Boston Legal

Season 2 Episode 20

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 2006 on ABC
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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Shirley defends a long-time client who doesn't want his Victorian erotica collection lost in his divorce, but she is shocked when Ivan is opposing council. Alan takes drastic steps to help Catherine's friend who is being taken advantage of in a nursing home. Meanwhile, Paul cuts back on his time at the firm when Fiona begins to take priority, causing worry among the other partners.moreless

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  • The darker side of Alan Shore resurfaces

    This episode was yet again brilliant!

    Catherine Piper makes a much welcome return, even though her scenes were quite brief, they were filled with hilarity. I really liked how Alan dealt with the case- that probably means I have issues, but there you go! It was just entertaining to see the guy get his connupance for taking advantage of that old lady.

    Shirleys case was also funny- Ivan really grew on me in this episode, and the scenes between the pair of them were sizzling with chemistry. The case was funny as well, with the victorian erotica and the greepy yet funny guy selling it amused me greatly. It was also nice of the writers to acknowledge how important Paul is. Despite being a grouchy and relatively unentertaining character, his presence as the balance to all the craziness is missed. Denny shared some touching scenes this episode, from trying to show Paul he cared by wanting his name to be added to the Crane, Poole and Schmit, to his confrontation with Ivan warning him not hurt Shirley, and then finally at end when he says Alan is becoming as great as he once- wonderfull written.

    Overall, another brilliant episode to a much missed Series.moreless
  • Shirley and Ivan get closer.

    In this episode Shirley and Ivan get a lot closer when they work on a case involving a collection of Victorian erotica. Meanwhile Alan takes on a case with a nursing home when Catherine persuades him that the women is being used for her money. Finally the firm try to cope without Paul around when he begins to put his grandaughter as his first priority over the firm. This causes everyone to think about how important actually is. Ivan asks Shirley is she will sleep with him but this could have a lot of consequences. I thought this episode was fantastic.moreless
  • Another episode which continues to explore more of Paul and Shirley's backstories...

    Another episode which continues to explore more of Paul and Shirley's backstories...

    We finally get to see what Paul does around the office, and we realize exactly how important he is. There's a great scene at the end of the episode between Denny and Paul to that effect that is just electric, with Shatner giving his great quirky delivery, playing off of Auberjonois' depth and seriousness. The heart of the episode, however, lies in the return of Ivan, to yet again complicate Shirley's life. Tom Selleck is just fantastic in his role, and I can't help but be excited over the fact that he will most likely be coming back, and soon.

    My only complaint about the episode was Alan's story arc. Catherine Piper is in trouble yet again... they really should give her character a rest by now, because for someone who used to be so endearing, she's really beginning to get on my nerves. But what really bugged me was that I was waiting for the patented somewhat-shady plan, folllowed by the overly-theatrical speech that only Alan can deliver... only to be (mostly) cheated from it. They tried to save it at the end with a little introspective speech to Denny about violence, but to me the whole thing just didn't seem to ring true.

    Definitely not one of their best, but still good overall.moreless
  • This one was simply out somewhere around Mars. But, I still liked it. Two scenes toward the end both involving Shatner are awesome.

    This was one of the first episodes where James Spader placed about a fourth in the best acting in the episode category. Candice Bergen, Tom Selleck, and William Shatner all shined as Ivan Tiggs (Selleck) returned to seduce Shirley Schmidt (Bergen). Candice did a beautiful job holding on to dignity dispite the smooth and funny Tiggs. Shatner and Selleck were both like big dogs in heat. I loved their one scene together about being like a couple of big stars.

    But, the best scene of the episode is where Denny goes into Paul's office and seems to offer him full partner. The chemistry between Rene and Bill has been electric and continues. This was a weird episode with the plot points about erotica and the way Alan had to extreme measures to win for his clients. But, the chemistry between Bergen and Selleck held it together.moreless
  • The writers on this show are far and above most.

    This was a great episode and it was nice to see Ed Begley Jr. on the show. Funny storyline with the "Hysteria" machine - the judge's expressions were priceless!

    I could listen to Allan Shore talk all night but my favorite scenes are at the end with his heart to hearts with Denny. The best writing on T. V.

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck

Ivan Tiggs

Guest Star

Matt Malloy

Matt Malloy

Donald Wharton

Guest Star

Joan McMurtrey

Joan McMurtrey

Natalie Cabot

Guest Star

Betty White

Betty White

Catherine Piper

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Ivan reads aloud from the erotic novel "The Pearl", we see a shot of the open book. It is quite obvious that on the left facing page, a piece of paper has been stuck over the real title on the top of the page. The patch isn't smooth, is a different shade and has "The Pearl" in a different typeface from the page. The right page has the real title of the prop book which is visibly different from "The Pearl."

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Alan: I wonder what I'm turning into.
      Denny: Denny Crane.
      Alan: I think I'm still a long ways away from that.
      Denny: Don't you worry. You'll get there.

    • Shirley: Clifford, we need to push forward with this. If the hysteria machine was stolen, you need to take the necessary and appropriate action. And as co-owner, you will file a police report, and you will file a claim with your insurance company. (to Natalie) There'll be an investigation. You'll have to open up your house. If you give a false statement to the police or, worse these days, the insurance company, you'll be charged with fraud and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And from my experiences, the DA's office takes these crimes seriously and often pushes for jail time, where you'll be able to do lots of women's studies.
      Ivan: Shirley. Now, that's not nice.
      Shirley: Are we being nice now?

    • Shirley: Ivan, we're going to court.
      Ivan: Sounds like a date.

    • Shirley (short of breath): Denny.
      Denny: You're panting.
      Shirley: Yes.
      Denny: Because of me?
      Shirley: Because of you.
      Denny: Lock the door.
      Shirley: Because of you... Paul didn't keep his meeting with the building manager and Brad stiffed him. Now we don't have elevator service before 7:00am, and I had to walk up 14 flights of stairs. Didn't you?
      Denny: I climb the stairs every morning. The elevator's for democrats.

    • Denny (about Ivan): If he's gonna have an affair with someone, why not be part of the fun?
      Shirley: Maybe you should write fortune cookies.
      Denny: And maybe you... should fantasize about him with someone else.

    • Alan: Catherine... If you knew this injustice was being done to Adele, why didn't you simply call me before you attempted to kidnap her?
      Catherine: Well, dear, you... you'd helped me out on those two convenience store robberies, not to mention the murder. I didn't want to think I was becoming a bother...

    • Shirley: Besides humor you, what can I do?
      Ivan: Admit you're having an emotional affair with me. Consider making it physical, since, after all, we're already halfway there... And let's call it a day.
      Shirley: I have a better idea, and I'm sure it's something Katie and Matt came up with as well. Go home to your wife, Ivan.
      Ivan: Are you breaking up with me?
      Shirley: Go home to your wife.

    • Shirley: So how is the Mrs, Missy?
      Ivan: The honeymoon was exceptional.
      Shirley: Guadalupe?
      Ivan: An atrociously dull island. Nothing to do but have sex all day and night. By the way, Shirley, I'm having an affair.
      Shirley: Huh. Ivan, you do not disappoint. You've been married four weeks.
      Ivan: Seemed like five.
      Shirley: And who are you having the affair with?
      Ivan: You.
      Shirley: Well, so far it hasn't been very good for me.

    • Denny: Shirley. A supermarket doesn't close cause the cashier quit.
      Shirley: Yes, it does Denny. Otherwise people would just walk out with the food.

    • Denny: So whose ass did you have kicked?
      Alan: Someone whose ass thoroughly deserved it.
      Denny: Good! I can never understand why people don't use violence more often to solve their problems. Works every time.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Title: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

      Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: The Magical Car is a children's novel written by Ian Fleming for his son Caspar, with illustrations by John Burningham. It was first published in 1964 by Jonathan Cape in London and Random House in New York, and later made into a successful film.