Bored to Death

Season 1 Episode 3

The Case of the Missing Screenplay

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2009 on HBO

Episode Recap

At the Print House, George's club, Jonathan and George discuss the offer of filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, a huge fan of Ames' first novel, for him to rewrite one of Jarmusch's screenplays. While having cocktails, they run into Priscilla, George's ex-wife, and Richard Antrem, her new husband and editor of GQ magazine. The awkward encounter leads to banter between Richard and George, long-time rivals and former colleagues. The next day, Ray and Leah talk about his wish to donate his sperm to two lesbian lovers, who are fans of his work. While Ray is willing to do the girls a favor, Leah disapproves and cites overpopulation as one of her reasons for objecting. When the conversation segues into Ray's inability to listen, Leah proposes for him to go into therapy. Ray makes a compromise and agrees to see a shrink in exchange for sexual favors. At a party hosted by the New York Film Society, George and Jonathan meet with Jarmusch. While Jim and Jonathan hash over the details of the screenplay revision, George hooks up with a woman named Miriam. As soon as Jarmusch walks away, a young lady by the name of Claudia, a fan of the filmmaker, approaches Jonathan. Claudia makes out with Jonathan in the balcony and takes him home with her. Claudia's home is also the office of her psychotherapist dad, Dr. Worth, a self-proclaimed Carl Jung of Brooklyn. As they make out on the psychiatrist's couch, Claudia confesses her real age. Jonathan freaks out when he learns that she is only sixteen years old. Claudia undresses on a table when they hear her father arrive. Jonathan dashes to the bathroom, escapes through the window, and inadvertently leaves the screenplay behind. The next morning, Jonathan suggests to Ray to pose as a patient in order to get into the therapist's office and retrieve the script. Ray goes along with Jonathan's plan and attends an hour of therapy. Ray comes out of the office without the screenplay and is left devastated after the therapist "guts him like a fish". He is so eviscerated that he couldn't even have sex with Leah that night. Jonathan visits Dr. Worth himself to recover the script. The therapist breezily fleshes out Jonathan's issues and diagnoses him with having Oedipal complex. He returns the screenplay to Jonathan, and as they step out of his office, Dr. Worth punches him in the gut and warns him to stay away from his daughter. Excited with the ideas he has for the screenplay rewrite, Jonathan meets with Jarmusch in an abandoned floor in an old building. Circling around Jonathan as he rides his bike, Jim tells a bummed-out Jonathan that he already contracted another writer do the revisions.