Boot Camp

FOX (ended 2001)


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Boot Camp

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"Save the drama for your mamma and push"... Boot Camp was a reality TV show that aired on Fox. Boot Camp invited 16 civilian contestants to surrender every aspect of their lives and to participate in real-life military training. The game, as other reality TV shows, was based on participation and elimination. The real life Drill Instructors (DI's) set the pace of the recruits 24 hours a day. The recruits were put through a multitude of obstacle courses and other specialized training activities, aimed at building confidence and facing their fears. During the 8 episodes, the contestants took part in a mission that tested their training and ultimately revealed the weakest link in the squad. Throughout each episode the contestants faced and evaluation by their peers. The results of the evaluation determined who stays and goes. Ultimately the contestants competed for a $500,000 cash prize!

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