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  • From the creator of "The Waltons" comes this family drama set in the 1950's. Boone Sawyer along with his partner Rome, set out to try to make it in the world of country music.

    I was so disappointed when this series ended. It was fantastic! I never missed an episode on this short lived TV show.I wish they would rerun some of these old series on late night TV. It certainly would be better than some of the junk that is currently aired.
  • a great teen rock n' roll show that never was given a decent chance. this was one of three tv shows around this time that i never missed along with magnum p.i. and simon & simon. this should be put on dvd & not languish in some studio files

    this was a great show for rock n' roll fans of the 50's
    about a high schooler who wanted to ply rock n' roll music but his father( a baptist type that was against the music. i
    don't remember if he was a precher or not) his best friend
    was a rebel type with a motorcycle. so boone would take off
    with his buddy to play gigs in bars and high school dances
    thereby causing a lot of friction with his strict father.
    he reminded me a lot of the young elvis. this show show should have had a longer run and should definetly be made available on dvd.