Bored to Death

Season 1 Episode 1

Stockholm Syndrome

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2009 on HBO

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  • Start of a promising series. IF taken in the right direction.

    I decided to watch this show because of the cast primarily as the idea itself didn't attract me as much but it didn't totally suck. Nevertheless, the idea of the show [ a struggling writer out of bored and/or lack of inspiration decided to be a private investigator ] is not so well played, at least in the pilot. This guy could be anything really, the single "writy" thing about him is that he caries a book around. [ and yeah, the are some writers related analogies but in reality, anyone could do that. ]. I would definitely like to find out more of what kind of write is he and what's his all about.

    The secondary characters : his friend Ray [ Zach Galifianakis ] and boss George [ Ted Danson ] could be the wild card of this show but so far we haven't see anything but tiny glimpses of their personalities and they weren't actually included in the story, nevertheless,that can be a good thing as too many shows are giving us instant gratification.

    What i really liked about this show so far is that it has a certain atmosphere that captures the mood of the characters - confused,bored, slightly depressed - making the action seem really plausible although the case presented in this episodes was yawn-inducing.

    Well,not much more to say except for the fact that i do hope the characters will be more bounded in the next episodes and we'll see them as a team or something close. I can see George really buying into the idea but Ray,although he creates a super-hero world in his comic,will probably not be thrilled. The whole episode left me with a wait-and-see feel and the promise of more for the next episode.That plus the fact that it's a HBO series will make me tune in the next week.

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