Boston Legal

Season 5 Episode 3

Dances with Wolves

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2008 on ABC

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  • Denny and Jerry are out at a bar discussing Jerry's partnership in the firm when they are mugged in the parking lot. Denny pulls a gun and shoots the assailant. Of course he is arrested and put on trial. Alan helps a Sex Surrogate keep her daughter.

    Another interesting story from Boston Legal. It was almost too obvious that Denny was trying to be found guilty. One, he asked Jerry to close. Two, he had seven or eight guns on him when he knew they were coming to arrest him. Finally three, he wanted the case to go to trial and did nothing to stop it.

    It was funny how Jerry realized this and followed his lead. The policeman was also funny in that he had to admit he didn't want to arrest him because Denny had caught a dangerous criminal they had been chasing for a while.

    Now on to the more serious case. I really like Jane Lynch as an actress. I think I have enjoyed every guest appearence I have seen her do. She is great as the Psychiatrist on Two and a Hal men for instance.

    It was a little creepy that Alan had been a patient of hers and now he was defending her. Also he has been getting worse in his behavior toward woman (if that's possible?). She was spot on in her assessment of his behavior. He really needs to get control of himself if he is going to continue functioning as an attorney. The judges seem to have less and less patience with him regarding his attitude.

    In the end both cases are won but I agree with Denny that there is no way that jury finds him not guilty. He wins even when he shouldn't! Thanks for reading...
  • Jerry & Denny finally bond. Only in America - Sweet land of Liberty Valance!

    Brilliant .. just an attempted mugging (and you had to shoot him 3 times!) - we also get a serious case of which parent is best to bring up a child. However the main emphasis is on Denny & Jerry versus the legal system, the onscreen chemistry between Sack,Denny and Jerry is brilliant, sheer comic genius. I'm no expert on gun culture and gun law in the States but this episode is both pro and anti gun in the same amounts - and it doesn't try to trivialise it either - just makes a few knowing comments. I do hope this is not the last series - I think Shatner & Spader have a few more meaningful Scotch & Cigar moments!
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