Bordertown - Season 2

Black Family Channel (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • All for One
    All for One
    Episode 26
    Clive is offered a promotion to sergeant, but if he accepts the advancement, he will be reassigned to another post. He asks Marie to marry him, setting off a bitter dispute between him and Jack.
  • Fool's Gold
    Fool's Gold
    Episode 25
    An old prospector is shot, but refuses to reveal his assailant. Fed up with Clive's and Jack's rivalry, Marie goes camping. Much of this episode is a dream sequence featuring Marie and the prospector, who has stolen a map that supposedly marks the location of buried gold.
  • Devil's Right Hand
    Devil's Right Hand
    Episode 24
    When Artimus Boone is caught trying to sell a gun belt that once belonged to Lucas Craddock, Jack goes on a quest to confront his father's killer, and must come to terms with the fact that his father abandoned him as a child.
  • A Brand of Justice
    A Brand of Justice
    Episode 23
    The Rancher's Association is trying to convince the local rancher to join their organization. When Henry Jordan refuses, he is attacked and some of his horses are stolen. The Association offers to get the horses back, and shoots the two thieves to keep them silent. However, one of them is still alive.moreless
  • The Heart of Adventure
    Dom is deputized to watch over the town in Jack's and Clive's absence. A famous author, interested in experiencing the west first hand, becomes involved in a bank robbery. Sally is taken hostage by the outlaws, believing that she is the doctor.
  • The Fourth Estate
    The Fourth Estate
    Episode 21
    Bordertown is about to have its first mayoral election, but rancher Henry Jordan is initially the only candidate, and he intends to remove Marshal Craddock and replace him with a rogue who is sympathetic to the ranchers. When the town's newspaper prints Jordan's intentions and endorces Zack Denny, who decides to join the race, the press is destroyed and the journalist injured.moreless
  • Snap Shot
    Snap Shot
    Episode 20
    When a photographer is murdered, his young assistant is accused of the crime. Willie and Lucy secretly help him in an attempt to prove his innocence. The proof of the killer's identity lies in a photograph snapped at the moment the murder occurred.
  • The Last of the James Gang
    Two Pinkerton agents arrest Jack, claiming that he is really John McCarty, a member of the James Gang, who murdered a Pinkerton agent ten years earlier. Jack's cell door is mysteriously opened during the night, and when one of the agents is gunned down on the street, Jack becomes the prime suspect in that killing as well.moreless
  • Two Moons
    Two Moons
    Episode 18
    Couteau infiltrates a group of radical Indians in an attempt to apprehend their leader.
  • Gun Down
    Gun Down
    Episode 17
    When Jack kills a gunfighter in a showdown on the street, the dead man's relatives hire a young gunfighter to even the score. Meanwhile, Lucy, a young orphan girl arrives on the stage coach.
  • When Gold Turns Black
    Wendell buys an unsafe mine, and sells half partnership to an unscrupulous businessman, who hires ill, underfed Chinese laborers to work the mine.
  • Compadres
    Episode 15
    Carrying large sums of money, Zack and Wendell escape into the woods when the stage coach they are on is held up by thieves. With the robbers in pursuit, they make their way back to Bordertown, eluding not only the robbers, but the lawmen.
  • Straight from the Heart
    Clive's father, Reverend Bennett, arrives from Toronto to visit, but he makes it clear that he is not pleased with his son's career choice. Meanwhile, a local farmer's imported cattle have anthrax.
  • Killer with a Smile
    Killer with a Smile
    Episode 13
    During a tour of the western states, President Garfield's entourage is scheduled to pass through Bordertown. A would-be assassin ties Marie up inside her store, and is planning to use the store's loft as his assisin's post.
  • Ancient Claims
    Ancient Claims
    Episode 12
    A tribe of Indians claim that Henry Jordan's ranch is on their land. Clive is trapped in the Jordan's ranch house when they are surrounded by the Indians.
  • Buffalo Woman
    Buffalo Woman
    Episode 11
    Jack is intrigued by a young woman who is seeking to save the buffalo from extinction brought about by reckless hunting. When she interferes with two men involved in a contest, she and Jack are taken hostage by them.
  • Skirmishes
    Episode 10
    Two local ranchers become involved in a dispute over water rights between their properties. Meanwhile, a young physician comes to Bordertown and questions Marie's right to practice medicine. He takes his concerns to Clive, and threatens to press charges against her if she does not comply. Her ability is proven when Henry Jordan's son is shot over the water dispute.moreless
  • Four Eyes
    Four Eyes
    Episode 9
    Theodore Roosevelt comes to Bordertown, and promptly becomes involved in a dispute with a couple of ruffians. They later ambush him and Couteau, who he has hired as a guide on a hunting trip. When the two lawmen come to his rescue, they end up getting captured, too.
  • White Feather
    White Feather
    Episode 8
    A Blackfoot warrior rescues Marie when her horse bolts after being spooked by a snake. Jack recognizes her horse, and arrests the Indian for stealing it. Marie insists that he be released from jail, but he returns to bring gifts and to seek her attention. Infatuated with her, White Feather kidnaps her and takes her to the Blackfoot village with the intention of making her his wife. Clive must prevail in a test of manhood to win her back.moreless
  • Letter of the Law
    Letter of the Law
    Episode 7
    When an American is killed over a land dispute, a Canadian is accused of the crime. Jurisdiction is questioned because the Canadian was standing on the Canadian side of the line, the American was standing on the American side.
  • The Last Fenian Raid
    A retired Canadian colonel arrives in Bordertown with a strongbox containing money obtained by docking his men's pay. His intentions are to set up an estate for the men to work on when they muster out. Liam's niece, her husband, and cousin have joined the Fenian Brotherhood, and are after the money. Along with the strongbox, they kidnap the colonel, who had helped protect Canada from the Fenians years earlier.moreless
  • The Convoy
    The Convoy
    Episode 5
    The U.S. Cavalry is turning over a Gatling Gun to the Canadian Mounted Police, but when Clive arrives to escort the wagon into town, he is shot by one of the Mountie impersonators who has already killed the Mounties assigned to the transport. When they arrive in Bordertown to assume possession of the gun, Jack becomes suspicious of their behavior, and arrests one of them when he becomes aggressive with Marie. The next morning, the "Mounties" take the gun, and leave Bordertown. Meanwhile, Couteau has found the wounded Clive, and reports it to Jack, who must find a way to recover the stolen gun.moreless
  • The Last Shot
    The Last Shot
    Episode 4
    Stricken with guilt, Jack resigns after he accidentally kills a saloon girl during a dispute with a gang of ruffians. With the marshal's position vacant, the gang takes over Bordertown, and the Mountie is powerless to keep law and order on the American side of town. In attempt to regain order, he "appoints" Couteau temporary marshal.moreless
  • Hand to Hand
    Hand to Hand
    Episode 3
    A Mountie wagon is ambushed, and the Mounties, including a friend of Clive's, are murdered by a gang of outlaw brothers. One of the brothers is captured and taken to Bordertown. When Clive decides to take him to Ft McLeod to stand trial, Jack and several of the townspeople act as decoys in an attempt to lead the rest of the gang away from the stagecoach on which Clive had elected to transport the prisoner. The outlaws do not fall for the decoy, and attack the stagecoach, wounding their own brother. Clive handcuffs himself to his prisoner as they are forced to flee on foot.moreless
  • The Pony Riders
    The Pony Riders
    Episode 2
    A branch of the pony express is scheduled to run through Bordertown, promising employment for the town's young men, including Bruno Danzinger, but the route will carry the riders through Indian burial grounds. Angered that their sacred burial grounds have been disturbed, the Indians threaten war if the route is not changed.moreless
  • Hunter's Moon
    Hunter's Moon
    Episode 1
    Bat Masterson tracks a gang of outlaws into Canada, and refuses to adhere to Canadian jurisdiction. When Jack and Clive accompany him into Canada, Masterson leaves them, allowing them to ride into an outlaw ambush.