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Boston Legal

Season 3 Episode 15

Fat Burner

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2007 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Fat Burner
Alan must once again defend Denny when he is arrested, this time for smuggling medical waste out of the country in order to create a new source of energy.

Meanwhile, Clarence finds himself in over his head when his first case turns out to be a first-degree murder charge, involving a Haitian slave who stabbed her owner.

In the wake of Denise's decision to keep Brad's baby, Jeffrey makes a bold decision.moreless

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  • Alan defends Denny, Clarence gets his first case and one of Boston Legal's say goodbye.

    Like I classified this episode, very special. The Alan and Denny case wasn't as entertaining as I anticipated but I was glad Ginsberg got shut down again. Need more of Currie Graham, he's just so hard to support and hilarious to see his reaction.

    Clarence got his first case with Paul and Bethany backing him up. That part of the episode was alright but the characters chemistry was just great to watch. And it's nice to see Paul finally do something instead of just being a background character.

    And finally, we bid farewell to Jeffrey Coho. He was just an awesome character and it's sad to see him leave. Him leaving the firm in a Buzz Lightyear suit and 'You've Got a Friend in Me' playing in the background was touching and bittersweet at the same time. I watched that scene over and over again. An average ending for Craig Bierko but his character kept me entertained, but wish the writers would use him more. All in all, I hope Coho returns to Boston Legal to challenge Brad or something along those lines.moreless
  • "Uncle Bill"

    I loved this episode for its ingenious wit and drama.

    The story with the Haitian was brilliantly written, and it was nice to see Clarence come into hiself a bit more. I was a little dissapointed not to see Paul cross though- on the show for three seasons, and not once seen him do anything in court! Nevertheless the trial itself was moving and raised some important issues, with a nice ambiguous ending to boot.

    It was sad to see Coho leave, I feel they could have done a lot more with his character. He had one trial and that was it- although it was definately a long one. And with Brad leaving at the end of the Season, they could have expanded him a lot more. But it was a nice send off anyway, with the "you've got a friend tune".

    Denny's case was hilarious- completely unrealistic but hilarious. Though, for once, I found Alan's closing a little tedious. It was still a nice story of Denny's "Uncle Bill" though, and the clashing with the disrict attorny.

    Overall, a very good episode, maintaining the strong flow of episodes in Season 3- a season with very few weak links.moreless
  • An episode with great wit, humour here and there, emotive, well written but lets face it, none of those cases would have won in real life!

    This episode showed Clarence, whom for some reason is growing on me, try his first murder case. I do find it quite ludicrous that he went to law school and most of all never actually practiced. One has that much qualifications and the sky really is the limit. Just going back to the job he used to have before his cameo, it just doesn’t seem right.

    I think it was really really daring of the writers to make his first case be a first degree murder. But I love the idea that his was backed up by “the short person with the mouth” and it also gave us a chance to see Mr. Poole at work. I personally feel he has a lot of potential that the writers never seem to explore.

    I loved the scenes where Clarence was struggling not to get his wig which was the only item in the brief cases in each case if anyone else noticed. Lol

    The severity of the case was such that both sides were almost equally compelling. However, any good attorney would have focused on the fact that there was no real evidence that the man was gonna sell her baby since that seemed to be a firm basis or the persuasive plea defense was poking at. They could argue temporary insanity all they want but the point is that, there is absolutely no evidence that he’d stricken her that night nor was she in the stage of pregnancy where her hormones could be blamed for her actions.

    It really was a matter of difference of cultures, different way of life and maybe in the states yes slavery is illegal but the crime here was first degree murder based on the reason that he was gonna sell the baby that was also his. Why would he do that? What proof do have to consolidate that? Personally I didn’t have a problem with her winning the case, I just felt there were so many points that weren’t explored because the writers were trying to secure empathy for the defendant that everything else came out insufficient. I did love the ending though. It was so clear that she chose to be their slave because it was a easier way of life for her and to think that she wanted to go back showed just how naïve yet twisted she was.

    And then the fat burning…lol. At some point I was seriously expecting Alan to say “And he didn’t even need me to put up cue cards!” I laughed throughout Denny’s scenes. They were just funny. So many one liners:

    “Why is their side of the closing so short?”

    “Plan? You cant plan sincerity! You gotta make it up as you go”

    “There’s a lotta sex in prison you know!”

    It was not just entertaining but it was also enlightening. I mean I for one haven’t heard of them using fat to make energy. It was great. Nonetheless, I can understand the opposing council not saying anything, well, because he didn’t know, and the witness he put on the stand didn’t tell him either but that Alan ,as researched and knowledgeable as he is, didn’t know that all the other forms of fuel and the ones he mentioned were not even half as effective or productive as oil. He made mention of hydrogen and hell how u gonna dispense that? It cost more to pressurize and total energy production is not even worth one-tenth of what crude oil gives. When he said electric cars I almost jumped (higher than I usually do :P). The generator of electricity for the car is the same fossil fuel he was telling us to conserve so what was he really talking about? Cleaner forms. Well good luck finding that.

    I know its all about a difference of opinion but really the main reason oil is our main fuel source is because, it’s the most effective. Yes I agree nothing should stop use from exploring other means possible, I mean this whole fat burning thing sounds good especially in collaboration with the amount of liposuction y’all Americans get done, but the main point is there’s no point in spending much time and money exploring if their productive output cannot combat what we’re using currently.

    Coho’s gone! Oh well. When he first came on I thought he was great but then they did all this Brad and Denise triangle stuff which was entertaining but I wish he could try another case because I thought he was brilliant in court. The emotional angle the writers took in the past few episodes with his character was overly cliché but I think it sorts of balances out the dynamic of the show. So its not just Denny Crane jokes all the time but something poignant. I’d miss the dude though.

    It is cool that Denise is keeping the baby and it seems she in for more drama next week so I’m looking forward to that. And Brad said, “I’m the husband1” I mean is he really looking forward to something happening with both of them. I mean what was wrong with the Ross, Rachael and Emma arrangement that I thought would have worked fine for them?

    Anyway, Jerry is back next week, that oughtta be fun. He’s character is okay if its just guest appearances here and there not every episode.

    This episode was okay. Yes was fairly Boston Legal standards but I think they used to make the closing on both sides almost so influential that the audience isn’t sure the Crane Poole and Shmidt guys would win but that element really wasn’t present. Yes one knew at an instant who was gonna win but the closing didn’t do much justice. For either side. Or for both cases.moreless
  • Denny is arrested, again and Alan defends him succesfully. Meanwhile Denise decides to keep the baby and causes one of her lovers to quit the firm to Shirleys protest.

    Classic Boston Legal, but a little unorginal. Denny being arrested is getting rather old. Alan's wit is probably the biggest reason I watch the Show and it was just lacking this episode. Clarence was defintiley the highlight of this episode, I really liked him in this one. Although the storyline seemed more focus on Denise (who cares) then the court cases, this is what made the episode lack. Still, nothing terrible, it was still a fair 60 minutes of television. I just hope next week we get to see a little bit more of Denny Crane and Alan Shore, only not arrested this time.moreless
  • Slavery, global warming, and getting stuck in a buzz lightyear costume.

    Boston Legal is at it's best working with large scale social concepts, small personal cases, and character intersplay. This episode had it all. Making it an excellent episode.

    Clarence gets a case. What a sympathetic advocate. A first degree murder case in the hands of a first time defender seems like a stretch for me, but backed by Bethany and Paul. He pulled it out...his confidence grew and he did great things. Though, Bethany is a pill. *shaking head.*

    Then Denny...taking on the system again. Or, the system taking on Denny again. Fat burning for fuel? Man, if only it were true! Could we get a tax credit for having liposuction done? Sorry, I *tear.* was just thinking of Uncle Bill.

    Just an absurd case (with Denny Crane are there any others?) with an Alan Shore closing. What an amazing thing they are to behold.

    And of course, Jeffery Coho stuck in his Buzz Lightyear costume. There are moments in life that are so surreal and so...right. This was one of them. I truly hope he's not gone for good. I was just starting to like him.

    This was just another great episode of the zaniest show on television.moreless
Howard Hesseman

Howard Hesseman

Judge Robert Thompson

Guest Star

Christine Tucci

Christine Tucci

D.A. Mary Ann Huff

Guest Star

Raina-Simone Moore

Raina-Simone Moore

Ania Gadios

Guest Star

Currie Graham

Currie Graham

A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg

Recurring Role

Ron Canada

Ron Canada

Judge Willard Reese

Recurring Role

Meredith Eaton

Meredith Eaton

Bethany Horowitz

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Final appearance of Craig Bierko.

    • When Denny says "How come the other side always has short closings?", this is a reference to the fact that Alan Shore always makes excessively long closings.
      This has been mentioned a few times, from Alan and his former secretary, among other people.

  • QUOTES (9)

  • NOTES (1)


    • After Denny and Alan win their case and the DA criticizes them for "celebrating", Denny says "take the LT note, blame it on the head coach". He is referring to a National Football League playoff game between the New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers, played less than a month before this episode aired. After the Patriots upset the Chargers in San Diego, their players danced on the Charger Logo. Star Chargers Running Back Ladanian Tomlinson (Known as "L.T") got into a skirmish with the Patriots players over it, and when asked about it in the press conference after the game, he said the lack of class from the Patriots players comes from their head coach (Bill Bellichick).

    • Jeffrey: (to Claire) And I'll miss you most of all Scarecrow.
      This line is in reference to the classic MGM film The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy Gale makes this statement to the Scarecrow who has been her friend throughout her journey. This is a perfect allegory for Jeffrey's relationship with Claire.
      This is also the same thing that Ally McBeal said to John Cage as she was leaving the firm in the final episode of Ally McBeal.

    • The song that played during Jeffrey's final appearance was Randy Newman's "You've Got A Friend In Me" from the 1995 animated movie Toy Story. The joke lies in the fact that Jeffrey was wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume all through the scene.