's thugs, had forced his way into the Jenkins' flat and vandalised the furniture, with the George and Mabel looking on in horror. When their neighbour, Aziz Hussain, had tried to intervene, he was beaten up. Roach was clearly behind the attacks: he wanted to redevelop the land on which the flats stood and had resorted to violent tactics after the more subtle approach (eg refusing to carry out repairs) had failed to work. The Jenkins and Hussains wanted Ken to gather evidence that Roach was paying Jimmy Craven. Ken and Rocky waited outside a pub that Craven was known to frequent, and photographed Roach handing over a large envelope of cash. But they were spotted and Craven and his mates gave chase and smashed Rocky's camera. Tempers flared when Ken blamed Rocky for this fiasco. Ken visited Roach at his large mansion, as a pretext to try and gather some incriminating evidence. Roach appeared to be model landlord and denied that he was involved in the vandalism or wanted to evict his tenants. But while Ken was alone in Roach's sitting room, he saw a letter from Roach to a property development company, Emerald Life. Later that night he went to retrieve the letter from Roach's dustbin but was caught by Roach's assistant, a giant of a man called Eric Wetherby. Roach denied that he had handed over the money that Rocky had photographed and demanded, via a solicitor's letter, that Ken stop harrassing him - which made Ken very unpopular with Harry. Working on his own, Rocky followed Roach to a studio called Rock City where a photographer, Simon Perfect, was taking pictures of a local band. While he was there, he saw Jimmy Craven and Eric Wetherby together, and later saw Jimmy talking to an unknown woman. But Wetherby attacked Rocky before he could investigate further. Then it looked as if Ken's luck had changed, when (of all people) Roach's wife, Kathleen, contacted him and offered to help. In strictest confidence, and with the stipulation that Ken must not take notes or even tell Harry, she tipped Ken off that Roach was in the middle of a deal and was about to sign some papers. Rocky posed as a courier to collect the papers from Emerald Life, and Ken photocopied them before Rocky delivered them to Roach. The documents showed that Roach did indeed plan to redevelop the site, as Aziz Hussain had suspected. Kathleen Roach also told Ken that her husband was due to have a "business meeting" early the following morning. This time Ken managed to take incriminating photographs of Roach handing over wads of cash to Craven. But all that was in the past. Now in court, Diane Fawley, Roach's barrister, rips Ken's evidence to shreds. When Ken describes the logo on the document that he had intercepted, she proves that this was Roach's new logo which was first used after the date on the documents. She therefore alleges that they are forgeries. She also casts doubt on the techniques that Ken has used to gather his evidence. Roach has a perfectly innocent explanation for giving money to Craven. Things look very black, both for the Jenkins and the Hussains, and for Ken's professional reputation. It looks as if Ken has been set up by Kathleen Roach and that she is not on his side as she had claimed. Aziz feels that Ken has let him down by "one cockup after another". Then Rocky sees Mrs Roach in court and recognises her bracelet and shoes as the ones worn by the mystery woman at Rock City, at a time when Roach claims that he was at home with her. Roach denies that his wife has ever even met Jimmy Craven. Rocky races from court, tracks down the photographer, Simon Perfect, and eventually finds a photograph which shows her and Craven in the background. He makes a dramatic entry into court, brandishing his new evidence. Suddenly Ken's story is believed and Roach is branded a liar. The case against him is proved and he is sent to jail.moreless
  • Two Men in a Vault
    Two Men in a Vault
    Episode 2
    Ken and Harry call in on the spur of the moment to check Don Jakes, the security guard that they have employed at a safety deposit company, Unicorn Deposit Ltd. While searching for him, they walk into the vault. The door swings shut and an unknown person locks it behind them, trapping them inside. Ken and Harry see that the vault has been ransacked and that the cable for the security camera has been cut. They realise that they will probably be trapped all weekend. They think that Don might have been attacked, which is why he can't rescue them. Don leaves the vault and meets his Scottish girlfriend, Billie. They have stolen the contents of the vault and are planning to run away together to Argentina. Ken had arranged to meet Laura, who is getting obscene phone calls at home. When he doesn't turn up and she can't contact either him or Harry, she gets very worried. She and Rocky start to investigate. Don's wife, Jeanette, becomes suspicious when she sees Don with Billie, who is her hairdresser. She tips off the police who arrest Don and Billie on the way to the airport and recover some of the stolen property. Although Don Jakes appeared to be completely reputable, with good army references, Ken and Harry are beginning to suspect that he could be guilty. Ken suggests looking for food in the safety deposit boxes. They find some tins of caviare and some bottle of vodka. Harry has a sudden attack of conscience and thinks that it would be stealing to eat the caviare, but Ken persuades him that they must eat and drink to survive. They gorge themselves and consume large amounts of vodka. Before long they are both very drunk and start rambling on about life in the fire brigade and their ambitions for the future. Ted Hatchard, Ken's policeman friend, tips off Laura and Rocky that Don has a criminal record. They go back to Unicorn, together with the manager who eventually manages to get the vault door open. Ken and Harry are lying drunk and incapable on the floor with sheepish grins on their faces!moreless
  • Help Me Make It Through The Night
    Ken is in the process of moving into a derelict house in the village of Upper Ridley. He has arranged with the owner that he will live there rent-free in exchange for renovating it. John Pritchard approaches Harry and wants CBS to provide security guards for the launch of his new health club. He wants the guards to wear tracksuits, which he will provide, so they will blend in with the punters. Harry promotes Rocky to "executive" and gives him the task of employing suitable college students: no mean feat when all the tracksuits are extra small! One of the students, Vicky "Mouthpiece", gives Rocky a hard time, quoting the Factory and Sex Discrimination Acts as she attempts to do as little work as possible. However Rocky soon puts her in her place. John Dewar, the owner of a dairy, suspects that his wife, Melissa, may be having an affair and asks Ken to investigate. Ken is reluctant to do so, firstly because he wants to get on with moving into his new house and secondly because he hates working on "hanky panky cases". He watches Dewar's house, "Harmony House", but Melissa soon spots him waiting outside in Harry's Jaguar, and invites him in for a cup of tea and a chat. She seems to be a respectable woman who spends most of her time doing charity work for the parish, but Ken suspects that she is very lonely. Ken and Harry follow her to a park where she seems to be innocently whiling away the afternoon listening to a brass band in the bandstand. However they eventually see her going off with a man. Ken follows him to a hotel and learns that his name is Paul Lyle. By conning his way into Lyle's hotel room, he finds (and copies) a map of the countryside to the south-west of Nottingham on which routes, timings and locations are marked. Lyle seems to be planning with two friends, Milne and Preston, to abduct Melissa. He has also been keeping a close watch on Dewar at the dairy. Harry and Rocky watch an innocuous van arrive at Harmony House. When they go to investigate, posing as stranded motorists, they are forced at gunpoint to go into the living room where Melissa is being held. Lyle arrives at the dairy and abducts Dewar and the staff wages, under threat of killing Melissa. Milne and Preston take Melissa to a deserted farmhouse, as arranged, and leave her there. Lyle eventually releases Dewar in the middle of a wood and drives off, but not before Dewar has caught sight of a plane ticket in Lyle's car. After walking across the fields for only a few minutes, Dewar arrives at a country police station and reports the abduction. The police arrest Milne and Preston as they are about to catch a flight from East Midlands airport, but realise that the "accidental" clue of the plane ticket and the fact that there was a convenient police station nearby is no accident - Lyle has set up his accomplices. Ken rescues Harry and Rocky, who are still tied up at Harmony House. He and Harry visit all the places marked on Lyle's map and soon find Lyle and Melissa at the deserted farm. Lyle and Melissa make their escape by helicopter, with Melissa keeping Ken at bay by threatening to shoot him. However Harry has already retrieved the briefcase containing Dewar's money from the helicopter.moreless