Boston Common

NBC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Sophomore's Choice
      Sophomore's Choice
      Episode 22
      Cross gets on Tasha for disciplining the son of a major college benefactor. Wyleen tells Boyd it is time for him to move out. He looks for a place to stay and winds up with Tasha. Joy is hired by Cross as a professor in Jack's department. Cross wants Boyd to get Tasha to show a marked improvement in behavior towards the students. Wyleen tries living on her own as Tasha tries to be nice. Leonard tries to ask Cookie to marry him.moreless
    • A Cross to Bear
      A Cross to Bear
      Episode 21
      Cross is going to be featured on a public television program called "American Mind" as a prominent educator. Boyd is tired of paying for everything and wants Wyleen to get a job. Leonard's dog loves his carpet, so he tries giving him to Tasha. Boyd delivers a briefcase to Cross's home and meets his undereducated Cockney ex-wife. Cross wants him to help keep it a secret from the television people. Wyleen's first day as a waitress is a nightmare.moreless
    • To Bare is Human
      To Bare is Human
      Episode 20
      A men's magazine want to do a layout featuring the women of Harrington. Boyd is for it, Tasha and Wyleen are against it. Tasha changes her mind when she sees the photographer. Wyleen changes her mind when she is told she has the right kind of attitude and could make $5000 for posing. You can guess why Boyd changes his mind. Meanwhile, Leonard gets a date with a former centerfold and Cross takes Joy out to dinner at the same time Jack takes the editor of the men's magazine.moreless
    • I.D. Endow
      I.D. Endow
      Episode 19
      Boyd and others are against a tuition increase proposed by Cross. Wyleen wants to borrow money to obtain a fake ID. When the guy who makes the fakes is caught, Cross uses the fact that Wyleen had an ID made to try and sway Boyd's vote. Leonard's guest for his radio show is Tasha's estranged grandfather. Cross pursues his interest in Joy.moreless
    • Heres to You, Mrs. Byrnes
      Joy's mother comes for a visit and takes an instant liking to Boyd; more of a liking than is comfortable for him. Leonard needs an insurance physical and gets an appointment with Tasha's gynecologist. Wyleen is also going there because she is thinking about making the next step in her relationship with Drake. Tasha later finds out that Drake has other action on the side; she lets Boyd know about it.moreless
    • The Occidental Purists
      The college is going to open a new theater. Wyleen gets the lead in the play "The Tea Ceremony"; however, there is a protest about her playing a role that would be better for an Asian. Joy arranges a date for Tasha and also tries to fix her hair. The date turns out to be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Jack searches for an editor for his new book. Leonard reluctantly agrees to the task but becomes a replacement for Joy.moreless
    • Extra Credit
      Extra Credit
      Episode 16
      The college rolls out a new credit card program that it locates in the student union. Wyleen's been approved and begins to spend and spend. Leonard is caught in the middle of Jack and Joy's separation and Boyd and Tasha's disagreement about their need for office space.
    • His and Herpes
      His and Herpes
      Episode 15
      Wyleen develops a large cold sore on her upper lip. Boyd frets over the color of his teeth as he begins to work his new job. The crisis center is in danger of losing its funding, Boyd's first case as student liaison. Joy and Jack discuss their relationship. While doing research at the crisis center, Boyd takes phone calls, including one from Joy. Jack finds out about his book, his relationship and his hairline.moreless
    • Commander-in-Grief
      Episode 14
      A new president is selected for the college and plans to make some sweeping changes; one includes the elimination of Boyd, when they don't see eye to eye. Cookie expresses an interest in Leonard; she charges Joy with setting up the date. Leonard takes a "Courtney Love strength tranquilizer" before his date with Cookie. Later Cookie makes an observation on Joy and Jack's relationship, that gets them talking. A now unemployed, Boyd is overwhelmingly nominated student liaison.moreless
    • A Night in Camelot
      A Night in Camelot
      Episode 13
      Boyd and Jack discover a pair of shoes that might have once belonged to JFK. After displaying their lack of knowledge, Tasha tells Boyd they should try to get some culture. Is culture ready for them? Evidentially not. They encounter a couple of rough art admirers, whom they get into a fight with. That Tasha resolves, emasculating Boyd. Meanwhile, everyone else is imagining what they can do with the money they are going to make from the sale of the shoes and who is going to keep the shoes until the Sotheby's office opens.moreless
    • Soup to Nuts
      Soup to Nuts
      Episode 12
      Boyd, Slinky obsessed, becomes the one everybody wants to have lunch with so they can get advice and/or assistance. Wyleen wants to him to be there when she has lunch with the newly reformed Cookie. Joy wants advice about her pending wedding to Jack. Tasha wants assistance with her husband Darrell who's just come back into town, she wants a divorce, but is afraid he'll sweet talk her out of it again. Meanwhile, Leonard worries about talking about radio in front of Jack's students. So they arrange to go to lunch at the same place where Boyd has his three lunch dates. Turkey burgers for everyone!moreless
    • The Finals Curtain
      The Finals Curtain
      Episode 11
      Wyleen is trying to study for her finals. She is fighting a cold, Boyd's interruptions and Jack's cryptic messages about the content of the final. Boyd uses the presence of Tasha to con the campus radio station manager into letting them use the station equipment to cut a demo tape with Leonard. Instead of cutting a tape, Boyd lets Leonard rave out over the air about the blues he's feeling. Wyleen makes quick work of Jack's exam and Leonard begins a new career.moreless
    • Arts and Craftiness
      Leonard is traveling home to his mother's for the holidays. Tasha asks Boyd to straighten up; her performance review is coming up. Leonard's joke about a bomb at airport security gets him and Wyleen held for questioning. Jack would like Joy to take her art work a little more seriously.
    • Coming Clean
      Coming Clean
      Episode 9
      Boyd struggles to pay Wyleen's tuition for next semester. To raise funds he gets a part time job working as a janitor. Leonard and Wyleen also take janitorial positions. Jack learns about the finer points of the student body and relationships from Professor Weaver. The job takes away from Wyleen's study time and while cleaning her classroom, she discovers the answers to Jack's mid-term and realizes how much she doesn't know. Wyleen talks to Jack about cheating and he mis-interprets her. Boyd gets the dirt on Mrs. Taggert and works out an arrangement to pay the final $200 of Wyleen's tuition.moreless
    • Gobble, Gobble, Aggch!
      Wyleen and Boyd decide to hold a get together for Thanksgiving. Wyleen invites Cookie in hopes of getting a part in the spring play. Jack and Joy try to spend their holiday working at a homeless shelter that is filled mostly with yuppie volunteers and "need a descriptive word" priest. Boyd and Wyleen go in search of a fresh turkey and bring one home. Jack and Joy join the celebration and her cranberry sauce kills the turkey.moreless
    • A Triage Grows in Boston
      The Pritchett families barbecue, normally held in August in Virginia, is being held in Boston in November. Joy seems to get very tired, every time her pending wedding to Jack is mentioned. Leonard has a part-time job delivering meals to shut-ins and his first stop won't let him go. Wyleen is struck on the head by a flying pork chop that brings them to the hospital. Tasha meets the "Dr. Feelgood" of her dreams. Joy passes out and is brought to the hospital. Leonard brings his shut-in to the hospital. After everyone is attended to, the barbecue can continue.moreless
    • Trustee and Sympathy
      Boyd searches for the name of the landlord of their building, since the heat has been off for the past two days. Meanwhile, the college entertains an obnoxious alumnist. She is the benefactor who is funding the establishment of a new media center. When it is discovered the new center is slated to be put in their apartment building; Boyd and Wyleen find out the reason and with Leonard's help, right the wrong.moreless
    • The War Room
      The War Room
      Episode 5
      Wyleen decides to run for president of the freshman class. She needs a full time employee of the college to sponsor her. Brenda doesn't seem to be doing the job and Wyleen's opponent is sponsored by Jack. Those two facts and despite his political past, Boyd decides to run her campaign. James Carville, a noted campaign manager, offers Boyd some advice. Boyd and Jack make their protégés campaigns a place to attack each other. Wyleen, more worried about her mid-term, forgets to vote and that has an impact on the final outcome.moreless
    • Mercury Retrograde
      Tasha sets Boyd up on a blind date. Joy makes a Freudian slip and calls Jack, Boyd. It is obvious she has some feelings for Boyd. Leonard helps Tasha move into her newly painted office, but the paint makes the door stick and they become trapped in the office. Wyleen, still working for Professor Reed, must listen to him deal with losing Joy. Boyd nervously makes a phone call to his blind date when Joy comes over to "talk about us." They try talking but get nowhere and finally decide she needs they need to be apart. Jack proposes to Joy and she accepts. Leonard and Tasha make a pact to get together if there still both alone when they reach 40moreless
    • This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco ...
      Tasha suggests to Jack that he recruit Boyd to organize a surprise party for Joy's birthday, a date he'd forgotten. President Butterfield tries to inform Leonard that his funding has been cut. Eventually Jack and Boyd come to an agreement when Boyd determines that she really wants a party. A plumber comes to fix the sink and Wyleen gets a handle on the subject for her paper. The plumber also had Professor Reed for communications. Leonard packs up his personal thing and then starts packing up the shoes. Joy returns some books to him and finds out about the firing. She offers him a drink of wine from one of the bottles she was taking home. Two bottles of wine later and they are trying on antique shoes and having a great time. Meanwhile, everybody is at the apartment awaiting Joy's return. It's obvious that neither Jack or Boyd thought to make sure that Joy came home at the right time.moreless
    • Conspiracy of Dunces
      Tasha detects that Joy might be a bit jealous of Boyd. Wyleen learns about conspiracy theories and hidden agendas from Professor Reed. Leonard gives up his job at the cafeteria to go on unemployment and spend his time in the park, where he makes new friends. Tasha tells Boyd about Joy's touch of jealousy, especially after Joy meets Wyleen's friend who's staying at their apartment. They put together a plan to make her more jealous, but everything goes too far, until the truths are revealed.moreless
    • Everything's Coming Up Sub-Rosas
      Wyleen discovers a there is a secret woman's society on campus. She decides she needs to join them. Butterfield schedules to meet with Leonard about something; instead he begins to spills his guts about a relationship with his secretary and personal life. Boyd discovers that Joy is a member and asks her to help Wyleen get in; however, she advises against it. Joy begins to think she might be a snob based on Boyd's reaction to her recommendation. Boyd concocts a plan to get her in that almost works; instead she joins another club.moreless
  • Season 1