Bored to Death

Season 2 Episode 1

Escape From the Dungeon!

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2010 on HBO

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  • Still suitably self-centered, now with less Jonathan Ames.

    One of the main draws of this show is the nature of failing Ames himself; in passing dialogue, it's stated that to be a writer anymore is almost folly--a sort of dread that follows all writers from their first concept to their graves; the declining audience, the falling market. Which, I suppose, is why Ames' decision to become an unlicensed private eye is so genius in the first season. Here, we get a little nod to that thread in the very beginning of the episode before being lost in Ames' fractured social life. He surrounds himself with has-beens and never-were's even as he finds himself without emotional, financial, or creative structure. The humor in this episode is written with the precision that made me love the first season. There is no taboo in Ames' world, no shock and awe as much as a boyish need to understand. While discussing the sexual aspects of his client, Ames gladly offers up information of his own sexual experiences, as if this knowledge is the most basic information to exchange with strangers. He then makes a literary reference, as if there can never be anything untouched by the art he practices. Genius writing about a writer.

    This episode has really strong members from the rest of the cast, as well--Ray is dealing with his bad relationship, George is loosing his extravagant lifestyle, and we're getting more time with Ames' new girlfriend--even if only one scene in this episode.
  • Best Episode Yet

    Last season, as much as a fan as I was of Jonathan Ames and Jason Schwartzman, I found it hard to connect with Bored to Death. Initially, I thought that maybe this just wasn't a show for me, but I stuck with it. And after seeing the episode with the "Beautiful Blackmailer" i saw the potential the show had. And this episode was just as good, if not better than that episode. While I'll refrain from spoiling any details about the episode, the buildup to the punchline was very well done (As well as the aforementioned punchline), but perhaps the best part was all of the little, minute lines and jokes that take a second to be fully processed. That's something that I hope the show continues in later episodes, as this is currently my favourite HBO comedy!
  • See Summary

    Escape From the Dungeon! was a great season 2 opener for Bored To Death. This is a hilarious show, with originality and a reality all to familiar. This episode was very exciting to watch, and the characters were at their best as usual. This episode made me laugh, and ponder at the same time. The Dungeon was hilarious. It was funny watching him run through NYC in a S&M outfit. I think that this episoe definitely kick starts the season, and I hope that future episodes keep up to par with this episode. It seems there are some changes coming into all of the characters lives, and I look forward to seeing how things unfold!