Bored to Death

Season 3 Episode 1

The Blonde in the Woods

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on HBO

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  • The show ups its ante.


    This episode finds our trio of main characters in a much more solid place than they have been prior--Jonathan releases a second novel, George has a restaurant, and Ray meets his son.

    Then things get real.

    The show moves from 'zany action' like last season's kidnapping to actual murder mystery, with Jonathan deep in the thick of it.

    The show has found itself in actual 'hardboiled' mode, where its previous two seasons have always only nodded in the direction of the detective story--humorously and kindly, but slight nods none the less. Here we find true crime, bloody crime, but handled in the light-hearted manner that we're accustomed to. The show still makes us laugh, but now it also concerns us.

  • Death Daddy Issues and Bad parenting, this looks solid for a solid season


    I am in 2 minds about this episode, I like the concerpt of a guy being frammed for murder then like an Idiot he does everything to implicate himself. Problem is, for a novelist and for someone interested in detective work, shouldnt common sense have kicked on earlier than have him dig himself deeper and deeper by trying to wipe the prints of the gun then handling it while hiding the gun in the most obvious place. Escape throu a room that has a person who saw your face and you actually talked to to further cement her ability to ID you and finally go out of the window to nowhere knowing full well the cops are looking for you. Its really a funny premise but for Goerge not jonathan, in my opinion.

    Ray as a father is worrying, I know its all in the name of comedy but the alcohol on the nipple bit was disturbing for my taste. I like him habg out with his son and getting into awkward situations but not the tramatising baby kind.

    Goerge was solid, Its clear his daughter has Daddy issue and in a big way. She is basically dating her dad, poor girl. This plot has potential I hope it will deliver all season like it did today.

    Overall a solid episode but the comedy got a bit too far for my taste.

  • The Blonde in the Woods

    The Blonde in the Woods was a phenomenal start to the third season of Bored to Death. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and intriguing. There were many character and plot developments. I laughed many times and liked the way everything played out. I couldn't believe how far Jonathan went. Ray was great as a dad. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!