Bosom Buddies

ABC (ended 1982)


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  • This was a good show while it lasted.

    This is it - the show that launched the careers of Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari and Donna Dixon, in my mind, one of the most beautiful women in the world. Inspired somewhat by the movie, "Some Like It Hot," two guys pose as their fictional sisters in order to live in all women's hotel. The boys were a funny comedy duo, and Dixon was their Monroe. However, once the premise and the uniqueness wore off, the series was stuck with trying to live up to its own hype which was impossible. In came the network honchos who altered the series to keep it on the air, but they ended up ruining it so far that even Tom, Peter and Donna couldn't keep it afloat. The boys ended up losing their secret and starting their own business to try and keep the show going, but the show ended on account of what ruins a lot of good series - tampering! A sad end to a great series !