Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 3

Desperately Seeking Shirley

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2006 on ABC

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  • The final chapter of Shirley and Ivan

    I really enjoyed this episode, from start to finish.

    It was enjoyable seeing Ivan back in the episode, and I loved the twists and turns of the case- Ivan serving Shirley was excellent, and I was in hysterics when Alan hopped in on Ivan's side- it really made for entertaining viewing!

    Denny and Bethany were just brilliant together- I loved the way they argued and bickered, and Denny's obvious flirtations. Claire also grew on me more, which is good because new characters can take some warming too.

    I really liked Coho, and how he went about practising law- a cross between Alan and Brad it seems! His opening scenes with Judge Hooper and the District Attorney was fantastic!

    Overall, another strong episode, continuing a strong start to the Season so far!
  • Shirley, Denny, Alan

    Another great episode for this show. We see Shirley in a standoff again with Ivan, Alan Shore taking Ivan's side. Their banter is really very funny, all three of them. And really who doesn't love James Spader? It appears that Denny is over his phobia of little people, as he and Bethany come to an agreement. (I think we'll see more between those two, which should make for some really entertaining situations.) I still don't know if I like the new guys ... but eh ... we'll see. The wonderful thing about this show, and it's ensemble cast ... is that it's not getting stagnant ... nor are the storylines too slow or drawn out. It's really well done!!!
  • Denny comes to terms with his on-line romance. Shirley tangles with her ex again. The murder remains unsolved, but many clues are given.

    Shirley\'s personal life gets an airing when Ivan shows up to try to get out of his post-nup. Tom Selleck is a great addition to the cast and should join the firm. The romantic tension between him and \"Shirley\" gives some relief from the buffoonery of some of the other cast. Both are great actors and play off each other well.

    Denny is his usual vulgar self, and Alan Shore is puzzling out his place in life. New cast members are trying to make a place for themselves. Time will tell if they succeed.