Boston Legal

Season 4 Episode 10

Green Christmas

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 2007 on ABC
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Green Christmas
The firm stands to lose millions of dollars when GreenPeople threatens to sue for all the money they ever spent at Crane, Poole & Schmidt, alleging Denny misrepresented the firm as being environmentally friendly.

Alan helps Clarence take on the bank that foreclosed on his house after he made a bad deal.

Meanwhile, Katie helps Jerry overcome the grief of his breakup with Leigh, and Carl makes a decision regarding Lorraine's employment status.moreless

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  • What writer is doing this?

    Not a bad episode overall, except for the lack of reality. To summarize: Clarence/Clarice the annoying cross-dressing secretary who is also a lawyer from time to time signed a contract on a loan for his house, he did not make his loan payments, he sues because his rates got too high, Allen wins the day by giving a speech. This once again shows a real lack of respect for the fans to have moderate intelligence, as the writers assume we'd rather see a completely unrealistic happy ending rather than a plot that makes sense. Clarence has no case! He, a lawyer, signed a poor contract, but because Allen is long-winded, he doesn't have to face the consequences of that poor decision? I feel insulted and it makes me angry because of it.moreless
  • I thought Tara's performance took her character to a new level.

    Watching this show, I have to assume that Crane, Poole and Schmidt will always win. It makes it a little easier to watch since more and more often, they shouldn't. While Katie (Tara Summers) brilliantly makes the Green People representative look a little silly, the case wasn't about who does what to the environment but about fraud that Denny seemed to be guilty of. Of course in the law world, you have to do what you can to make a jury take your side. Still, I thought Tara's performance took her character to a new level. And while Denny will always get away with anything and win all his cases, so too will the associates, more often than not defending each other.moreless
  • Denny gets sued...again, Alan defends Clarence, Jerry gets dumped for an I-phone.

    This episode didn't stand out in any particular way, but it was well crafted and a great example of the quality of this show. It had elements of being funny, thought provoking, social commentary, and touching-yet unlike last week, they were weaved into the plot of the episode very well.

    Denny is sued for fraud by a client who claims Denny portrayed CP&S as environmentally friendly. Denny had some funny antics by shooting the guy with a paintball gun and an airsoft gun (he shoots people). He was defended by Katie and Carl who both did a wonderful job. The performances by John Larroquette and Tara Summers were wonderful and their dialogues were great. Both actors are a welcomed and solid addition to the cast. Larroquette should be nominated for an award. The issue of environmentalism (and it's effectiveness) was examined here. Both sides made good cases, and Denny's defense was thought provoking. Clarence fell victim to predatory lending and was defended by Alan. Representing the bank was an obnoxious lawyer who Alan shredded before in the past. The social commentary here wasn't overpowering and both sides were represented-one more so than the other-but not as lopsided as it has been in the past. The obnoxious lawyer (his name escapes me) was portrayed well in that he was just scum. James Spader did his thing as Alan Shore and laid out a convincing argument with overt threats. His confidence and cockiness is portrayed brilliantly as was the case in this episode. Gary Anthony Williams gave an underscored, but appropriate performance.

    Jerry got dumped for an I-phone-the craziness ensues. Little bits of absurdity such as this help in the pacing of episodes and provide more depth to the off-color humor of the show. Christian Clemenson is spot on in an over the top portrayal of Aspergers syndrome. As a mental health worker, his portrayal isn't accurate, but it is good spirited and portrays people with this condition in a positive light.

    The balcony scene stole the show-it usually does. Alan and Denny's friendship is wonderful, plus the interactions, dialogue, direction, and cinematography are always top notch for that part of the show.

    Overall the episode was very solid. Nothing incredibly great, but just well crafted and highly entertaining. Great acting, dialogue and direction.moreless
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