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    It never ceases to amaze me how ingenious drug smugglers are. From watching this show, I have learnt some of the sneaky tricks they use, such as pasting them between the two parts of a book's cover, or stuffing them inside a coffee maker. Another one was where a box of seemingly innocent toys and biscuits was posted to Australia, but the biscuits had been replaced with hundreds of tablets. One of the cleverest was stashing drugs inside cans! Did they have a cannery in the back garden or something? Because the can looked perfectly normal - not like one that had been cut open and welded back together.

    Does anyone else have any they'd like to mention?

    PS I wouldn't like to try smuggling anything into Australia anyways - nothing seems to get past those guys!

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    It really is an amazing programme but surely something must get through - they can't be that good - can they?
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