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  • One of the best shows - ever

    There is no way that this show should have been cancelled! Excellent TV with quality writing. Kudos to Kelsey Grammer.
  • QUALITY television

    Too bad this show has been canceled. I really, really liked it. Everything is top quality here: script and charachters, of course, are very deep and addcting. But also the soundtrack and the visuals! Every scene is so intense thanks to strong framing and impressive scores.

    As I said I'm very sad this show ended after just two seasons, but in a way it's better to remember it as almost perfect as it was instead of seeing it dragged it through countless nonsense seasons, like some other shows did.
  • So Stylish!

    The storyline is favorable; but as a viewer either you love it or you hate it.
  • Excellent Cast of Actors.

    Kelsey AteThe Audience with His Very Own Style of Capone! Loved Every Single Episode!
  • Cheers to Kelsey Grammer and the rest of the cast.

    Great thought provoking show with twists and turns that leaves you wanting more.

    Every Friday i watch it and the hour seems to go by in 20 minutes.

    I'd like to see the show blossom and the entire story shown, there's nothing like it on

    TV these days. It's a safe bet the fans like myself want a season 3.
  • show dying for viewers

    Saw Kelsey Grammer on late night show saying they need more people to watch! thank goodness I am not alone. I hope the show dies.

    This is one on the worst shows on right now! Starz really hit a bomb.

    It's a shame cuz it started out with such great potential and Kitty alone WAS worth watching. But the director and writers got cocky, doing whatever he wanted, with disgusting camera shots and close ups of chins, teeth, eyes, fingers, etc. NOBODY WANTS TO WATCH DISGUSTING TEETH TALK!

    Plus it is VERY boring and they made a HUGE mistake by killing off Ezra, one of the best charters on the show. The cast they have now sucks! especially that ugly no talent newspaper guy!

    Good-bye Boss...happy to see you go!
  • A reason for watching TV

    This series is fantastic. Watch it.

    Okay, maybe I should elaborate.

    I am no expert on acting or direction - but everything in this series, starting with the haunting melody of the opening, just feels right.

    This show is for mature audiences. And while the same can be said, in a way, for a lot of things on TV, this one has a quality to it that can only be appreciated with a certrain age.

    It's not that what we see is ESPECIALLY grisly or naughty - other shows are much more explicit. But this show presents itself with a certain gravitas and intensity that make everything we see have a much larger impact.

    The creative minds behind this show seem to know exactly what makes good drama: Fallhhe (german for height of drop).

    You could say this show is the cynical, experienced uncle of "Parks and Recreation".

    It's about modern politics but it's also about things that trancend time like power, corruption and redemption.

    And while it is pretty complex (certainly not a show to turn your brain off and have fun) it is definitely among the best shows modern television has to offer. I would even go so far as to say it is AS GOOD AS Breaking Bad.
  • This series is not "Frasier"

    Kelsey Grammar is amazing. I forget the actor and only see the Mayor.

    Love all the plots, and back-stabbing. Must see. I hope they do not move it to another day. I actually look forward to TV on Fridays now. Usually Friday is an awful time slot.

    Catch up On Demand also.
  • Unscrupulous, Evil, Fantastic

    Indeed the Kelsey Grammar label was enough to make anyone sceptical, but what a relief and what a thoroughly entertaining performance and set of characters he puppeteers.

    As mentioned in other reviews this is an epic tale, much like The Wire, but Boss is much more sinister and the moral degradation is not a slow burn, but a rapid haze.

    Part of the genius is casting the iconic and likeable Frasier as the veteran mayor, who has forfeited all moral convictions to further his own gain. As he twists and turns in and out of political and personal hazards you are compelled to believe that he will eventually reach some sort cathartic pivot point - but he will keep you wanting.

    This is terrific stuff and should not be missed.
  • The writing makes the show good; Kelsey Grammer makes it awesome.

    Kelsey Grammer is definitely the best part of this show. That's not to say that the other parts of the show are lacking -- overall, both the writing and directing are very good, and the other actors are doing admirably -- but Grammer headlines the show and makes Boss as enthralling and entertaining as it is. Filled with a ton of drama and some really strong characters, Boss is a fantastic show and perfect for Grammer to show off his powerful acting talent.
  • Even better than the Wire!


    I never thought I would ever see a show better than The Wire, but "Boss" is even more superbly written and executed. Every character is so adeptly and fundamentally flawed, from the superbly acted steely eyed mercurial and aging mayor (Grammar), who is consumed by evil incarnate like the degenerative neurological disease consuming his body, to the abandoned ingenue drug-addict daughter (Ware) so desperately seeking love and finding intimacy wherever she can; to the obsessively efficient political aid (Robertson) who is confronted with emotional attachment despite following a finely scripted and ruthless political ploy. The replete condemnation of our corrupt political system is consistently and unerringly resolute, and the suffering humanity created never seems stilted or supercilious. Truly a transplendent cinematic masterpiece!

  • Frasier's a Badass!!

    Boss is the newest addition to the STARZ network's list of underrated and mind numbingly good shows (except Camelot. Camelot sucked). I've been watching this show since it began and damn, it's good!

    It follows Tom Kane (Kelsey Grammer, the new God of Television), the mayor of Chicago who gets diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder called DLB (Dementia with Lewy Bodies). The condition is quite similar to Parkinson's disease so you can imagine how difficult it must be. The series follows how he tries to run the city with an iron fist, at the same time juggling his political and personal life while concealing his condition from everyone (including his wife).

    Without revealing too much of the story (watch this show, dudes! Seriously!!), Kane is portrayed as cold, brutal and ruthlessly calculating in his actions. Never before have I rooted for such a genuinely vicious character. It takes an exceptionally cold-blooded person to sell out his own family for political gain, and Kane does it multiple times. Everybody knows politics is a dirty business, but the way Kane operates, you hope against hope that the depiction is unrealistic.

    Kelsey Grammer delivers an awe-inspiring, breathtaking and mind-blowingly awesome performance as Tom Kane. I grew up watching Frasier reruns in the evenings and I've always been a fan, but slap my ass and call me Judy (I got that from an old episode of Friends)! He's just that FREAKIN' GOOD! Grammer radiates this aura of malevolence, so much so that he almost intimidates you across the screen. His performance in itself is brilliant enough to carry the show on its shoulders, but as fate seems to have blessed this show with unlimited awesomeness, the supporting cast is exceptional as well.

    Connie Nielsen as Meredith Kane, Tom's wife and Martin Donovan as Ezra Stone are two other characters who blow the socks off their respective roles. A special mention for Francis Guinan as Governor Mac Cullen. He's got the most humorous case of potty mouth I've ever seen!

    The story is too engrossing to delve into here. Suffice to say you will not be disappointed. The character of Tom Kane is already in the league of other famous names like Walter White, Vic Mackey and Al Swearengen. And Grammer already has a trophy case containing all his Emmies and Golden Globes. I suspect it's time to get another one.


    - Until episode 7 (Stasis), the storyline involving Kane's daughter Emma and Darius, the drug dealer was a complete waste of space, on paper and on screen.

    - People should watch the first six episodes just to watch episode 7. A lot of bone crunching moments that literally make you gape like a fish.

    - Zajac is my worst character on the show. Which makes episode 7 so sweet!

    - In case you haven't noticed, I loved episode 7 the best.

    The show has already given us seven good episodes in what will be a short season. With only the finale left, I wholeheartedly recommend you watch this show from the beginning. You won't regret it!
  • Powerful drama; Kelsey Grammar is perfect as the Boss.

    I was a bit skeptical after Grammar was unable to shake of Fraiser in the short-lived "Back to You" with Patricia Heaton, but Boss has really turned me around. The story revolves around long time mayor of Chicago Tom Kane (Grammar) who find out he is suffering from a debilitating and incurable disease that will slowly destroy his health and mind. Kane, who's position as mayor has consumed his life, can't resign so he keeps his disease a secret.

    Boss is full of strong characters, from Kane's sharp and estranged wife Meredith to the journalist with a chip on his shoulder, each character is round and dynamic. The show is at its best when it shows us Kane's mind slowly unraveling: mumbling nonsense, losing time, hallucinations.
  • Love this show! Kelsey Grammer plays his part very well.


    Love this show! Kelsey Grammer plays his part very well.

    I've enjoyed every episode so far, and the political games and strategy are awesome. At first I was afraid that Kelsey Grammer wasn't able to play an other character than Frasier Crane, which he played very well. But Kelsey Grammer is made for playing the role of Tom Kane. I also love the actresses playing Meredith and the Mayor's daughter, little side stories but ultimately connected to the whole story. The character of the Mayor's aid ''Stone'' is also quite convincing. I would definitely believe that he works for a mayor or president, discussing various political situations and scenarios.

    In other words, great show! Keep it going!