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  • The little show that should have...

    I loved this little half hour western with a heart! The idea of a town built smack on the US - Canada border in a time when nothing was written in stone or paper or anything else that a good fight wouldn't take care of...well it was just too perfect!

    Richard Comar played the gruff but lovable U.S. "Marshal Jack Craddock " and was often the butt of the joke for his unrefined behaviour.
    John H. Brennan played in perfect counterpoint as the Canadian Mountie "Corporal Clive Bennett" with his stuffy and often rigid view on life and the law.
    Sophie Barjac was the joint love-interest as the town widowed doctor and life-mediator between the two men.

    The series was in turn, funny then dramatic then poignant as it dealt with life and "law" in these times for settlers and aboriginals alike.

    Well, TV people, the Bordertown set still exists in Pitt Meadows. Production costs should be lower now and comebacks are hot, so...
  • Unique idea - Canadian NWMP constable & US Marshall work together to keep law in town. Female doctor is close friend to both & often helps to keep the peace between them.

    Three attractive stars and a group of quirky supporting characters helped to make this show a real gem. Having it filmed in BC didn't hurt matters any for me! Being of lover of history & period pieces, this was no exception of excellent shows that Canada is fully able to produce. The acting was realistic, with the odd exception, and the story lines believeable, especially in the context of the time period. I also love the fact that it's a clean show with nothing to hide from anyone, which we desperately need more of in this day & age.
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