Boston Legal

Season 2 Episode 4

A Whiff and a Prayer

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2005 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A Whiff and a Prayer
Denny's strong conservative values are put to the test when the firm represents a Democratic congressman who refused to keep a promise to his supporters. Alan tries to forget about Tara as he prepares to defend Catherine who is on trial for murder. Meanwhile, Sara is given a bizarre ultimatum.moreless

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Kurt Fuller

Kurt Fuller

Reverend Donald Diddum

Guest Star

H. Richard Greene

H. Richard Greene

Judge Harry Hingham

Guest Star

William Russ

William Russ

Attorney Christopher Palmer

Guest Star

Betty White

Betty White

Catherine Piper

Recurring Role

John Thaddeus

John Thaddeus

Detective John Stephenson

Recurring Role

Lou Beatty Jr.

Lou Beatty Jr.

Judge Gordon Kolodny

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • While Alan is doing his closing (standing up in front of the jury) the camera switches back and forth between him and Catherine sitting down but after Alan says "mostly about humanity...and humanity isn't about" it shows Catherine sitting down next to Alan even though a second ago he was shown standing.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Shirley: I, I just wanted to say that you intermittently made sense in there and...
      Denny: You'll have sex with me. Come on. At least pet the musket.

    • Shirley: Awfully tiny cigar.
      Denny: It's the kind of cigar that goes along with our wimpy defense today.

    • Congressman Raymond Jacobs: May I ask, Denny, how do you feel about gun control?
      Denny: For Communists.
      Congressman Raymond Jacobs: What about banning assault weapons in the private sector?
      Denny: As soon as you say it's OK to ban assault weapons, my friend, even in the private sector, you make it easier to take guns away from hunting... then personal protection... soon the military and the police are without firearms.

    • Denny: When God strips you of your talent, He should at least have the decency to strip away the memory of having had it.

    • Denny: And I've decided for my New Year's resolution, I'm gonna remember that. What's your resolution?
      Alan: It's October.
      (Denny checks his watch)
      Alan: And that's a watch.
      Denny: October's not too late to make a resolution. You don't have any?
      Alan: Mine would be to appreciate my friends every single day and catch more fish.

    • Catherine: (to Alan Shore) Thank you. Baretta said that to his attorney. It brought him luck.

    • Catherine: I thought you'd be better.
      (said to Alan Shore after he had just finished his closing argument in her defence)

    • Alan: Humanity is about compassion, even forgiveness.

    • Prosecutor: Law and order isn't simply something found on television four nights a week.

    • Denny: I still am Denny Crane.

    • Denny: I wish I was never great...
      Alan: Because...
      Denny: ...because I remember.

    • Denny: I can't be sure, but in the middle I think I actually felt smoke coming out of my ass.

    • Alan Shore: Catherine, may I ask why would you seek to befriend this man?
      Catherine: Well, I felt at his core he wasn't evil. I also thought I could help him by introducing him to Jesus Christ, our Savior.
      Alan: Was he open to that?
      Catherine: Not terribly. He thought it would make him look like a bad Jew.

    • Denny: I heard about Tara. I feel you're hurt.
      Alan: What's most upsetting, Denny, is I don't hurt.
      Denny: So I don't have to hug you and tell you I'm there for you and all that crap?
      Alan: We can skip it.

    • Congressman Jacobs: Raymond Jacobs, you handled my first divorce 15 years ago. My wife's name was Lois.
      Denny: I remember.
      Congressman Jacobs: Why wouldn't you? You slept with her.
      Denny: Only after the divorce was final.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Prosecutor: Law and order isn't simply something found on television four nights a week.
      This is a reference to the NBC show Law and Order.

    • The whistled theme played as Denny Crane and Alan Shore walk down the street with their fishing poles is the famous theme from the classic television series The Andy Griffith Show. On that show, the theme was played as Andy Taylor walked with his young son Opie.

    • Episode Title: A Whiff and a Prayer
      Allusion to the classic 1944 movie A Wing and a Prayer.