Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 23

Duck and Cover

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 15, 2007 on ABC
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Duck and Cover
Brad and Denise's storybook wedding is interrupted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents who arrest the priest for giving sanctuary to illegal immigrants. Alan takes the case, while Denise goes into labor, forcing Brad to find an immediate substitute priest.
Meanwhile, Jerry Espenson takes his first case as an associate at Crane, Poole and Schmidt when he defends a woman who is evicted because of her pet duck.moreless

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  • Another classic Episode

    This one may have not been the best episode of the Season, but it was nevertheless entertaining.

    The case of the priest was well handled, but I was dissapointed to see Alan lose the case. I often complain he won too much, but this one he deserved to win. Especially with the quite obvious racism the prosecution shown, and the "deal" they made to keep the illegal immigrant in the country.

    The Denise baby storyline marked her final appearance, bar one guest role, as a regular. It was sad to see her go, but she barely contributed anything in this Season anyway. I was surprised they axed Brad, however. Jerry's story was quite entertaining, if ridiculous. Denny shooting the duck had me in stitches, and it was a touching moment at the end in the scene with Shirley.

    Overall, a very entertaining episode if not a Season's best.moreless
  • Is Denny loosing it?

    I loved this episode. I thought it was very exciting the whole way through. The only thing i think we didn't get enough of was Brad and Denise's wedding and the baby story. But i liked the whole story about Denny and Shirley getting old and how Shirley is in denial about it. It was a shock when Shirley threatens to fire Denny but she is right he is getting out of control, it sad to see actually. Meanwhile Alan defends Brad and Denises priest who has been hiding illegals, but even Alan's great lawyering skills are not enough to save the man and he is found guilty. Also Jerry tries to defend a woman who needs to have a duck around to calm her, but when Denny is responisble for the death of the duck it all goes down hill. So here we are episode 23 just one more episode to the season 3 final. I really can't wait to find out what is going to happen but i have to say this has been a fantastic season 3.moreless
  • A wedding and birth that don't go as planned combined with a terrific Denny/Shirley scene elevate this ep.

    Michael Gross' role as the priest was interesting as you felt he was a womanizer and corrupt but still a decent guy trying to help the woman. The trial was another good example of Alan's politics but it's nice to see him actually lose for a change, keeps him humble. The birth antics were crazy of course with Brad not wanting a "bastard" and getting that one judge to perform the ceremony was a hilarious touch. Hands was nice in his case with the woman, showing his own skills and why he's a great attorney, despite his eccentric traits. I loved how, when he had a cigar in his mouth, he started to be the smarmy jerk again only to stop when Shirley pulled it out.

    But the best part was the scene of Denny and Shirley where Denny explains his actions like shooting at a duck and stealing the Stanley Cup is to keep him relevant and how he and Shirley were old. You can tell that despite her denials, Shirley knew he was right, showing the bond between them and why Denny is still kept around.

    So the usual madcap antics but still enough character development to keep this show right on top as it should be.moreless
  • Alan defends the priest who is arrested just before he is to marry Denise and Brad. Turns out he is hiding an illegal alien and her child. Jerry gets his first case back with CPS, and it's really ducky.moreless

    What a thought provoking episode! They have taken a lot of the current issues these days and made them into cases in the show. Tonight was no different by bringing up illegal immigration. The prosecution makes the points that illegal aliens cause all these problems, and states many big statistics to that cause. But fails to address or personalize to this case. Allen does on the other hand very well. And you can see the judge, whom we have not seen before, admires and respects Allen's form of litigation. And to have the wacky judge be at the hospital to marry them just before the baby is born was classic. I thought it would have been better to have the nannzy panzy judge marry them, but I guess he was not available. Jerry shows his strengths and makes the landlord back down, however because Denny faux shot the duck, he has a heartattack. Another Denny Classic. This show just gets live Mad Cow!!!moreless
  • Alan defends a priest who is harboring an illegal alien.

    “America has lost sight of what it is to be America”- Alan Shore

    “As a nation we’ve cultivated a movement to be here”

    ”The fact that we are here to punish this priest is what’s criminal”

    Well have to hand in to them the writers delivered a couple of thought provoking episodes here. While a lot of the plotlines aren’t new, the direction of the show has improved. Instead of the usual nonsense with affairs in the office, it’s gotten more serious over the last few weeks.

    So along defends a priest (Michael Gross) who was harboring an illegal alien who had a child was an American citizen. The topic of illegal immigrants is a touchy issue but in my opinion being a Latino person myself it call comes down to the racism of this country toward another group of who want a better life.

    The defense attorney who was attacking the woman and her child made all sorts of ridiculous assumptions. These assumptions are the idiotic mentality that people like the Minute Men have in their racist agenda.

    Like he made immigrants out to be drug dealing criminals who steal jobs. He said illegals steal the resources of this country. The real facts are that a lot of illegals can’t afford health care much less send their kids to school. They are exploited and paid pennies for their labor. Illegals are used as black men and women were used as slaves hundreds of years ago. The woman in the episode couldn't find any work in Mexico and had to feed her child. Naturally, as any mother would she did what she thought she had to do to feed her child. In this case, coming over to the US to find work. It's kind of funny as Alan said that despite what this country stands for a lot of is merely just words and the reality is a lot more different. This country does a lot to alienate other cultures and this type of thing is a classic example. I'am all for making for illegals into legalized American citizens, and I think if this country's attitude changed into helping illegals instead of attacking them this whole issue would be resolved. The other part of the episode was played for comedy with Denise going into labor and Brad going around like an idiot looking for a priest to marry them. Anyhow, the main part of this episode which is what I was watching for was decent. .moreless
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Ray Abruzzo

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • While Denny could presumably have obtained the Stanley Cup for a day from a member of the NHL Championship team, the trophy is nonetheless always accompanied by "Cup Guards" (professional escorts from the Hockey Hall of Fame) everywhere that it travels.

    • Denny says to Alan that the Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy in professional sports. While the Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy in the US and Canada competed for by athletes, the (UK) Football Association Cup and the America's Cup are both older than the Stanley Cup by a considerable margin. Yacht racing's America's Cup dates to the 1850's, the FA Cup to the 1870's. "Lord Stanley's Cup" is a relative newcomer from 1892.

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