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  • A reason for watching TV

    This series is fantastic. Watch it.

    Okay, maybe I should elaborate.

    I am no expert on acting or direction - but everything in this series, starting with the haunting melody of the opening, just feels right.

    This show is for mature audiences. And while the same can be said, in a way, for a lot of things on TV, this one has a quality to it that can only be appreciated with a certrain age.

    It's not that what we see is ESPECIALLY grisly or naughty - other shows are much more explicit. But this show presents itself with a certain gravitas and intensity that make everything we see have a much larger impact.

    The creative minds behind this show seem to know exactly what makes good drama: Fallhhe (german for height of drop).

    You could say this show is the cynical, experienced uncle of "Parks and Recreation".

    It's about modern politics but it's also about things that trancend time like power, corruption and redemption.

    And while it is pretty complex (certainly not a show to turn your brain off and have fun) it is definitely among the best shows modern television has to offer. I would even go so far as to say it is AS GOOD AS Breaking Bad.