Bosom Buddies

ABC (ended 1982)


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  • Name that kid!

    I loved that show so much. I was expecting my first child in 1981. My husband and I attended Lamaze classes which were the same night that "Bosom Buddies" was on. We would race home to watch it. I just loved it when Kip would say "Sunny,Sunny, Sunny". When my daughter was born in December 1981, guess what we named her! I always wanted to thank Tom Hanks for helping me name my firstborn. She isn't a blonde though! :-)
  • crazy show! haha!

    This sitcom is really unforgettable. It's one of the silliest show I've ever seen in my entire life and young Tom Hanks made this show much alive and colorful! Every scene is funny and there are no dull moments. I have some recorded tapes of this show but I dreamt of having a DVD copy of this. Thankfully, a friend of mine recommended dvdbooth .com which produced a great set of this show. I received discs with very fine quality. Vivid images and high quality sounds! It's a good feeling that I don't have to waste time anymore waiting for the re-runs. The DVDs are now in my hands and I can finally watch this crazy show all over again as much as I wanted.
  • This show was great, a very funny and entertaining show.

    the writing the acting the stories, and the whole plot of the show are excellent. It was very funny and original, and most of the actors and actresses if not all of them went on to other things after this show, probably in part because of the job they did on this show. This show was almost always funny, and of course how can you not laugh at two guys dressed in drag, just to save money on an apartment. I wish they would show re-runs of this show, I did see that they have the DVD for sale, and I want to buy that. This show was great, an 80's classic
  • This was a good show while it lasted.

    This is it - the show that launched the careers of Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari and Donna Dixon, in my mind, one of the most beautiful women in the world. Inspired somewhat by the movie, "Some Like It Hot," two guys pose as their fictional sisters in order to live in all women's hotel. The boys were a funny comedy duo, and Dixon was their Monroe. However, once the premise and the uniqueness wore off, the series was stuck with trying to live up to its own hype which was impossible. In came the network honchos who altered the series to keep it on the air, but they ended up ruining it so far that even Tom, Peter and Donna couldn't keep it afloat. The boys ended up losing their secret and starting their own business to try and keep the show going, but the show ended on account of what ruins a lot of good series - tampering! A sad end to a great series !
  • Good actors, lousy show.

    Bosom Buddies was a situation comedy about two guys who needed a place to live, so they moved in to an all-girl hotel. The only way they could do this was to disguise themselves as women. And nobody noticed! In other words, typical sitcom crap. However, this show was almost watchable because of Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari. They made a good comedy team. Donna Dixon played a tall, sexy bombshell. She was fun to look at. In real life, Ms. Dixon married Dan Ackroyd. Go figure! Peter Scolari went on to do fine work on Newhart. I wonder what ever happened to Tom Hanks?