Boot Camp

FOX (ended 2001)


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  • Season 1
    • Celebrity Boot Camp: Week Two
      The last installment of Boot Camp. Watch your favorite celebs complete dificult missions.
    • Celebrity Boot Camp: Week One
      This week ten celebrities will be featured in a spin off of Boot Camp. The dismissals will occur at the drill instructors' discretion. A new female Drill Instructor and DI's Francisco and Rosenbum will be in charge.
    • Week Nine - The Gauntlet, Part Two
      Recruits Whitlow and Wolf face the remaining three events of the Gauntlet before heading to Dismissal Hill. With their minds and bodies pushed beyond their limits, the recruits prepare to face Meyer's March, Jackson's Hold and Coddington's Crossing. Meyer's March is a grueling 10-mile march that Whitlow and Wolf must face alone. They setoff in opposite directions, not knowing if the other will walk, run or crawl. Next, they must endure Jackson's Hold. The dog tags dangle from their wrists in a fight of will and strength to be the last one standing. The Gauntlet ends with another go at Coddington's Crossing. The recruits must beat their previous time to win the dog tags. Whitlow starts strong, only to hit the wall and discover her hardest challenge yet in Boot Camp. After 47 attempts and strong encouragement and support from all four Drill Instructors, Whitlow overcomes the obstacle and proudly finishes the course. Recruits Whitlow and Wolf then head to Dismissal Hill to learn their fate. It is on Dismissal Hill that the two learn the final outcome of the seven Gauntlet Events - Wolf has six dog tags, while Whitlow only has one. In a surprising turn of events, every one of the discharged recruits pledge their dog tags to Whitlow. Their reasons vary from the toss of a coin to Wolf's role in the loss of equipment. Recruit Whitlow, relieved that Boot Camp and The Gauntlet has finally come to an end, goes home with $500,000. Recruit Wolf speculates about Recruit Brown's role in the voting process, but is quite please to be going home with $100,000.moreless
    • Week Eight - The Gauntlet, Part One
      Recruits Whitlow and Wolf face each other and the Gauntlet during part one of the two-part series final. With only the two strongest recruits remaining, friends Whitlow and Wolf, face the four Drill Instructors during a grueling and intense 48-hour period where sleep is nonexistent and food is at a minimum. Consisting of seven grueling competitions during a nonstop 48-hour period, the Gauntlet challenges the final two recruits both mentally and physically. Modeled after the Marine Corps' "Crucible," the recruits must finish each event of the Gauntlet without sleep or food. Each of the seven events facing Whitlow and Wolf are named in honor of the dismissed recruits. Recruits Whitlow and Wolf must overcome Park's Peak, Haar's Heartbreak, Meyer's March, Lauder's Last Stand, Coddington's Crossing, Jackson's Hold and Moretti's Memory. The winner is determined by combining the seven Gauntlet competitions with a vote on dismissal hill of the discharged recruits. The discharged recruits finally get to have their say.moreless
    • Week Seven - Final Four
      It's the final four and the Drill Instructors are not letting up for a moment. The recruits receive a harsh wake-up call, only to discover their food has been severely rationed. With their stomachs growling, the recruits continue to endure the intense physical training. The only offer of supplemental food comes from DI Francisco - a tasty bowl of fresh worms. Recruit Whitlow becomes squad leader by default and successfully guides the squad through Mission H.E.R.O. (Hostile Enemy RECON Operation). The success brings the recruits one night at a Ritz Carlton and secures a place in the Gauntlet for Whitlow. The good times at the Ritz Carlton quickly fade away when DI McSweeney discovers Recruit Whitlow has taken a mint from the hotel. All the recruits are punished and DI Rosenbum expresses his deep disappointment in Whitlow. The final four become a close group, but in the end they must vote someone out of the game. Three of the recruits decide that it's Recruit Moretti's time to go. Moretti is left to decide between Recruit Wolf and Recruit Moretty. Moretti believes Wolf to be the better recruit and takes Moretty out.moreless
    • Week Six - Twists and Turns
      With only super six recruits left, the stakes are high for each to make it to the final four. With more time to spend with each other, the game is in full operation with most of the recruits manipulating, lying and scheming against each other while still facing the four intense Drill Instructors. At the end of all the scheming, four of the remaining recruits unite to vote Recruit Jackson out of the game. Although Recruit Brown believed Jackson would be the only one not to take her out - in a surprise twist, Jackson chooses to discharge Brown. After successfully completing Mission H.E.L.L. (Hostage Evacuation from Laser Labyrinth), Squad Leader Moretty is guaranteed a spot in the final four. The reward for success is a relaxing and much needed hour in the hot tub.moreless
    • Week Five - The Saddest Episode Ever
      After spending a week at the medic, the other recruits felt that Recruit Coddington should not continue in the game. She was voted out with six of the eight votes and then chose to take Recruit Yaney out of the game with her. Recruit Jackson attempts to lead the squad through Mission R.E.B.E.L. (Recon and Evasion Behind Enemy Lines), but it ends in failure. The recruits are left stranded in a mine field, unable to move forward and complete the mission. The punishment for failure is extreme physical training at midnight and Drill Instructor McSweeney's version of rearranging the barracks. The recruits are feeling the pressure of the intense training from the Drill Instructors, but it is Recruit Moretty that finally breaks down. One should never question a Drill Instructor - they are always right.moreless
    • Week Four - Yaney Gets His Chance
      Although Recruit Lauder was giving his all, he was having trouble keeping up with the younger recruits. In a decisive vote, eight of the remaining ten recruits voted Lauder out of the game. In turn, Lauder took the one recruit he felt was too bossy - Recruit Hutak. Much to the disbelief of the Drill Instructors, Recruit Yaney was elected as squad leader. He proved to be capable and led the squad to successfully complete Operation R.A.D. (Repeal and Destroy). As their reward, the recruits were provided with a feast of their favorite foods. Although the mission was a success, Squad Leader Yaney and his fellow recruits were punished for the loss of Yaney's equipment. Although the rumors were flying about who could have possibly been responsible for the lost harness, no one came forward to confess. Many believed Recruit Wolf to be the culprit. A closer look at the mission revealed that Recruits Yaney, Wolf, and Moretti should all share in the blame.moreless
    • Week Three - MOTH and other Acronyms
      One recruit gets sent home before the end of the week, while another is booted off for dishonesty. All the other recruits are forced to evacuate.
    • Week Two - Antidote
      This week is very stressful for all the recruits. They must not only deal with alienation, but also with poisoning.
    • Week One - Meet the Recruits
      First week of Boot Camp takes it's toll on the recruits. One quits and one is sent home.
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