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  • Season 3
    • Under Western Skies
      Returning with Marie and Clive from a party in a neighboring town, Jack is critically wounded by a criminal he had arrested while a Texas Ranger. Taking refuge in an abandoned cabin, the three friends are pinned down by the shooter and his cohorts. Realizing that Jack will die without help, Clive attempts to sneak out of the cabin, but he, too, is shot. It is up to the townspeople to deliver a ransom to the outlaws and free the lawmen and Marie.moreless
    • Frontier Passage
      Frontier Passage
      Episode 25
      Returning from Helena, where she has joined her late husband's parents, Marie is forced to stay overnight at a stage stop during a storm. During the night, one of the travelers is found murdered with Charles Dumont's knife in his chest.
    • A Small Kindness
      A Small Kindness
      Episode 24
      After missing her last three mortgage payments, Sally is notified by Wendell that his superiors in Helena have ordered him to foreclose on her mortgage. While he is trying to find a solution, Wendell is approached by a potential buyer who intends to turn the structure into another saloon complete with dancing girls.moreless
    • Tall in the Saddle
      Tall in the Saddle
      Episode 23
      When Willie finds a wooden grave marker in the cemetery with Jack Craddock's name on it, Jack disregards it as a prank. Distressed that Willie is leaving for Paris with his father, he decides to accompany them part of the way, but on the trail, they are apprehended by the brother of an outlaw Jack had killed, intending to kill the marshal on the same spot where the brother was buried.moreless
    • Demon Rum
      Demon Rum
      Episode 22
      When a young cowboy becomes ill on Zack Denny's whiskey, the women of the town organize a revolt to close the saloon and destroy the whisky. Meanwhile, Marie discovers that the whiskey has been tainted with a chemical, but when she confronts the distributors, she is kidnapped by them.
    • Hired Hand
      Hired Hand
      Episode 21
      Joanna Radway offers a black farmer a fraction of what his property is worth, and when he refuses to sell, a couple of her hired thugs use violence in an effort to pursuade him. Jack's old friend, Isaac, is also working for Mrs. Radway as a hired hand, and when her two thugs finally convince the farmer to sell and then plan to kill him, Isaac kills them. Jack is forced to go after Isaac to arrest him for murder.moreless
    • The Road Chosen
      The Road Chosen
      Episode 20
      On a stormy night in Bordertown, a gang of outlaws break into Marie's house demanding that she tend to their wounded member. Jack and Clive have been searching for them all night, and soon realize that they are holding Marie and Lucy hostage. With Archie's help, they formulate a plan to apprehend the outlaws, but a gunfight breaks out as they attempt to escape.moreless
    • Roaring Days
      Roaring Days
      Episode 19
      After serving time in jail, Clive's old friend, Archie Stanton, comes to Bordertown to ask the favor of a job, insisting that Clive owes him for running out on him. While the Mountie considers it, Archie tells Marie through flashbacks all about the days he and Clive used to ride together.moreless
    • Marshal Law
      Marshal Law
      Episode 18
      Willie and Lucy stumble upon a dead body, and Jack and Clive track down a U.S. Marshal who has illegally entered Canada while chasing an escaped criminal.
    • The New Recruit
      The New Recruit
      Episode 17
      On his way to Bordertown to assist Corporal Bennett in the delivery of a payroll wagon to Ft Walsh, a young Mountie is murdered by a gang who mistakenly believe he is carrying the payroll. Discovering their error, they assign their newest member the task of assuming the identity of the Mountie, and send him into Bordertown to join the escort. Clive leaves town with him and the payroll, unaware that he is being led into a trap.moreless
    • Field of Honour
      Field of Honour
      Episode 16
      Gilbert is challenged to a duel by a French peddler who recognizes him from an incident that occurred in France years earlier. Marie startles everyone by supplying the dueling pistols that had belonged to her late husband, but, unknown to the peddler, she devises a plan to prevent either of them from being killed.moreless
    • The Bostonian
      The Bostonian
      Episode 15
      When a friend passes away, Jack deems the death suspicious, and summons the man's nephew, Arthur Harrington, to Bordertown to prevent the sale of the property to a rancher, who seems to have an unnatural desire to acquire the land. His suspicions prove correct when an attempt is made on Harrington's life.moreless
    • Conduct Becoming
      Conduct Becoming
      Episode 14
      An educated Cree Indian produces documents claiming that Bordertown belongs to the Cree Nation.
    • A Question of Negligence
      Marie's competence as a doctor is questioned when a patient dies of minor injuries. Gilbert claims controlling partnership in Marie's store.
    • In Cold Blood
      In Cold Blood
      Episode 12
      Don Carlos comes to Bordertown to oversee the bounty hunter he has hired to eliminate Jack Craddock, but Jack intervenes by confiscating the money that was intended to pay the bounty. Unaware that she is placing Jack in danger, Marie returns the money to the Don in the hopes that he will leave town peacefully. Instead, he forwards the money to the killer, leading to a fatal shootout between the two men.moreless
    • Honour Thy Father
      Honour Thy Father
      Episode 11
      A farmer accuses Couteau of murdering a man who had wronged the Metis tribe of Indians. The farmer's son backs up his father's story, claiming to be a witness, even though he was not present when the shooting occurred.
    • The Preacher
      The Preacher
      Episode 10
      The Marshal and the Mountie come across an Indian village in which all the Indians had mysteriously perished. Also in the village is a priest, who claims to be ministering to the dead. Meanwhile, Marie and Lucy find an unconscious Indian boy. While searching through the village, Couteau discovers the source of the tribe's demisemoreless
    • Sight Unseen
      Sight Unseen
      Episode 9
      When Clive goes after the outlaws who wounded Jack and killed two other lawmen, his pistol misfires, blinding him. To elude the outlaws, he must rely on the help of a young woman he encounters in the woods. Unknown to Clive, he had run her out of Bordertown years earlier as a prostitute.moreless
    • Sweet Revenge
      Sweet Revenge
      Episode 8
      Jack shoots a thief during a stagecoach robbery, but the thief turns out to be a local resident who was experiencing hard times, and was desperate to obtain money so he could hold on to his land. Although Jack rushes him to Marie for help, he dies from loss of blood. Embittered, his children threaten to kill Jack in revenge. Feeling responsible, Jack is compelled to help them find a way to retain possession of their land.moreless
    • Blood
      Episode 7
      Jack and Clive hire Couteau to track an outlaw who robbed a bank in Helena, but they are unaware that the outlaw is Couteau's brother, John. Couteau enlists Marie's help to tend to the wound John received, but they are followed by a bounty hunter interested in collecting the reward. In the fight that follows, McKay kills the bounty hunter and injures Marie.moreless
    • Wild Horses
      Wild Horses
      Episode 6
      When a horse trader comes to town, Jack and Clive purchase a horse for Willie, but they are forced to arrest the trader when two men ride in to town claiming that the herd belongs to them.
    • Sons of Thunder
      Sons of Thunder
      Episode 5
      Jack is assigned the task of escorting an affable prisoner into Canadian hands, but the prisoner is being pursued by a couple of thugs who want him to answer for American crimes. To make matters worse for the lawman, his prisoner is an escape artist who has enlisted the help of his girlfriend.moreless
    • Let There Be Light
      Emile Chabrolet, a friend of Marie's from France, comes to town bringing with him bicycles that he wants her to sell in her store. Wendell has purchased a generator to supply the bank with electricity in an effort to discourage bank robbers. Most of the townspeople are excited about the electricity, but Jack is reluctant to accept the new invention. Meanwhile, Emile, who helps to install the power lines, has devised a unique plan that anables him to rob the bank.moreless
    • Nebraska Lightning
      When Bat Masterson kills a member of an outlaw gang and uses Jack Craddock's name to collect the reward, the rest of the gang comes to Bordertown seeking revenge, culminating in a major gunfight on the streets of Bordertown.
    • Vengeance Is Mine (2)
      Continued from Second Chance. Clive and Anna plan their wedding. Delighted that his son is getting married, Clive's father arrives from Toronto to perform the ceremony. On the day of the wedding, the surviving moonshiner takes his revenge on Clive.
    • Second Chance (1)
      Clive's former flame, Anna, the wife of his deceased friend, stops in Bordertown to visit her husband's grave, and rekindles her relationship with the Mountie. Meanwhile, Jack and Clive break up a group of moonshiners, but one of them escapes, vowing revenge on Clive.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1