Bored to Death

Season 1 Episode 4

The Case of the Stolen Skateboard

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2009 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Jonathan is hired to reclaim a kid's stolen skateboard from the neighborhood bully while Ray helps out a lesbian couple who wants to start a new family. George tries to woo a young publicist at the opening of a new restaurant in Brooklyn.

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  • The Case of the Stolen Skateboard

    The Case of the Stolen Skateboard was a perfect episode of Bored to Death. I really enjoyed watching because the story was excellent, the actors were superb and there were many laughs. It was great to see Ray and the lesbian couple he wad helping. Jonathan was hilarious after snatching the board. I couldn't believe the kids went as far as they did. The end was funny. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • hope this isn't the beginning of the end

    wow. great show skids to a halt on its fourth show.

    hope this is just a hiccup but the laughs just weren't there and you start to see how thing the whole concept is.

    maybe this should just have been a miniseries.

    Danson is great as always. whether it's jason's fault or not, the lead character is a one trick pony: he's the neurotic and indecisive Jew. and it's funny sometimes. but if an episode isn't well written, Jason isn't going to carry this or any other show.

    i saw they got picked up for a second season. that's good and bad. hope they have enough material.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Big Nose Reference: As Jonathan tries to retrieve the stolen skateboard from Francisco, the punk kid teases him on having a big nose.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Jonathan: Where's Ray?
      Leah: He's in the bathroom masturbating.
      Jonathan: What?
      Ray: I'm almost done. Just three more tugs.

    • Leah: Her name's Allison. She's a radical vegan.
      Lisa: I know a lot of radical vegans. She must be really lonely.

    • Jonathan: In my heart, I'm a vegan. In my mouth, I lack discipline.

    • Jonathan: I'll call you back. Is that okay?
      Caroline: Alright, sweetheart. Don't be a stranger. You know that all of my writers are like my husbands.

    • George: Lately, I've been going nuts over women's arms. Actually, the arm... pit. I just love it. It's this... other secret place to burrow into. But you don't have to slide far down the bed to get to it. Maybe it's laziness, I don't-- I don't know.

    • Jonathan: Leah has kids, and you guys have been together for a while.
      Ray: Yeah, but that is terrible. Those kids pay me no respect. They call me fat... and hairy. You know, they could lose a few pounds themselves.

    • George: Brooklyn's exciting! It's the new Manhattan. I may have to move to Brooklyn.
      Jonathan: If Brooklyn's the new Manhattan, what's Manhattan?
      George: Manhattan's the new Queens. And Queens is the new... Brooklyn. And Brooklyn is the--

  • NOTES (7)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Případ ukradeného skateboardu (The Case of the Stolen Skateboard)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      • Latin America: December 13, 2009 on HBO Latinoamerica Este
      • Czech Republic: April 6, 2010 on HBO
      • Turkey: May 31, 2010 on e2
      • United Kingdom: April 18, 2011 on Sky ATLANTIC/Sky ATLANTIC HD

    • Bebe Neuwirth (Caroline) and Ted Danson (George) were both series regulars in the '80s sitcom Cheers. Parker Posey (Allison) and Heather Burns (Leah) previously worked together in the 1998 romantic comedy set in New York, You've Got Mail.

    • Show creator Jonathan Ames got the idea of the characters Jonathan and Allison doing stretching exercises at Allison's apartment from his actual experience of doing yoga moves with Parker Posey (who played Allison) at the lobby of the building where she lives.

    • Location Credits:
      • Downtown Association - George and Jonathan meet up
      • Pearl Skate Park, 1st St. b/w Hoyt & Bond Sts, Carroll St. Bridge - Jonathan asks around about Francisco from skateboarders and kid
      • Continental Army Plaza - Francisco skates with friends
      • Greenpoint Coffeehouse - Jonathan and George attend restaurant opening

    • Featured Music:
      • "The Other One" by Wooden Birds
      • "All or Nothing" by Au Revoir Simone
      • "See You In My Dreams" by The Real Tuesday Weld
      • "The Mole" by Big Lazy
      • "Must Be the Moon" by !!! (Chk Chk Chk)
      • "Loved You All Along" by La Strada
      • "Toy Piano" by Dawn Landes

      Note: Some sites list La Strada's song as "Love You All Along"

    • For the skateboarding scenes of Jonathan Ames in the episode, a skateboarder named Larry Nunez took over as stunt double for Jason Schwartzman.


    • Ray: Goodbye, Picasso.

      Ray, wearing a striped shirt similar to the one Spanish artist Pablo Picasso is known to have worn, hands his cup of sperm to Michelle and Lisa, who wish for an "artistic" baby.

    • Ray: All that jizz!

      When he put the cup of sperm on the table, Ray was making a play on the song "All That Jazz" from the musical Chicago.

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