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Borrow My Crew

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A reality-based program where a popular an MTV celebrity lends their professional entourage for 24 hours to a viewer in need of their own hip hop Cinderella story. In a coordinated team effort, the star's "crew" demonstrates the full force of their resources by ushering one lucky candidate into the shoes (literally) of their favorite celebrity. It's a once in a lifetime view of the top. Between the managers, agents, accountants, make-up artists, hair stylists, personal stylists, personal trainers, personal assistants, drivers, chefs, bodyguards, decorators, publicists, spiritual advisors, and sundry other professional cohorts, who says it's lonely at the top? Indeed, in today's world of celebrity, you're nobody without a crew: the personalities behind the personality whose collective job is to pave the way to fulltime fabulousness and clear every obstacle with first-class efficiency. Now MTV viewers can experience the high of high class and the over-the-top lifestyle of a superstar through BORROW MY CREW. Each episode begins with a greeting from our host, the perfectly poised and ever polished: Mr. Fonzworth Bentley. After viewing a selection of brief pleas for a 24 hour lifestyle takeover (via letters or homemade videos) Fonzworth will select the most deserving candidate, the one with the most ambition to ball like their favorite star. From there a simple phone call from Fonzworth's A-list infused mobile to the star of choice and we're off. For example, we may be introduced to Kevin, a Moorehouse college freshman looking to throw a house party and make some new friends at his new school. Naturally Fonzworth would turn to Atlanta native Little Jon to lend his crew to create the ultimate bash that will hook Kevin up. Once the connection has been made Fonzworth will gather the crew together to discuss the game plan. Here, Fonzworth runs a boardroom style meeting introducing each member of the team. A description of their expertise and an explanation of their plan to help the candidate will follow. In another scenario we might find P. Diddy's travel coordinator recalling the task of ordering the jumbo jet that flew an entire party to Morocco and how getting a group of people from Sioux City, Iowa to Atlantic City for a 24 hour party can be done with just as much class and creativity. At the start of second act, the plan is set and the crew is ready to unleash their superstar worthy talent on the unsuspecting fan. Our subject is surprised by Fonzworth and the chosen celebrity's crew. With the mission underway, the crew descends like a Justice League of A-List handlers upon the subject. With every detail covered, the education of how to live large is well underway. From there, the cameras follow as the crew forcefully integrates themselves into every aspect of the subject's life for the duration of the project not to exceed 24 hours. It's a full-service take over when everyday people have their lives transformed and get to: BORROW MY CREW. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.moreless