Border Wars - Season 2

Sunday 9:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered Jan 10, 2010 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Super Sunday
    Episode 17

    On top of the already busy everyday routine that Border Patrol Agents have in South Florida, a week prior to America's largest sporting event, they are put through constant drilling, and teams practice every possible scenario to be prepared for a possible assault at the Super Bowl.

  • Weed Warehouse
    Episode 16

    Border Agents pursuing a stolen truck discover a large stash of pot worth 1 million dollars after the vehicle flips over in the chase. At the border, the x-ray of a randomly chosen truck scores packages of crystal meth hidden in the fenders worth over a half million dollars. Officers also discover a warehouse holding 98,000 pounds of marijuana.

  • Storm Surge
    Episode 15

    Stories include the find of over 1.5 tons of pot hidden inside canned peppers; illegals trapped by the flood waters of Hurricane Alex; and the raiding of a house thought to contain caches of drugs.

  • Cartel Crackdown
    Episode 14

    SWAT team members raid a house suspected of containing cocaine. Border Patrol agents start out tracking illegals on a private ranch, only to become their rescue team when the crossers get lost and are in peril.

  • High-Speed Chase
    Episode 13

    SWAT team members make entry into a house thought to be full of heroin. The U.S. Border Patrol takes part in a rough terrain pursuit of a vehicle they think contains illegal border crossers. Officers find a stash of 100 dollar bills in a car's spare tire.

  • Gang Task Force
    Episode 12

    After a notorious gang member is apprehended, agents are able to persuade him to become an informant for them in their efforts to bust the gang wide open. Officers working undercover find and destroy a house used to cultivate pot. The Coast Guard busts a vessel on the high seas carrying a cargo of over a quarter ton of coke.

  • 11/10/10

    Immigration officers hunt down gang members from other countries who have gotten to North Miami Beach illegally while Drug Enforcement agents discover over one and a half tons of cocaine on board a fishing vessel heading for the United States from Panama.

  • Midnight Drug Run
    Episode 9

    Officers try to figure out a case of deportation, while drug enforcement agents crack down on drug dealers in Puerto Rico. Also, agents from the Department Of Homeland Security arrest an airline passenger possessing a phoney ID.

  • Manhunt
    Episode 8

    Border Agents intercept a crosser who was trying to get back with her family who are already in the states. Officers find themselves in a standoff with a human trafficking operation.

  • Hidden Narcotics
    Episode 7

    Border Patrol Agents take to the San Ysidro Mountains between California and Mexico in pursuit of "crossers". Immigration Agents go undercover to smash a smuggling operation. And Customs Officers find a cache of drugs hidden in a car trying to cross into the United States.

  • Fog Of War
    Episode 6

    Border Patrol agents uncover a very large cache of pot while Immigration Officers pull over a semi full of illegals trying to enter the United States.

  • Dirty Money
    Episode 5

    Border Patrol officers find a large cache of money belonging to one of the drug cartels. The agency sends it's rookies after illegals busting the border. Border Agents in California take a hard look within their own ranks for officers on the take from the drug cartels.

  • Lost In the River
    Episode 4

    When nine people are reported missing, Border Agents start searching the Rio Grande river. The border crossing at Hidalgo catches a wanted murderer. And drug traffickers lead agents on a chase at night.

  • Contraband Highway
    Episode 3

    Border security isn't all chasing illegals through the desert. Agents in Hidalgo, Texas uncover a cache of guns and ammo in a vehicle trying to cross over the border, while a stash of meth with a street value of over $600,000 is discovered in a truck.

  • Checkpoint Texas
    Episode 2

    A tractor trailer reveals it's hidden treasure when a rookie canine officer and his drug dog discover over a 1000 pounds of pot that it's carrying. Later, border patrol agents engage in a four hour pursuit of illegals after they cross the border.

  • 8/29/10

    Border Patrol Agents have the sad and gruesome job of trying to find out the identity of a young man who drowned in the Rio Grande river while trying to get to the U.S. Then, Immigration officers bust a house containing a couple dozen illegals associated with a human-trafficking operation.