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FOX (ended 2001)


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  • Honest look at what it's like to train for the military.

    This show aired for only one season, which is disappointing, because it deserved another shot. Almost everybody fails, and the drill instructors have no mercy. The challenges ranged from the physical battles of the obstacle course and calisthenics, to the mental effort required to hang on as an individual. The prize was a quarter million dollars, and the effort required to complete the tasks in the training appeared to be much harder than in most reality shows.

    "Boot Camp" now airs in a loop on the Fox Reality channel. I wish they'd come back for new episodes. I don't think that's possible, but at least we have what was there the first time. It's a unique story, and I'm glad that they told it.
  • This show was not only unappreciated but a true classic

    Boot Camp is one of those shows which you are sorry to see end. It was a classic reality show which made you appreciate what some of our service men and women go through each and every day.

    Boot Camp while somewhat successful in the ratings did not air long thanks to Mark Burnett and his lawsuit claiming the show was a copy of 'Survivor'. Rather then fight Burnett in court, Fox and the Producers elected to fade away but not before making a ill attempt at a celeberity edition featuring a cast of has-beens and nobodies.
    If you are lucky enough to have Fox Reality on your cable or Satellite, look for the Boot Camp marathon which airs from time to time and catch this fantastic show
  • A gloriously underrated show - the best "reality" show around

    It's a real shame this show hasn't lived on beyond one season - I for one would relish another series, or indeed a DVD boxset. I assume neither of these things have been considered due to lack of popularity: I have to ask, why? In an era of Big Brother and Survivor, where the most popular shows are consistently reality series, why hasn't these achieved much more recognition?

    The principle is simple enough: contestants spend 30 days on a boot camp partaking in army-style training and time-limited missions; every four days, one player gets voted off, and in a turn of the tables, the player voted off is allowed to pull another player from the game as well. The winner at the end, after a gruelling 48-hour physical and mental challenge, recieves $250,000. The episodes were very engaging: the drill instructors offered a lot of insight into the processes and torture they put the contestants through; the contestants told us of the physical and mental anguish they had to endure from fellow contestants and DIs in order to accomplish a goal.

    The series never got boring, and the finale was spectacular and shocking as I'm sure many of you know.

    Highly recommended if you get a chance to see it.
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