Boston Common

NBC (ended 1997)





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  • Anthony Clark is flippin' fun

    Why do networks constantly formulate these amazingly funny shows and then take them away? There's an element to this show that's unexplainable. It leaves you feeling good. The writing was superb, the cast was talented, and this was one of the few '90s sitcoms that didn't constantly rely on sex for material. Mostly, this show had very colorful charactors that had their own unique drive and annoyance to each other. Anthony Clark was funny and convincing as the lead character. Unfortunally it only lasted one season, and definataly unfairly was not given a fair chance to grow into a solid show.
  • This show was very funny. The characters did a very nice job on the show.

    The main character on the show was named Boyd I think and he would make you laugh so hard every show. I watched this show every time I caught it on. I really miss it and would gladly buy the season set if it were to ever come to DVD. I vote to bring it back to TV. After it was done with making new episodes it was on USA in the morning for awhile and I watched it all the time. While this show is not well known it is very very funny. I hope other people get another chance to watch it someday.
  • Hilarious

    Boston Common was a very funny and clever sit-com that only lasted for one year. The cast was fresh, the writing was clever, and the show offered an original idea for TV. Anthony Clark was hilarious as the lead character, Boyd Pritchett. Hedy Burress was charming, and funny as his sister Wyleen Pritchett. Wyleen wants to go to college, and Boyd wants to keep an eye on her. Steve Paymer was great as Leonard the next door neighbor and student of Ancient Footwear. The rest of the cast, Traylar Howard, as Joy. Joy is the mountain that Boyd wants to climb. Tasha Smith also delivered great performances as head of the Student Union. The network kept moving it around to the worst time slots, and then cancelled it. I was happy when The USA Network began running the repeats.