Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 1

Can't We All Get a Lung?

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2006 on ABC

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  • something reaks in boston.

    what the hell was that?? the chracters have become a stereotype of themselves, it seems the good stories all ran out and they say, "let's just keep the show running", well it's not gonna get them anywhere. the reason for this show, the amazing alan shore (a tailored role for james spader, FINALLY he's doing a role for his measures!) is now a bleak shadow of what once used to be alan shore. the one that closed down young, frutt & berlutti. here's a word for the writers, GIVE HIM A STORY!! who cares about the squid?? she's nothing like tara, why would he have feelings for her?? can't you give him someone classy, flirty, INTELLIGENT, like tara?? why do we need to see him aiming so low? he's the best character david e kelley created, please do him justice, he doesn't deserve these dialogs, nor these silly stories...
    BTW, the same goes for michael j fox, another great actor who brought a fresh breeze last season and now is stuck with a stupid, not meaningful filler story. finally i care about denise, when all last season i wished for her to dissapear.
    the rest of the episode was embarrasing. the way you treated jerry, the stupid dialog between brad and denise, denny in the closet with schmidt??? how low can you go??

    i give it a 5. after all, the cast is great.
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