Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 13

Dumping Bella

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2007 on ABC

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  • Wow, this show is really going off the rails.

    Wow, this show is really going off the rails. I don't know what is going on with this show. They've taken the parts that were charming and are making them overly broad. Gone is all subtlety. Denny Crane has always been something of a buffoon but they have taken him over the edge. He accidentally fires a gun TWICE in this episode. The whole Clarice/Clarence thing dating his boss? Oh, so many areas I can't list them all. There were still some funny parts in this episode but I certainly hope they reel it back some again starting next episode. It is become a caricature of itself at this point.

    Update: I was looking in the forum and came across a thread "The Practice & Boston Legal" which had some illuminating comments:

    "I liked Denny and Alan much better when they were in The Practice. They seemed more like real people, and the comedy was much sharper. However, since Boston Legal started, they've degraded into almost cartoon characters.

    Same thing happened with Ally McBeal. She started off as an eccentric, yet real, lovable person, but by the end, she had completely lost her mind. I think David E Kelley has a problem of eventually taking his characters too far in their 'zaniness'."
    "Oh yes here we go again. The Practice or Boston Legal. It is my contention that season 8 of The Practice is much better then BL. BL has totally forgot about the dark debase side of Alan Shore. And Denny was much better. He actually won cases on his own and Alan was in awe of him. Now Denny is portrayed as a perverted buffoon. I know that BL is a different kind of show the TP but they can at least continue with the characters as they were first developed."

    I didn't see much of The Practice so I missed out on Denny and Alan's origin story. I still have to agree with these commenters, though. An eccentric Denny that is a great lawyer is entertaining. Denny as a complete buffoon is starting to become boring. The characters are losing their depth and that is a shame.