Boston Legal

Season 4 Episode 1

Beauty and the Beast

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • A decent season premiere, but improvement is needed.

    The first thing I noticed when watching the episode is the shuffling of the cast once again. Brad Chase is apparently gone to another firm, and his wife Denise is said to be on maternity leave, although I question if we will ever see her again in the show. Paul Lewiston has simply vanished without explanation, which makes me angry because I really liked his character, and Claire is also gone, which is slightly less disappointing but kind of a letdown nonetheless because her and Clarence had some interesting chemistry.

    The new addition to the cast is some blond British 25-year-old whom I can't remember the name. Her character seems slightly interesting, although that's probably because I think she's hot. John Laroquette also makes his debut appearance, and I absolutely loathe his character. I hope Alan ends up taking him on at some point in the season. Jerry Espensen is now a part of the cast which is a great addition, although I still find it funny because he almost killed Shirley in the second season.

    This episode was kind of mixed for me. We have the new blond defending a large black man who is on trial for murder. He acts like a lunatic and refuses to talk to anyone and treats his lawyers like crap. Then we find out that he is acting like this because he is innocent. I found this pretty stupid because if he was innocent, the guy should realize that his lawyer's are trying to help him and therefore he should try not to spit in their face. This had me not liking this guy and wishing that he ended up in prison anyway.

    The other storylines were standard BL fare with Alan and Denny sharing a funny moment in the restroom, and Clarence took a good stand against John Laroquette's character, who should be gotten rid of by the second episode.

    So it was an alright premiere, I just hope it gets better.