Bordertown - Season 1

Black Family Channel (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Keenan's Raiders
    Keenan's Raiders
    Episode 26
    Three members of outlaw gang Keenan's Raiders plan to meet in Bordertown to recover stolen gold they had buried years earlier. One dies of a heart attack on the stage, a second is found shot to death outside town. The third member has been wounded, and seeks medical attention from Marie. Jack and Clive discover that the two dead men are wearing identical belt buckles with a secret compartment, which conceals pieces of a map. Meanwhile, Marie has been taken hostage by the wounded man as he tries to dig up the buried gold.moreless
  • Gold and Lead
    Gold and Lead
    Episode 25
    While escorting a large amount of gold to Bordertown, Wendell is robbed and wounded, and the armed guard is killed by a couple of thieves. Then the killer turns the gun on his accomplice. Jack and Clive have trouble identifying the dead outlaw, but the killer turns out to be the estranged father of Bruno's girlfriend. Holding his family at gunpoint, he orders Bruno to bring him a horse and supplies.moreless
  • Vigilante
    Episode 24
    A teenaged boy is hired by a group of horse thieves to deliver six horses stolen from a local ranch. When he realizes the horses have been stolen, Johnny intends to return the horses to their rightful owner, but when he is caught with them, the rancher decides to hang him as a horse thief.moreless
  • Nahanni
    Episode 23
    Clive's training officer arrives in Bordertown with his pregnant Indian wife, Nahanni. Driscoll had been shot in a skirmish with the U.S. Cavalry, who had apprehended Chief Sitting Bull from a reservation in Canada. Driscoll, determined to free Sitting Bull, had killed two of the soldiers, who follow him to Bordertown, seeking revenge.moreless
  • Craddock vs. Bennett
    While giving Jack an eye exam during a physical, Marie discovers that he cannot read. Worried that many others in the area cannot read, either, she decides to order some primers. In spite of Marie's objections, Moberley proposes a boxing match between the marshal and the mountie to raise money for the books, but during the fight, his plans are to rob the town.moreless
  • Bad Memories
    Bad Memories
    Episode 21
    A visiting German is knocked unconscious while being chased by bank robbers who want the map he carries that will lead them to the money. He awakens with amnesia. Meanwhile, Clive's supervisor comes for inspection.
  • Pretty Shadows [aka Legacy]
    gs: Charlie Higgins (Denzil), Peter Stebbings (Lamarr Johnson), A band of teenaged outlaws ride into Bordertown intending to rob the bank. Marie reports to Clive when she sees the young outlaws go into the bank with their guns drawn. Clive is shot attempting to prevent the hold-up, and is dragged into the store by the robbers. Jack, in the marshal's office, and the outlaws in Marie's store exchange shots. Meanwhile, Clive, who knows one of the boys, tries to convince him that he is headed down the wrong path. Written by: Michael Mercer, Directed by: Rene Bonnieremoreless
  • The Bounty Hunter
    The Bounty Hunter
    Episode 19
    When a Mexican bounty hunter shows up in Bordertown, Jack is instantly suspicious, suspecting that the Mexican has actually come for him. When he and Marie are jailed by the bounty hunter, Jack confesses his secret past to Marie, revealing that his wife and daughter had been murdered by Don Carlos, a wealthy Mexican landowner who had been trying to drive Jack and his family from their land. In the ensuing fight, Jack had killed the Mexican's son. Seeking revenge, Don Carlos wants Jack delivered to him alive, but his bounty hunter has no problem with using Marie as a pawn to control him.moreless
  • Ties That Bind
    Ties That Bind
    Episode 18
    Willie's father comes to Bordertown with the intention of taking the boy back to France with him. Meanwhile, an escaped criminal is seeking revenge on Clive.
  • The Fur Trader
    The Fur Trader
    Episode 17
    A local trapper is found murdered and his furs stolen. The only clue left at the scene is a sliver of bone from the handle of a knife, and the only suspect is a French entrepreneur, a friend of Marie's, who is found holding the murder weapon after a dispute with an employee. Jack and Clive formulate a plan to flush out the real killer.moreless
  • The Lady and the Corpse
    When Dom's friend dies, he leaves instructions that half his gold goes to Dom, but it is stolen before it can be recovered. Jack believes Clive's new lady friend is involved, but the mountie refuses to believe it.
  • When Dreams Die
    When Dreams Die
    Episode 15
    Two escaped convicts come to Bordertown looking for the only man who can identify them. Claiming to be friends of Sally Duffield's imprisoned husband, they swindle her out of her jewelry by insisting that he can be paroled if she pays them a thousand dollars.
  • One of the Boys
    One of the Boys
    Episode 14
    A young woman, posing as a male ranchhand in an effort to find her husband's murderer, is shot on the streets of Bordertown.
  • Slave
    Episode 13
    Severely traumatized when her former "master" comes to Bordertown, Diane Denny tries to shoot him to avenge the beating death of her father, killed years earlier while attempting to escape.
  • Trapped
    Episode 12
    Two outlaw brothers, believed to be dead, come to Bordertown to rob the bank. Before they can carry out their plan, they are recognized by Hiram. When he speaks up, he is fatally struck by one of them. The brothers leave an accomplice behind so that they can escape, and when he tries to rejoin them, they shoot him. Knowing that the brothers will return, Clive and Jack set a trap to capture them.moreless
  • The Gunfighter
    The Gunfighter
    Episode 11
    A young easterner challenges his employer to a gunfight after he is cheated out of part of his wages. Jack attempts to teach the young man to shoot.
  • The Killing
    The Killing
    Episode 10
    Liam becomes infatuated with a blind gypsy fortune teller who is being forced by her employer to convince men that their future includes earning a fortune in a new business venture, so he can sell them stock in a non-existent silver mine.
  • The Reaper
    The Reaper
    Episode 9
    The lawmen are troubled when an aging gunfighter comes to Bordertown, followed by glory-seekers who are out to kill him, and a novelist, who wants to write a story about him.
  • Blood Fury
    Blood Fury
    Episode 8
    Charles Ashley intends to bring a railroad to Bordertown, but Jack is incensed when the railroader turns out to be a former Confederate Captain from the Civil War who abandoned his wounded men -- including Jack -- to the enemy. When the two men exchange shots, Ashley gets rid of his gun, and claims that he was ambushed by Jack.moreless
  • Over the Line
    Over the Line
    Episode 7
    While investigating the presence of a band of Cree Indians camped near the town, Jack and Clive discover that a white boy is living among them. The boy's uncle is determined to get him back, even if it means endangering the town by starting a war with the Indians.
  • A Model Citizen
    A Model Citizen
    Episode 6
    A Chinese immigrant overhears a plot to rob a gold shipment. Determined to be a good citizen, he informs the law the plot, but is fearful for the life of his fiancee, who is arriving on the stagecoach.
  • The Man They Couldn't Hang
    Jack reluctantly hangs a prisoner, but the prisoner survives the hanging. When Jack refuses to hang him again, the judge sends in a government appointed hangman. Barry Joe's only chance for clemency is if he names his accomplices. The problem is, his throat is so badly damaged that he can't speak.moreless
  • Blindside
    Episode 4
    Two friends from Jack's Texas Rangers days come to Bordertown on their way to Canada to sell their merchandise. Marie disappears when her patient is murdered, and the evidence points to Jack's friends.
  • Medicine Woman
    Medicine Woman
    Episode 3
    Howling Dog, a young Blackfood, accidentally causes a fire in Marie's store while attempting to steal food. After the Indian is released when Marie refuses to press charges, he is murdered by Erskine, the Canadian Indian Agent. Marie discovers that Erskine has been selling Indian rations to the townspeople for profit.moreless
  • Runners
    Episode 2
    A quiet day in bordertown is disrupted by the arrival of driverless Mountie wagon. Bennett finds arrows and bloodstains, but no treaty money or payroll, so he sets off to see what happened to the driver and the Mounty escort. Since the time and route for the wagon are kept secret, an inside job appears the only possibility. Meanwhile, Marie's nephew comes to town to visit.moreless
  • Civilization
    Episode 1
    A barroom fight between an American rancher's son and a Canadian farm boy result in the shooting death of the American. Jack and Clive attempt to take the prisoner to Ft McCloud, but the dead boy's father wants revenge.