Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 1

Can't We All Get a Lung?

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2006 on ABC

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  • Decent, but not the best Season Opener

    There was something a little off about the first episode of Boston Legal, Season 3. It had all the right incredients- humour, drama, quirkyness etc- but it didn't seem to flow the way it should do, and just didn't grab me as a Season opener.

    It was good to see Jerry back, however, and he really did make a good impact on this show with his sex doll! It was also nice seeing Alan Shore and his therapist, revealing another layer of Alan's troubled character, which they haven't done in a little while. Denny provided great humour with Shirley-Schmitho! That was easily one of the best parts of the episode, but it was surprising how quickly the writers got rid of Marlene after just making her partner!

    Denise and Brads showdown was explosive, and Julie Bowen provided some brilliant acting in this episode! Her relationship with Daniel Post seemed a little strained, and, to me, this seemed to be the first episode that their chemistry wasn't sizzling together.

    Overall, the episode was undeniably very good, but there was just something lacking in a Season Premiere.
  • For a season premiere? Now they could have done better. Seems like they spent more time on the title (which is cute by the way) rather than creating a griping season opener that could have captured new audience

    This was a good episode. As a matter of fact, if this were a mid-season episode, I wouldnt find a problem with it. But for a season premiere, the fans deserve more than just quirks here and there but actual stories that’s moving and almost inspiring at a higher standard.

    The episode opened with Denise announcing that she was getting married to someone who might not live to see the next year so decided to buy a lung and got himself arrested in the process. Jerry...poor awkward Jerry, got his precious doll 'impounded' and molested. All the cop did was place the thing on the car. And Alan's left to defend him while he was dealing with his person issues. And Denny...well.

    The actual gripping story of all which i felt could have been explored at length but wasn’t was Dan not being able to buy a lung. Boston Legal (or at least the writers) always seem to find a way to reach out to issues that one wont find important and make sense of how idiotic some part of the law can be. This was accomplished. As a matter of fact things got emotional for Denise and her outburst in the courtroom was not just great acting, it was actually stirring. Everyone's got a constitutional right to live. And Dan Post is a giver. He enjoys helping people out but as much as i don’t enjoy people getting away from things based on technicalities, he doesn’t deserve his fate. Purchasing the lung shouldn’t be illegal as its coming from someone with a brain tumour and the money goes to help the seller’s daughter pay for her tuition.

    That part of the show was wonderful. However, Shirley's closing just wasn’t good enough. Usually I’m about 70 - 30 on whether or not they’d win the case but this time I was 50 - 50.

    In this episode, they tried to make each subplot almost equal but nothing was really lacking. The major upside (or maybe I should say corny) was the constant innuendos they made. They were good but as much as I love to see middle age men talk explicitly about their sexual fantasies and a woman almost the age of my grandma strip on TV, I just feel the show might have nothing more to offer or its just playing to the rules of the network. Yes sex sells but they should realise it should be in moderation. When I tune in to watch next week, I expect something not only entertaining but something enlightening. Something that makes one think about the kindda world we live in otherwise I might as well go watch something stupid like South Park.
  • A decent opening episode for this great show. It contained most of the elements that make Boston Legal required television.

    In this third season opener, I thought the show hit on most cynliders. James Spader is simply one of the best actors of our time and William Shatner continues to be a scene stealer. It is also encouraging to see Julie Bown continue to grow into her character of Denise. The episode was funny, but my one complaint was it didn't "feel" like a season opener but more like a regular middle of the season episode. The courtroom scenes lacked some of the drama that I am used to. An entertaining episode no doubt, but the series has done better than this one. Can't wait for next week.
  • something reaks in boston.

    what the hell was that?? the chracters have become a stereotype of themselves, it seems the good stories all ran out and they say, "let's just keep the show running", well it's not gonna get them anywhere. the reason for this show, the amazing alan shore (a tailored role for james spader, FINALLY he's doing a role for his measures!) is now a bleak shadow of what once used to be alan shore. the one that closed down young, frutt & berlutti. here's a word for the writers, GIVE HIM A STORY!! who cares about the squid?? she's nothing like tara, why would he have feelings for her?? can't you give him someone classy, flirty, INTELLIGENT, like tara?? why do we need to see him aiming so low? he's the best character david e kelley created, please do him justice, he doesn't deserve these dialogs, nor these silly stories...
    BTW, the same goes for michael j fox, another great actor who brought a fresh breeze last season and now is stuck with a stupid, not meaningful filler story. finally i care about denise, when all last season i wished for her to dissapear.
    the rest of the episode was embarrasing. the way you treated jerry, the stupid dialog between brad and denise, denny in the closet with schmidt??? how low can you go??

    i give it a 5. after all, the cast is great.
  • An intriguing season premiere that throws some tension for Denise and quirks for Denny and Alan.

    A rather intriguing way to begin the new season with Denise and Brad having a blow up immediately over her engagement. The scenes of her trying to figure out how much she truly loves Daniel were powerful, showing Julie Bowen's strengths. The case itself was somewhat filler but good with her in-court speechifying and Shirley's good closing.

    It's always fun to see Hands back, he just eats up the screen. His problem was rather intriguing and I enjoyed how it tied back up to Alan's own past and problems, showing yet another layer to the man.

    It's sad to see Marlene leave as Parker Posey was so good in the role and looked forward to her clashing more with Denise. Also a bit down to see Michael J Fox going as he too was a great character and played it well.

    The bits of the Shirley doll were a bit much even for Denny but Shirley's reaction to it was priceless. Overall, a somewhat quiet premiere but promises more whacky fun for a season.
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