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The Borgias is a fictional drama series from France and Germany based on the power struggles inside the Vatican during the 15th century. In a world of bloody wars and a huge division between the rich and the poor, the Vatican in Rome becomes the neutral ground. Rodrigo Borgia (John Doman) sees an opportunity to become the Pope and lead the world in solving its difference. Borgia soon decides that this is an opportunity that he'll do anything to get. The only problem is, the man is a widower with four promiscuous children, who pose a political problem in capturing the Holy See. The series follows Borgia's struggles among the Cardinals, with each episode bringing the determined man closer to his goal. Borgia himself is not a celibate man and his acts of violence, murder and betrayal threaten to tear his family apart. By mid-season, the Cardinals give in, and Borgia becomes Pope Alexander VI. He soon discovers that leading the Roman Catholic Church is more dangerous than he thought it would be.


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AIRED ON 10/27/2014

Season 3 : Episode 14

John Doman

John Doman

Rodrigo Borgia/Pope Alexander

Mark Ryder

Mark Ryder

Chesare Borgia

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    S 3 : Ep 14

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